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"We are staying in Hohenleipisch 14-24 August and want to visit Prague. We dont want to miss any special events in Hohenleipisch so could you tell us what is on then? We can train to Dresden and Prague, cant we? Vivienne and Brian in Australia." (posted 06/15/2014)

Hi Vivienne and Brian, There is a train to Prague from Elsterwerda, 6 km from Hohenleipisch. I can take you to the station and pick you up, too. Our guests often go to Prague, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig. The train connections are direct and very good and affordable. Contact me for any Further question. See you soon. Kerstin Petzold
Answer provided by Kerstin Petzold on 06/15/2014
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"Why should someone do a vacation in Hohenleipisch? Can you possibly tell me 2-3 popular travel tips for Hohenleipisch, which everyone visiting Hohenleipisch should see? Also let me know 2-3 special insider travel tips for Hohenleipisch that a typical tourist may not know about, but that you can highly recommend. Thanks!" (posted 07/02/2014)

Explore the east! Hohenleipisch is always worth visiting, Being more than 800 years old and located in a natural park in the eastern part of Germany it is surrounded by huge forrests, many lakes, old fruit plantations and meadows. Lovely little villages and towns (e.g. Bad Liebenwerda, Finsterwalde, Uebigau-Wahrenbrück, Mühlberg, Doberlug-Kirchhain), that have a long history, are typical for this area. Hohenleipisch is the starting point for many excursions and activities. Biking, fishing, swimming, pottery or horse riding - everything is possible in the near surroundings. If you want to go downtown, you do not need much time to get to big cities like Dresden, Leipzig or Berlin. Even going to Prague does not take you longer than 3 hours. It is worth visiting attractions like the Spreewald (a delta of the river Spree, where you can go by boat or canoe), the castle Moritzburt, Saxon Switzerland or the world famous porcelain manufacture in the ancient city of Meissen that offer many new experiences. Torgau, famous for Luther and the town, where the American and Russian allied forces met, is 50 km away. If you need relaxation, you should go to the spa Wonnemar in Bad Liebenwerda or go to a lake nearby or just take your bike and explore the long and romantic cycling paths. What can you do there? You have a huge choice to fit every taste and weather: Cycling tours, hiking and walks on romantic and well establishes cycle paths, eg the so called "Elsterradweg" and "Elberadweg" along the rivers Elster and Elbe, in the natural park "Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft", in the swamp or the "Loben", maps are available in our flat Fishing at the lakes and rivers in our region Skating and rollerblading Tabletennis Photographing Painting, sculpting, working with clay under the supervision of our friend Gunter Schurig in the ArtHeim Galery Lausitz Bodypainting with Tino Hausmann and his team from Moonwaterfactory Diving courses with the diving school Gentsch Horseriding and carriage rides Visiting the cinemas and theatres Massage und physiotherapy with Mario Engelmann Reiki Dancing in the restaurant "Golder Löwe" (every Friday and Saturday) or in the nearby discotheques Tennis at the tennis court in Elsterwerda Bowling in the Elsterbowling or with Mister K in Elsterwerda Go-Kart in Großenhain Sports und sauna in the Sun-Sportstudio Elsterwerda Spend a day like a holiday in the spa"Lausitztherme Wonnema" in Bad Liebenwerda, in Tropical Islands or in one of the nearby indoor swimming pools Relax at the romantic lakes (Grünewalder Lauch, Waldbad Zeischa, Rückersdorfer See, Bad Erna, Erholungsgebiet Kiebitz) Regional parties and celebrations all year long: "Lobenburgfest", "Heidefest", "Erntedankfest", carnival, "Zempern", "Sängerfest" in Finsterwalde, farmers' markets, Easter fire, "Fastnachtsfeiern", Mill party in Plessa, pottery markets, horse market in Thalberg, "Niederlausitzer apple days", "Rothsteiner Felsenfest" Just lay in a deck chair and enjoy the sun Have a BBQ Trips in the near surroundings: F 60 in Lichterfeld, one of the biggest machines in the world Water mill in Plessa Windmill in Elsterwerda Small gallery Hans Nadler in Elsterwerda Visit the potteries Biebach und Lück in Hohenleipisch Visit the picturesque small towns Mühlberg, Wahrenbrück, Bad Liebenwerda, Elsterwerda, Finsterwalde, Doberlug-Kirchhain Whittawer museum in Doberlug-Kirchhain Museum and Lubwart Tower in Bad Liebenwerda Regional museum in Finsterwalde Power station in Plessa Ostrich farm in Plessa International Building Exhibition Fürst-Pückler-Land IBA Terraces Großräschen Educational garden in Döllingen Church garden Saxdorf Visit the Louise, the oldest coal briquet factory in Europe, in Domsdorf Railway museum in Falkenberg Foundry and foundry museum in Lauchhammer Rose garden und exhibition in Saathain Boattrip in the small Spreewald in Wahrenbrück Trip with the Niederlausitzer railway (Finsterwalde) Visit the zoos in Finsterwalde or Herzberg Visit the planetarium in Herzberg or Cottbus Theatre in Senftenberg Day trips: Berlin (Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, TV tower, Potsdamer Platz) Dresden (Frauenkirche, Zwinger, Castle, Semper opera, Picture gallery, Green vault) Leipzig (Battle of the nations memorial, Leipzig zoo) Potsdam (Castle Sanssouci, New Palace, Orangerie, Park Sanssouci) Spreewald (boattrip in Lübbenau) Castle Moritzburg Radebeul (Karl May museum) Bad Muskau (park, bazar in Poland) Meißen (dome, famous porcelain manufactury) Riesa (noodle production) Torgau (Castle Hartenfels) Forst (Rose garden, planstinarium) Saxon Switzerland (Bastei, Königstein, Rathen, Bad Schandau, natural theatre Rathen) Görlitz Bautzen Kamenz Hoyerswerda Oschatz Dinosaurus park Kleinwelka Adventure park Belantis Flämingskate Ski hall Snowtropolis in Senftenberg Prague (Czech republic) We have had many guests from more than 15 countries of the world, all loved the place and our way of life. A lot of brochures and material can be found in the flat. We are ready to make suggestions and to arrange your very special and individual holiday programme. You can check our website www.explore-the-east.de Come to us and find out - live!
Answer provided by Kerstin Petzold on 07/02/2014
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Hohenleipisch Overview

Hohenleipisch is a lovely village, surrounded by cherry orchards and plantations, in the state of Brandenburg. From here you can wander in the Niederlausitzer Nature Park, or take a day-trip to the famous National Park called the “Saxon Switzerland.” Balance the beauty of nature with the cultural attractions of nearby Dresden (Dresden vacation rentals | Dresden travel guide), Leipzig (Leipzig vacation rentals | Leipzig travel guide), Berlin (Berlin vacation rentals | Berlin travel guide), and Prague— all easily accessible by train. However you design your vacation, let our spacious and fully-equipped vacation apartment be your German “home away from home.

Hohenleipisch is a municipality in the Elbe-Elster district, in Brandenburg, Germany. Surrounded by cherry orchards and plantations Hohenleipisch is widely visible on a hill, the church tower is the symbol of the silhouette. In the small village live about 2300 residents. The lovely village Hohenleipisch Nature Park is located in the Lower Lusatian moorland in the south of the federal state of Brandenburg. It offers numerous opportunities for excursions (e.g., to Berlin, Meissen (Meissen vacation rentals | Meissen travel guide), Dresden, Leipzig, Prague, Poland and the Saxon Switzerland) and other holiday and leisure activities (e.g., fishing, hunting, hiking, walking, horse riding, diving, pottery (table) tennis).

There is a train station at the end of our street, which is located right next to the railway line Berlin-Dresden. In the village there are several restaurants, an Eiscafe, two doctors, a dentist, a pharmacy, butcher, baker, two grocers, a textile shop, a shop for household and stationery, a shop for electrical and Dogerieartikel, three flower shops, a bank . It is guaranteed that all and everything is located within easy walking or cycling distance.

Larger purchases can be found in the 6 km away Elsterwerda (Elsterwerda vacation rentals | Elsterwerda travel guide) make, there are several supermarkets and a nice downtown with various businesses.

Things to See in Hohenleipisch

Evangelical Church, built in 1208

Forsthaus the Oberförsterei Elsterwerda

War memorial

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More about the History of Hohenleipisch

Hohenleipisch was first mentioned in 1210 as Hornlubisch. Hohenleipisch was part of the Office Liebenwerda. After the reorganization of the circle outline in the surrounding area on 1 October 1816, it was incorporated into the administrative district of Merseburg (Merseburg vacation rentals | Merseburg travel guide). Since 1952 the site belongs to the district of Bad Liebenwerda. Since 1993, Hohenleipisch has been part of the Elbe-Elster district.

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Hohenleipisch is a lovely village, surrounded by cherry orchards and plantations, in the state of Brandenburg. From here you can wander in the Niederlausitzer Nature Park, or take a day-trip to the famous National Park called the “Saxon Switzerland.” Balance the beauty of nature with the cultural attractions of nearby Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, and Prague— all easily accessible by train. However you design your vacation, let our spacious and fully-equipped vacation apartment be your German “home away from home.”

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