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"May l know how is the life here? What people usually do? What are the special festivals and celebration here?" (posted 10/11/2014)

We live in rural areas. Most people working in the metropolitan areas around Frankfurt. the region is very beautiful. Nearby is the Vogelsberg, a volcanic mountain. nature invites you to wander and relax a. Special celebrations here are the fair celebrates .Everyone place on a weekend in funfair. Since the village is true with music, food and drink in a tent usually at the sports ground. I hope I could give a small impression. Greeting Ute Schedalke www.vogelsberg-ferienwohnung.de
Answer provided by Ute Schedalke on 10/16/2014
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www.homberg.de tourist-info@homberg.de http://de.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Homberg_(Ohm) above links bring a lot of information. Homber / Ohm is a beautiful, historic half-timbered towns, this is life very comfortable and relaxed. Every year on the third weekend in July there is the "Homberger Fountain Festival", a civil and Old Town Festival, around the historic town hall on the market square instead. This from jugglers and fanfare Corps volunteer firefighters Homberg (Ohm), this event has been a fixed point in the events calendar and attracts visitors from near and far. Every third Wednesday will take place in October the cold market. Tens of thousands of visitors then meander past through the historic center of the stands of the market operator. This important regional market was held for the 452nd time in 2006. At the beginning of the summer and during Advent is the choir Silcherstraße Homberg its traditional concerts in the Town Hall and in the city evangelical church and the Catholic Church. Likewise, events will be held in the castle at different seasons. An equally remarkable historical Fachwerkstast is Grünberg www.gruenberg.de 6km away from our accommodation. There is a museum, restaurants, cafes and regular cultural Veranstaltungen.Es is much to see and to visit and because of its central location in the middle of Hesse, surrounding attractions can be reached very quickly. I hope that helps you further. Greetings from Hesse!
Answer provided by Kirsten Bank-Rudolph on 10/13/2014
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Homberg (Ohm) Overview

Homberg (Ohm) is a town in the Vogelsbergkreis in Hesse, Germany. The officially recognized climatic spa of Homberg lies from 203 to 350 m above sea level in the valley of the Ohm, a tributary to the Lahn, some 19 km southeast of Marburg (Marburg vacation rentals | Marburg travel guide).

Homberg borders in the north on the town of Stadtallendorf (Stadtallendorf vacation rentals | Stadtallendorf travel guide) (Marburg-Biedenkopf), in the northeast on the town of Kirtorf, in the southeast on the community of Gemünden (Gemünden vacation rentals | Gemünden travel guide), in the south on the community of Mücke (Mücke vacation rentals | Mücke travel guide), in the southwest on the town of Grünberg (Grünberg vacation rentals | Grünberg travel guide) and the community of Rabenau (Rabenau vacation rentals | Rabenau travel guide) (both in Gießen district), in the west on the community of Ebsdorfergrund (Ebsdorfergrund vacation rentals | Ebsdorfergrund travel guide), and in the northwest on the town of Amöneburg (both in Marburg-Biedenkopf).

Things to Do in Homberg (Ohm)

The Homberger Rathaus was built in 1539 at the market. The half-timbered house in its history served as a court and has a 1554-built cellar. The building was established in 1965 and extensively rehabilitated

The City Tavern, which before 1700, was the only place in the city to enjoy wine and spirits. The tenants received goods directly from Homberger Weinmeister.

The castle Homberg is an early medieval castle. In the Thirty Years' War the castle was established by Swedish and Hessian troops. In 1648 it was partly restored and renovated. Today the facility is privately owned.

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More about the History of Homberg (Ohm)

Homberg was first mentioned in 1065 AD by King Henry IV. The castle was probably built sometime during the 12th Century. In 1750, the town's population finally surpassed 1,000 inhabitants. After the Second World War, the city became a center of resources for middle Ohmtal, including sites for industrial plants. The significance for the community has also continued unabated, especially after the incorporation of surrounding villages as part of the Hessian territorial reform of 1972.

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Homberg (Ohm) is a town in the Vogelsbergkreis in Hesse, Germany. The officially recognized climatic spa of Homberg lies from 203 to 350 m above sea level in the valley of the Ohm, a tributary to the Lahn, some 19 km southeast of Marburg.

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