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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

"Where in Helmbrechts can I buy fresh rolls in the morning or get a nice breakfast with coffee?" (posted 09/03/2014)

Fresh and delicious bread in a large selection there is in Bakery Purucker or Bloss (distance from our apartment about 4 Km). Breakfast is also available at Purucker! Greetings Fam. Soellner
Answer provided by Gudrun und Wolfgang Söllner on 09/03/2014
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"Why should someone do a vacation in Helmbrechts? Can you possibly tell me 2-3 popular travel tips for Helmbrechts, which everyone visiting Helmbrechts should see? Also let me know 2-3 special insider travel tips for Helmbrechts that a typical tourist may not know about, but that you can highly recommend. Thanks!" (posted 05/17/2014)

Some suggestions in and around Helmbrechts. In the city the textile industry is located. From here, the woven went to all continents. Documents attest linen and woolen weaving in Helmbrechts already in the Middle Ages. The Textile Museum, the weaving of the past can be admired to this day. You may also once with weave longest scarf in the world (in the Guinness Book of Records). In the 19th century the place was even as a "wardrobe of the world". Even today you can still purchase textiles for outerwear and curtains cheap. The skate park (Flowpark), available for skaters of all skill levels. Without to push modern street skating can be combined with modern bowl skating. All Ledges, Curbs and Quarters etc. are intentionally kept small and playful. In the development area in the "vineyard" is also a natural BMX track. The only indoor wave pool in the area (wave operation at weekends). In a quaint landscape embedded, use the environment for a variety of adventurous explorations. So the Miihlenweg passes (about 18Km) to countless old mills from a bygone age. The wild, rugged gorge Steinach offers an impressive scenic beauty. Let yourself be transported back to fabled castles in medieval times, or take a fun float trip on the romantic Unterrodach in which you are guaranteed to get wet! Experience the "Green Belt", a valuable natural area as a historical heritage German-German history, as well as the German-German Museum in Mödlareuth - also called "little Berlin." - The former by the "iron curtain" separate resort Visit the rock maze, the on the Luisenburg in the Fichtelgebirge. Afterwards you can relax on the fairy tale Fichtelsee. An unforgettable experience is the Art Nouveau Theresienstein in court in the "most beautiful park in Germany" with its botanical gardens. too, the Fichtelgebirge and the Thuringian forest are worth a visit. In Dampflokmuseum New market admiring steel steeds with an impressive drive technology. In any case, mobility is (own vehicle) necessary because there are many places within a radius of 10-50 km are. Greetings from Helmbrechts Wolfgang Söllner
Answer provided by Gudrun und Wolfgang Söllner on 05/17/2014
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Helmbrechts is a beautiful city with a small sail airport. The neighboring town Munchberg is also very attractive. From there we go directly to the fabled Fichtelgebirge. The climb to the summit rewarded with very nice outlook. Several times you can look it in the Weißenstädter valley with a beautiful lake. There is the charming town white town with its underground cellars worlds, but also the best gastronomy in the whole region. A visit promises culinary delights!
Answer provided by Axel Lange on 05/17/2014
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Helmbrechts is the capital of the Franconian Forest. In the textile city of the craft of weaving and spinning mills has a long tradition. In old former farm houses which are now museums, this craft and the tools needed to become visible. The landscape is in deep valleys (valleys and Rodachtal) and a high mountain range (Döbrachberg and Radspitz) and is the paradise for hikers. The Franconian Forest association maintains a very well marked walking routes and information about attractions along the wayside. Long-distance trails and tourism routes, such as the Via Francigena, the Frankish mountain path and over 100 themed trails are groomed for the best. The calm and the oxygen-rich air offer recreation and endurance. The tourist does not have to travel to the Alps to experience untamed rivers on a raft trip. The rafters Stadtwall rock and the raft museum show how logs on the tributaries of the Main into the Rhine and were then floated into the North Sea. The indoor pool Aquawell, with a 30 degree outdoor pool, steam room and a beautiful lawn makes for a balanced holiday. The hell valley, with its scenic hills, the wooden deer on the Hirschsprung and the viewing platform, King David are an experience in a diverse landscape. A nature trail and a mining trail bring the viewer the diversity of geology and botany on boards closer. Of particular interest here including the major columnar diabase admire. Railway Nostalgia can be experienced before and in the small station in sheet Schmidt hammer. Mines that were already developed under Alexander von Humboldt are to be seen today as mines. Did you know that the first miner's lamp invented by him, and was built? The Green Belt is evidence of former German history. Here, life on the edge of the divided Germany recognizable and renaturalisation a unique landscape is visible. Many factory outlets offer the guest purchases of textiles, curtains, furnishing fabrics or shoes. The Steinach gorge with the single Till Eulenspiegel Museum, the forester jump and the castle ruins Nordeck are particularly an adventure for families with children. The row of windmills covers about 20km and can be mastered by bike or on foot. The Selbitztalradweg extends to 32km with small gradients of Blankenstein to Wüstenselbitz. A return transport is possible with the leisure and Bus for cyclists. Should not be forgotten at last the excellent Franconian cuisine that can be found everywhere here.
Answer provided by Hans Jörg Eitner on 05/18/2014
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Helmbrechts is a town in the district of Hof, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on the Southern edge of the Frankenwald, 20 km southwest of Hof.

Helmbrechts is a town in the district of Hof, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on the Southern edge of the Frankenwald, 20 km southwest of Hof.The first documented mention of Helmbrechts dates back to 1232. Township was granted to Helmbrechts by Count Friedrich V. of Nürnberg in the year 1422. Helmbrechts has been in Bavarian rule since 1810. During World War II, Helmbrechts was the host of a sub-camp from Flossenbürg (see Helmbrechts concentration camp).

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Helmbrechts is a town in the district of Hof, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on the Southern edge of the Frankenwald, 20 km southwest of Hof.

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