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For all vacationers are interesting: - Burg Lichtenburg, one of the largest castles in Germany - chalk mine Wolfenstein - Historic Old Town in the nearby Meisenheim - a city tour by trolley through Glantal - trip to Trier, the oldest city in Germany. Recommended for insiders: - beer garden, ruins and chapel on the Remigiusberg - Tour from Segelflugplatz Eßweiler - curling in Lauterecken (even in summer) - Mountain Biking on Königsberg - Reipoltskirchen moated castle with painting school. Greetings, Martin Pfeiffer
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Leisure Tips: 3D archery parcours at the Königsberg Shooting Guild Hinzweilder 1956, In der Au, 67756 Hinzweiler, Tel 06304/993 066 Hanggliding Experience the fascination of gliding at the Eßweiler Airfield. This is idyllically situated at the foot of the mountains Königsberg and Selberg. On Kläppchen, 67754 Eßweiler, 06372/6244170 Bee Trail What you always wanted to know about bees. Experience biology first hand. This will demonstrated by hobby beekeeper Erich Horbach on his Bee Trail between Altenglan and Welchweiler. 06383/363 Hand car tour - pure experience of bicycle hand cars on a disused railway line of 40 km between Altenglan and Staudernheim. This is a special opportunity to tour the Glan Valley. Kusel district administration, Am Bahnhof, 66885 Altenglan, 06381/424-270 Chalk Mine Wolfenstein - Sightseeing Tours The chalk mine at Königsberg provides is not only a very instructive and illustrative site, but also a very impressive destination. Hauptstrasse 48.67752 Wolfenstein, 06304/1739 or 06304/913-103 Segway tours in the Palatinate mountains. Experience the environment in a different way with the Segway through the Palatinate mountains An absolute MUST for groups up to 15 people. Hauptstrasse 22.67744 Lohnweiler, 06382/8974
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Hinzweiler Overview

The municipality lies in the Eßweiler Tal (dale) northwest of the Königsberg (mountain) in the North Palatine Uplands at an elevation of some 200 m above sea level. Elevations on the right bank at the Königsberg reach above 500 m above sea level (Leienberg 524 m). On the left bank, they reach only a bit more than 300 m above sea level (Spenzelberg 305 m). The municipal area measures 532 ha, of which roughly 32 ha is settled and 200 ha is wooded.

Things to See in Hinzweiler

Protestant parish church, Hauptstraße 44 – aisleless church, marked 1727, late mediaeval quire, above which a belltower about 1600; clergyman’s gravestone, 1741

Hauptstraße 47 – stately three-sided estate; complex with single roof ridge, about 1830, five-axis house 1868

Hauptstraße 48 – Protestant rectory; plastered building in Rundbogenstil, 1835/1836, architect Ferdinand Beyschlag, Kaiserslautern

Jewish graveyard, near Bergstraße 7 (monumental zone) – area bordered by hedge, opened in 1870, 57 gravestones

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More about the History of Hinzweiler

Going by the many archaeological finds from the broader area around Hinzweiler, it can be assumed that the immediate area was likewise settled in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, and perhaps even as early as the New Stone Age. In the 19th century, a prehistoric barrow was discovered within Hinzweiler’s limits. Its whereabouts are, however, no longer known today. In Roman times, too, people lived in Hinzweiler’s immediate vicinity. Bearing witness hereto is a piece of spolia at the churchtower, which shows a portrait of Hercules with abundant hair and beard. It may once have been part of a dedication stone at a sanctuary somewhere nearby.

As early as 1526, the Reformation was introduced into the Eßweiler Tal. In the course of the 16th century, the Plague raged in the dale and the villages’ inhabitants were largely wiped out. In Hinzweiler itself, only 15 people were left by 1575. With regard to the ruling class, this brought about a shift in power in 1595 as the high jurisdiction, hitherto held for some 250 years by the Waldgraves and Rhinegraves, was transferred to the Dukes of Zweibrücken. In return, Count Palatine Johannes I of Zweibrücken transferred the village of Kirchenbollenbach near Idar-Oberstein (nowadays a Stadtteil of that town) to the Rhinegraves. Lordship over the blood court thereby ended up in new hands, while the other lords named still otherwise held their tithing rights in the various villages. In 1614, Duke Johannes II of Zweibrücken traded his serfs in Teschenmoschel for some in the Eßweiler Tal belonging to Baron Johann Gottfried von Sickingen in Schallodenbach. Hinzweiler also suffered in the Thirty Years' War. Details are, however, unavailable. Another fundamental shift in the power structure came in 1755, when Duke Christian IV transferred to Offenbach Abbey the villages of Hundheim, Nerzweiler, Hinzweiler, Oberweiler, Oberaschbach and Niederaschbach (now vanished) and also the Hirsauer Kirche to the Rhinegraves of Grumbach, who until 1595 had exercised high jurisdiction in these villages. Hinzweiler thereafter remained in the Rhinegraviate until the collapse of the old feudal order in the course of the French Revolution.

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Hinzweiler is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Kusel district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Wolfstein, whose seat is in the like-named town.

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