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Husum is a beautiful port city on the North Frisian North Sea coast, and it is also the gateway to the World Heritage Site "Wadden Sea". As the birthplace of the poet and novelist Theodor Storm, you should visit the Storm Museum, a must-see for tourists in Husum. In addition, guided mudflat walks should not be left off the program. The classic itinerary also includes a night watchman-guided tour of Husum. The Multimar Wattforum in nearby Tönnig is also wroth seeing. The island of Sylt can be reached by train within an hour. It is about 45 minutes to St. Peter Ording with its beautiful sandy beach. Husum is an ideal starting point for further (day) trips. As an insider tip, I would definitely the food as such. We have an authentic Thai (Ban Thai) restaurant, and at the outer harbor, there is a nice seafood restaurant (la Mer), which is found by few tourists. At high tide in the evening, sit here and look at the water. Whoever loves sunsets is in good hands at the lock on Dookkoog (bathing place). In the morning, go early to the weekly market but beforehand drink a cappuccino at Riva on the harbor - you can hear Italian spoeken here in the morning, and the Italians from Husum meet each other here. Running in the background is Italian TV programs, just as in Italy.
Answer provided by Ulrike/Maxie Hambrock on 07/02/2014
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Husum Overview

Husum is located by the North Sea; 82 km W of Kiel (Kiel vacation rentals | Kiel travel guide), 139 km NW of Hamburg (Hamburg vacation rentals | Hamburg travel guide) and 43 km SW of Flensburg (Flensburg vacation rentals | Flensburg travel guide).

Things to See in Husum

Festival Raritäten der Musik

The Theodor-Storm-Haus (Wasserreihe 31) was the house of Theodor Storm. It is home to an exhibition about the novelist and his works.

The Schifffahrtsmuseum Nordfriesland (Zingel 15) shows ships from the Middle Ages to present. The displayed models impart impressions about life at the coast and at sea.

The Ostenfelder Bauernhaus (Nordhusumer Str.13) is an old farmhouse and the oldest open-air museum in Germany.

Marienkirche (Saint Mary), collapsed 1807, re-erected 1833

The Schloss vor Husum, 1582, was a residence of the dukes of Holstein-Gottorp

Old Town Hall, 1601

New Town Hall, 1988/1989

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More about the History of Husum

Husum was first mentioned as Husembro in 1252, when king Abel was murdered. Like most towns on the North Sea, Husum was ever strongly influenced by storm tides. In 1362 a disastrous storm tide, the "Grote Mandrenke" flooded the town and carved out the inland harbour. Before this date Husum was not situated directly at the coast. The people of the city took advantage of this opportunity and built a marketplace, which led to a great economic upturn. Between 1372 and 1398 the population of Husum grew rapidly, and two villages, Oster-Husum (East-Husum) and Wester-Husum (West-Husum), were founded.

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Husum is the capital of the Kreis (district) Nordfriesland in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The town was the birthplace of the novelist Theodor Storm, who coined the epithet "the grey town by the sea". It is also the home of the annual international piano festival Raritäten der Musik (Musical Rarities) founded in 1986.

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