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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

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"I will land in Herzo on 11th Sept. 1. Are there any short bus tours that I can take over the weekend ? 2. does any company run 1 day tours out of Herzo ? (eg: 1 day trip to stuttgard or munich etc)" (posted 08/25/2015)

I think this question I can not answer so easily. First of all, I was not aware that you can fly to Herzogenaurach ("Country"). There is a small airfield for private aircraft and smaller machines. So we're talking about a guest who is not necessarily part of the backpacker clientele? Or is that not "land" to be taken literally? From Herzogenaurach from any case it would be quite difficult to take bus tours. These start rather then in Nuremberg. And also because the choice is not very big in guided day tours. Possibly has someone there misconceptions about the connection of Herzogenaurach? Without a car it means to rely on public bus to ever get away for now. In this category, at least one remote bus line exists (ie regular traffic, without guides, in mordernen coach) with the one according to Rothenburg ob der Tauber or can go to Bamberg: http://meinfernbus.de/en/unser-angebot/liniennetz For day trips (from Nuremberg!), the customer can even look here: http://www.neukam.de/en/reisekalender Probably the travel agency but purely be in the German language! In order to complete it: My recommendation would definitely Nürnberg to use as a "base camp". And then either rent a car or take the train. The comfortably accommodates one from Nuremberg to Munich, Bamberg, Würzburg or Stuttgart. Even Rothenburg (with change) is so easily accessible. Guided tours can be booked in the local tourist office to do so. Hope that helps a bit. Best regards, Dominik Seilkopf
Answer provided by Dominik Seilkopf on 08/26/2015
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I am aware of no day trips from Herzogenaurach. There are city tours in different places such as Bamberg, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart is complicated by train 3 hrs Munich easily accessible by Bayern Ticket -. The whole of Bavaria for 24 Euros per day - ride Nuremberg - Munich about 2 hours drive.. In Herzogenaurach is the connection to the railway network via Erlangen possible (bus) If your customer would like more information I can give you! Sincerely Rudolf Malter, Erlangen
Answer provided by Rudolf Malter on 08/25/2015
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Herzogenaurach Overview

Herzogenaurach is a town in the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt, in Bavaria, Germany. It is probably best known for being the home of the sporting goods companies Adidas and Puma.

Herzogenaurach is situated in the Middle Franconia area of Bavaria, approx. 23 km or 14 miles northwest of Nuremberg (Nuremberg vacation rentals | Nuremberg travel guide). The town is located on the Aurach river, a tributary of the Regnitz river.

Things to See in Herzogenaurach


Altes Rathaus

Stadtpfarrkirche St. Magdalena



Hauptstraße mit Fehnturm

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More about the History of Herzogenaurach

At least 1000 years in existence, Herzogenaurach was first mentioned in a document in the year 1002 CE under the name of Uraha when Emperor Heinrich II granted the town to the archbishopric of Bamberg.

Herzogenaurach was the location of a military airfield beginning in the 1930s. The airfield was originally designed as an airfield by a French architect and constructed by the Deutsche Luftwaffe (Air Force), named Deutsche Fliegerschule (German pilot school). Initially, the post was limited in its use as a Hitler youth training school due to limitations imposed by the Versailles Treaty after World War I.

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Herzogenaurach is a town in the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt, in Bavaria. The town is probably best known for being the home of the sporting goods companies Adidas and Puma. Herzogenaurach is located on the Aurach River, a tributary of the Regnitz River. When in Herzogenaurach, take the time to visit some of its historic sites, including the castle, Kilian's Well, and the old Town Hall.

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