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Heide Overview

The German word Heide means heath. In the 15th century four adjoining villages decided to build a church in the middle of the heath. This remained the town's name to date. The exact foundation date is now unknown, but by 1447 Heide was already the main village of Dithmarschen. At this time Dithmarschen was an independent peasant republic. Heide became a town in the 19th century and now is a tourist resort.

Things to See in Heide

  • St. Jürgen church (1560)
  • Water tower (1903)
  • Museum of Dithmarschen history
  • Brahmshaus, dwelling house of the ancestors of the composer Johannes Brahms, now a museum
  • The association soccer club Heider SV plays in the Verbandsliga Schleswig-Holstein

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More about the History of Heide

Heide is mentioned for the first time in in 1447. Dithmarscher chose the meeting place and secured to the status of the place as one of the main places Dithmarscher next Meldorf (Meldorf vacation rentals | Meldorf travel guide). From 1867 to 1971 was the seat of a district court heath. Heath was a district town of the district Norderdithmarschen. Heath was an early hotbed of Nazism. In 1928 the Reichstag was the NSDAP in heath 12.6 percent. According to the Nazis so-called blood Wöhrden night, the local Nazi Heiderscheid a strong membership growth. In the 1929 municipal elections, the Nazi Party as a result to 14.0 percent. In the Reichstag elections in 1930 voted 33.3 percent of voters in the heath NSDAP, in the Reichstag elections in July 1932 50.8 percent. Despite the absolute majority for the NSDAP in the 1933 local elections was 57.7 percent of the German national mayor Hermann Hadenfeldt time being in office. He gave up his post but Hadenfeldt prematurely and Karl Herwig was used as a mayor. After the war the British-appointed August Vehrs mayor. Since 1970, Heide circle of the city from the districts of North and Süderdithmarschen newly created circle Dithmarschen and seated himself in the election against Meldorf through. Already in 1932 the Prussian government had the districts of North and Süderdithmarschen merged, while Meldorf chose to circle the city. The Nazis made the 1933 reverse merger. In September 1967, places Süderholm and Benne Wohld incorporated at his own request.

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Heide is a town in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is the capital of the Kreis (district) Dithmarschen. Population: 21,000.

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