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Kirchardt Overview

Kirchardt is in the north-west of Heilbronn (Heilbronn vacation rentals | Heilbronn travel guide) and belongs to the outskirts of the Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide) Metropolitan Region. Starting in the north and proceeding in a clockwise direction, the neighbouring towns and cities of Kirchardt are Bad Rappenau (Bad Rappenau vacation rentals | Bad Rappenau travel guide), Massenbachhausen, Gemmingen, Eppingen, Ittlingen (all in the Heilbronn region) and Sinsheim (Sinsheim vacation rentals | Sinsheim travel guide) (in the Rhein-Neckar region). Kirchardt is part of a unified community authority which also consists of Bad Rappenau and Siegelsbach. Kirchardt consists of the core community of Kirchardt proper, plus the peripheral communities of Berwangen and Bockschaft. Previously there was another community in the town, Lauterstein (Lauterstein vacation rentals | Lauterstein travel guide), but it was later absorbed into Kirchardt proper. The town of Kirchardt has approximately 5,500 inhabitants, of which 3,700 live in Kirchardt itself, with 1,400 in Berwangen and 400 people in Bockschaft.

Things to See in Kirchardt

Evangelische Kirche



Bockschaft das Kirchardter Dorffest statt.

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More about the History of Kirchardt

Kirchardt and its constituent communities, like many cities and towns in Northern Württemberg and North Baden, was first mentioned by name in the Codex Aureus of Lorsch (Lorsch vacation rentals | Lorsch travel guide) in 791. A nun by the name of Egilrat recorded the transfer of a farm with associated land in villa Kyrih-Hart to the ownership of Lorsch Abbey. The name is a unique one for an uninhabited area, and means perhaps "church in the wood" or "forest belonging to a church", but more likely indicates "the forest where the red kites live". The first mentions of the other two communities in modern-day Kirchardt also occur in the codex, both in connection with donations to the abbey, Berwangen being recorded in 793, and Bockschaft in 829. The appellation villa denoted that Kirchardt was then a small community not long settled. As the earliest settled areas in Kirchardt lie on the old northern boundary with the district of Berwangen as well as the source of the Birkenbach stream, it is likely that Kirchardt was settled from the older and formerly more significant Berwangen.

In the early middle ages there was a road (then called the "High Road") connecting Heilbronn (Heilbronn vacation rentals | Heilbronn travel guide) and Heidelberg (Heidelberg vacation rentals | Heidelberg travel guide) which ran approximately on the line of the current Bundesstraße 39 between Heilbronn and Sinsheim (Sinsheim vacation rentals | Sinsheim travel guide). Kirchardt lay somewhat away from this historic highway, on the edge of the Krachigau-Hügel region, and was surrounded by fields, meadows, and oak forests. For centuries the population was made up exclusively of farmers, who tilled the fields and raised pigs. Acorns were an important source of fodder for the pigs, leading to the inclusion on the town crest of a single acorn from 1769 onwards. The name of the town from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century was Kirchart (with differing spellings), then Kirhart in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, before settling back on Kirchardt in the nineteenth century.

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Kirchardt is a town in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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