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Ingolstadt Overview

Ingolstadt is mentioned in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It is the birthplace of the monster as created by the scientist Victor Frankenstein. The Illuminati, a Bavarian secret society, was founded in Ingolstadt in the late 18th century. The headquarters of the German automobile manufacturer Audi are located in Ingolstadt, as well as the headquarters of the electronic stores Media Markt and Saturn. Ingolstadt Central Station has been connected to Nuremberg (Nuremberg vacation rentals | Nuremberg travel guide) by a high-speed rail link since May 2006. Ingolstadt also has a second passenger station at Ingolstadt Nord.

Things to See in Ingolstadt

As one of five ducal residences of medieval Bavaria next to Landshut (Landshut vacation rentals | Landshut travel guide), Munich (Munich vacation rentals | Munich travel guide), Straubing (Straubing vacation rentals | Straubing travel guide) and Burghausen (Burghausen vacation rentals | Burghausen travel guide), the city of Ingolstadt features many gothic buildings, such as the Herzogskasten (Old ducal castle; ca. 1255) and the New Castle, which was built from 1418 onwards. The largest church is the gothic hall Church of Our Lady which was begun in 1425. Also the churches of Saint Maurice (1235) and of the monasteries Gnadenthal and of the Franciscans date from the gothic era. The Kreuztor (1385) is one of the remaining gates of the old city wall. The gothic Old City Hall was also constructed in the 14th century, but later altered several times.

The baroque era is today still represented by the Old Anatomy Building of the university (1723–1736, by Gabriel de Gabrieli) and the church St. Maria de Victoria which was built by the Asam brothers (1732–1736), while the church of the Augustinians of Johann Michael Fischer (1736) was completely destroyed in World War II.

Many buildings of the neo-classical fortification of Leo von Klenze have been preserved, such as the Reduit Tilly and the towers Baur und Triva.

The University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt is a new and dynamic university for technology, computer sciences and business administration. With around 2500 students the University is the biggest institution of learning in Ingolstadt.

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More about the History of Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt was the capital of the duchy Bavaria-Ingolstadt between 1392 and 1447. Ingolstadt was then united with Bavaria-Landshut. Louis VII, Duke of Bavaria ordered the building of the New Castle, which is strongly influenced by French Gothic architecture. In 1472 Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria founded the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Ingolstadt, which was moved to Landshut (Landshut vacation rentals | Landshut travel guide) in 1800 and finally to Munich (Munich vacation rentals | Munich travel guide).

Originally a fortress city, Ingolstadt is enclosed by a medieval defensive wall. The Bavarian fortress (1537–1930) nowadays holds the museum of the Bavarian army. During World War I, future French president Charles de Gaulle was detained there as a prisoner of war. A sappers' drill ground is still crossing the river, two military air bases are nearby, one used for testing airplanes. The long military tradition of the city is reflected in today's civil and cultural life. Former "off-limit" grounds are now well-used public parks.

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Ingolstadt is a city in the Free State of Bavaria, Germany. It is located along the banks of the Danube River, in the center of Bavaria. As of December 31, 2005, Ingolstadt had 121,801 residents. It is part of the Munich Metropolitan Area with a population of more than 5 million.

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