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  • Kaisheim Abbey
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    Kaisheim Abbey

    Kaisheim Abbey (German: Kloster Kaisheim or Reichsstift Kaisheim) was a Cistercian monastery in Kaisheim, Bavaria, Germany.


    It was founded by Henry II, Count of Lechsgemünd (d. 1142) and his wife Liutgard, and was a daughter house of Lucelle Abbey in Alsace. Count Henry's initial gift of the land was made in 1133; the foundation charter was dated 21 September 1135. The first church was dedicated in 1183 by the Bishop of Augsburg, but was damaged in a fire in 1286, and re-built in its entirety between 1352 and 1387, when the new building was dedicated.

    The foundation charter guaranteed the new monastery immunity and independence from secular powers, but on the extinction of the Counts of Lechsgemünd in 1327, their territories passed to the Wittelsbach Counts of Graisbach, who were unwilling to honour the original terms. Although in 1346 the abbey succeeded in obtaining from the Emperor Charles IV a confirmation of the rights included in the charter, and was declared an Imperial abbey (German: Reichstift), the Wittelsbachs were not inclined to honour it.

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Kaisheim Overview

Kaisheim contains the districts of Altisheim, Bergstetten, Gunzenheim, Hafenreut, Kaisheim, Leitheim, Sulzdorf. Gemeindeteile sind: Altisheim, Bergstetten, Bertenbreit, Gunzenheim, Hafenreut, Kaisheim, Lehenweid, Leitheim, Neuhof, Quellgut, Riedelbergerhof and Sulzdorf.

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Kaisheim Abbey

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More about the History of Kaisheim

Kaisheim was the local High Reeve's office and belonged to the Imperial Abbey, Kaisheim Abbey. The Abbey was founded in 1133 by Graf Heinrich III von Lechsgemünd and his wife Liutgard. The abbey was probably already given Imperial Abbey status before 1370, however it was not until 1656 that the Imperial immediacy or sovereignty from the immediate lord was recognized.

Since the German Mediatisation of 1803, Kaisheim has belonged to Bavaria and from the Bavarian reform edict of 1818 the present day community arose. Kaisheim was given market rights and is sometimes referred to as Markt Kaisheim.

The latin title given to the town was "Caesarea" from "Kaisersheim"

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Kaisheim is a municipality in the district of Donau-Ries in Bavaria in Germany. It was the location of the Imperial abbey, Kaisheim Abbey.

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