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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. I am sending you some information. General information about Hünfelden, please visit: http://huenfelden.de attractions include castle ruins, well preserved ancestral homes, historic buildings such as the Stein's house in the district Kirberg Pubs / Restaurants: Hünfelden-Kirberg: _ Gasthaus "Zur Burg" Mauricio Cicero, Burgstraße 54, Hünfelden-Dauborn: Hotel and restaurant "Zur post" (with guest rooms and meeting room) family Hartmann, Laistraße 27, Tel .: 06438/9 25 49-0 "Taverna Spyros" in the bowling alley in the multi-purpose hall, owner : Spyridon Tsiolis, Nassauer Straße 68, Tel .: 06438/83 69 11
Answer provided by Oliver Trepte on 04/17/2016
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the community Hünfelden consists of seven districts. How überalle in Germany there are Turkish, Italian, Greek and good traditional German restaurants. The most interesting sights are probably the ruins, the Stein's house in Kirberg and as almost everywhere in Hesse, the half-timbered houses. Many greetings C. Sieber
Answer provided by Cornelia Sieber on 04/18/2016
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Hünfelden Overview

Hünfelden lies in the Taunus north of Wiesbaden, 9 km southeast of Limburg an der Lahn.

Things to See in Hünfelden

Kirberg castle ruins

Restored timber-frame buildings and former town hall in Kirberg

Stein’sches Haus in Kirberg

Former Gnadenthal convent

Heimatmuseum (local lore) in Kirberg

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More about the History of Hünfelden

The community of Hünfelden came into being within the framework of administrative reform in Hesse on 1 October 1971 through the voluntary merger of the then autonomous communities of Dauborn, Heringen, Kirberg, Mensfelden, Nauheim, Neesbach and Ohren. The name “Hünfelden” was chosen then because of the great number of cromlechs – Hünengräber in German – from Hallstatt times around the centres of Heringen and Ohren. At the time of founding, the community’s population was 6,952.

Among Hünfelden’s constituent communities, Mensfelden can claim the earliest documentary mention, which came in 775. Dauborn, Heringen and the now long-vanished village of Bubenheim, which lay in the area of today’s Kirberg, followed in 790 in the Prüm Abbey’s golden book. Through Hünfelden’s current municipal area ran the Via Publica as well as the Hühnerstraße (roads). In 1355, a castle was built in Kirberg.

In 1235, the Cistercian convent of Gnadenthal was founded, which in 1590 was furnished with a great Abbess’s house. After the Reformation, the site became Nassau stately domain. Since 1969, the Christian community “Jesusbruderschaft” (“Jesus Brotherhood”) has existed there.

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Hünfelden is a community in Limburg-Weilburg district in Hesse, Germany. Hünfelden lies on the Hühnerstraße, an historic part of Bundesstraße 417.

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