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Ilmenau Overview

Ilmenau is situated in the valley of the Ilm river, at an altitude of 431 metres (1,415 feet) above sea level,[2] and is the biggest town in Ilm-Kreis district, with 6,200 students studying at the Technische Universität Ilmenau. The surrounding area is marked by the Thuringian Forest and its mountains. The highest mountain of Ilmenau is the Kickelhahn (German for rooster, which is also found in the coat of arms of Ilmenau), with a height of 861 metres. The highest mountains of the Thuringian forest are the Schneekopf (meaning snow-head) with a height of 978 metres and the Großer Beerberg (982.9 meters), a few kilometres to the south-west of Ilmenau. Goethe also enjoyed staying in Ilmenau, mostly on holiday.

Things to See in Ilmenau

Kino Linden Lichtspiele

Bronzeskulptur am Apothekerbrunnen



Amtshaus am Marktplatz

Stadtkirche St. Jakobus

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More about the History of Ilmenau

Ilmenau was founded in the 13th century, it is first named in 1273. Since 1341 it has some town rights. Between 1660 and 1920 it belonged to Saxe-Weimar, earlier the majors about Ilmenau were the Käfernburger (from Arnstadt), the Schwarzburger (from Arnstadt (Arnstadt vacation rentals | Arnstadt travel guide), later Rudolstadt), and the Henneberger (from Meiningen).

Between 1471 to 1626, copper mining made an important contribution to the economy of Ilmenau. In 1611, these mines produced an estimated 38 tons of copper and 188 kg of silver. Production reached these levels again in the 1730s, during a brief revival of copper mining under the leadership of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Later, in the 19th and 20th centuries, fluorite and Braunstein (manganese ore) were mined here.

In the early 19th century, Ilmenau was one of several places where people went for water cure treatments at hydropathic establishments. Ilmenau's hydropathic establishment was serviced by Drs Schwabe, Fitzler, Baumbach, and Preller. Until 1870, Ilmenau stayed a small town of circa 3000 inhabitants, but then the industrial revolution reached the town. Some factories for porcelain (Graf von Henneberg Porzellan since 1777), glasswares (the Sophienhütte since 1852) and toys developed. In 1879 the town got a railway connection to Erfurt (Erfurt vacation rentals | Erfurt travel guide) (north), 1881 to Gehren/Großbreitenbach (south-east) and 1904 to Schleusingen (south-west).

The university was founded in 1894 as Thüringisches Technikum. Now, it is the Technische Universität Ilmenau, where the ISWI takes place every two years. The FIL European Luge Championships 1934 took place in the town.

1952 the district Kreis Ilmenau was founded. It had an area of about 380 km2 (150 sq mi) with a population of circa 70,000 inhabitants. Ilmenau has been the capital of this district. In 1994 it was merged with Kreis Arnstadt in the North to the new district Ilm-Kreis with Arnstadt as capital.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Ilmenau is a town located in the district of Ilm-Kreis, Thuringia, Germany.

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