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Hillscheid Overview

Hillscheid lies northeast of Koblenz (Koblenz vacation rentals | Koblenz travel guide) on the edge of the Nassau (Nassau vacation rentals | Nassau travel guide) Nature Park. The community belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Höhr-Grenzhausen, a kind of collective municipality.

Things to See in Hillscheid

In the community is found a small but thoroughly interesting local museum.

At the edge of the community, a Limes tower has been reconstructed.

A short walk into the forest are the reconstructed foundations of the small Roman fort that stood at this spot. Archaeological digs have brought to light information about the structure’s original condition.

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More about the History of Hillscheid

It is assumed that the community of Hillscheid came into being sometime between 959 and 994. The community’s first documentary mention, as Hiensceit, appears in a document uttered by Archbishop of Trier Ludolf (994-1008) about the year 1000. At the request of Abbess Mathilde zu Essen (974-1011), daughter of Swabian duke Liudolf and granddaughter of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor and Swabian duke Hermann I, who himself was Count of the Engersgau and lord of a great area around Montabaur, the Archbishop of Trier Ludolf transferred to St. Florin’s Monastery at Koblenz tithing rights to Hana (Höhn), Hiensceit (Hillscheid), Mannechenrot (Mangeroth, now abandoned) and Agerin (Niederähren), and in return exchanged Aschebach (Eschelbach). Hillscheid, however, was not in the monastery’s hands for long.

Hillscheid itself was largely destroyed in the Thirty Years' War, recovering rather quickly, however, and from 1683, it had a chapel. It only remained part of the parish of Vallendar until 1812. For the most part, Vallendar had two lords: Sayn-Wittgenstein and the Electorate of Trier. Once France had conquered the areas on the Rhine’s left bank and the Electorate of Trier had been beaten, the Electorate’s former territories on the Rhine’s right bank, and thereby also Vallendar and Hillscheid, passed under Napoleon to the Duchy of Nassau-Weilburg in 1803 as a result of the so-called Reichsdeputationshauptschluss.

In 1946, the Unterwesterwaldkreis and along with it the community of Hillscheid were assigned to the new Bundesland of Rhineland-Palatinate, belonging at first to the Regierungsbezirk of Montabaur. Through its dissolution in 1968, administrative reform in 1971 and district reform in 1974, Hillscheid is today part of the Verbandsgemeinde of Höhr-Grenzhausen within the Westerwaldkreis, itself formed out of the old districts of the Unterwesterwaldkreis and the Oberwesterwaldkreis.

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Hillscheid is an Ortsgemeinde – a community belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde – in the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

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