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Hirschaid Overview

The community’s main centre lies southsoutheast of Bamberg (Bamberg vacation rentals | Bamberg travel guide) where the Reiche Ebrach (Ebrach vacation rentals | Ebrach travel guide) empties into the Regnitz. For various reasons, among them the community’s favourable location on the A 73 and its close proximity to Bamberg (12 km), Forchheim (Forchheim vacation rentals | Forchheim travel guide) (13 km), Erlangen (Erlangen vacation rentals | Erlangen travel guide) (about 30 km), Fürth (Fürth vacation rentals | Fürth travel guide) (about 40 km) and Nuremberg (Nuremberg vacation rentals | Nuremberg travel guide) (about 50 km), Hirschaid has grown markedly since the 1960s.

Things to See in Hirschaid

The Frankenlagune swimming pool, opened in May 2000 has an 82 m² indoor basin with whirlpool, a 66 m² heated outdoor basin and a 38 m² mother-child basin.

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More about the History of Hirschaid

The community’s name goes back to the von Hirzheide noble family whose coat of arms were charged with a hart, still seen in the community’s arms today. Hirschaid lies not far from the former via regia, an ancient road that since antiquity joined the north in the area around Lüneburg (Lüneburg vacation rentals | Lüneburg travel guide) with the south all the way to Lower Austria. The name Hirschaid refers to the former landscape and wildlife (Hirsch is “hart” in German).

In 1079, Hirschaid became historical for the first time through a document issued by King Heinrich IV. In 1979, this date was duly celebrated in the community’s 900th anniversary celebration. From 1300, it was the seat of the Lords, ministeriales and Vögte (sing. Vogt – reeve) of Hirzheide. Their Frankish line died out in 1590, although a Swedish-Livonian line still lives today. The coat of arms that they bore then, showing a golden hart in silver climbing out of a blue three-knolled hill (a charge called a Dreiberg in German heraldry), foreshadowed the one now borne by the community.

Because of its favourable location, determined by the railway station on the Nuremberg-Bamberg railway line and the community’s lying right near the highways, but also by administrative reform in 1972, the market community of Hirschaid with its constituent communities has grown to have more than 11,000 inhabitants and is developing itself appreciably into a small transport and economic centre.

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Hirschaid is a community with market rights in the Upper Franconian district of Bamberg and lies roughly twelve kilometres south of Bamberg on the Regnitz and the Main-Danube Canal.

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