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Hohen Neuendorf (Neuendorf vacation rentals | Neuendorf travel guide) Overview

Hohen Neuendorf is situated upon the Havel river (built on the Oder-Havel Canal) and is bordered by the Berlin (Berlin vacation rentals | Berlin travel guide) area Frohnau to the south, Muehlenbeck (including Schoenfliess) to the east, Birkenwerder and Oranienburg to the north, and Hennigsdorf and Velten to the west.

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Rathaus Hohen Neuendorf

Evangelische Kirche Hohen Neuendorf


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More about the History of Hohen Neuendorf

Since the suburban move of Berlin (Berlin vacation rentals | Berlin travel guide) which ended in the late nineteenth century, allowed by the development of the train, was Hohen Neuendorf (Neuendorf vacation rentals | Neuendorf travel guide) a little town with few residents.

The creation of a train station in Hohen Neuendorf on the North Train from Berlin in the last quarter of the 1800s, thanks to the larger, richer nearby village of Stolpe, led to a speedy development of Hohen Neuendorf paralleled to that occurring in Berlin. With the rising role of Hohen Neuendorf as a commuter village across from Stolpe (which stayed largely agricultural in nature), it was finally with the (mis)placement of the train stop that emphasis on the settlement of Hohen Neuendorf ensued. The new Hohen Neuendorf station today is frequented by the users of Berlin's "S-Bahn" ("Schnell-Bahn", lit. fast train), while the old station's building has now been made into a hotel.

The municipality shared its borders with the former West Berlin, and so during the period 1961-1990 it was separated from it by the Berlin Wall. Between 1 January 1988 and 30 June 1990 Hohen Neuendorf's component village of Stolpe served as East German border crossing for cars travelling between West Berlin and the East German Democratic Republic) or the West German Federal Republic of Germany. The traffic was subject to the Interzonal traffic regulations, that between West Germany and West Berlin followed the special regulations of the Transit Agreement (1972). After 9 November 1989 eastern controls were gradually eased into spot checks and finally abolished on 30 June 1990, the day East and West introduced the union concerning currency,

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Hohen Neuendorf is a town in the Oberhavel district, in Brandenburg, Germany. It is located north west of Berlin.

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