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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

"Where in Korbach can I buy fresh rolls in the morning or get a nice breakfast with coffee?" (posted 07/01/2014)

In Café de Bank, in the pedestrian zone. Rolls, there are many opportunities at supermarkets, like you can also take advantage of the feel-good service in korbach who brings the bread in our apartment.
Answer provided by Kirsten Westmeier on 07/02/2014
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There are the following bakeries: Old Town Bakery, Bakery Stechbahn 32 Plücker different branches: Prof.-Bier-Str. 1A, Brilon Rt. 39, Brilon Rt. 6, Suedring 30, 45 and Strother St. Louis-Peter-Str. 24 Bakery Frankenstein, Professor Beer Str 4 Bakery Isken, Bahnhofstrasse 3, Flechtdorfer road 5 and Solinger Straße 29 Bakery Meyer, Brilon Rt. 38 and Medebacher Rt. 21 Bakery Schumann, On Mühlengraben 3 can have breakfast Good one example here: Hotel Touric, Medebacher Highway 10 Cafe The Bank, Prof.-Bier-Straße 14 KostBar Bistro, Upper Street 2
Answer provided by Bernd Mütze on 07/02/2014
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Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"Why should someone do a vacation in Korbach? Can you possibly tell me 2-3 popular travel tips for Korbach, which everyone visiting Korbach should see? Also let me know 2-3 special insider travel tips for Korbach that a typical tourist may not know about, but that you can highly recommend. Thanks!" (posted 05/17/2014)

Korbach is an old Hanseatic city has a very nice old town. Goldhausen Germany has unique gold mine, which can be visited, very interesting. Many hiking trails and the beautiful mountainous surroundings with proximity to Lake Eder, Diemelsee and to Willingen invite you to explore and hiking.
Answer provided by Kirsten Westmeier on 05/17/2014
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Korbach developed from a royal court of Charles the Great, Which was Mentioned for the first time in a document of the Emperor Otto II in the year 980 Situated at the intersection of trade roads former, what it granted the town status of Soest, a town in Westphalia, as early as 1188th The old and new parts of the town were unified in 1377 and a common town hall and a double circular town wall were erected. The town Became a member of the Hanseatic League, which consequently Korbach then the most important town in the shire of Waldeck and had many privileges. After the Reformation in 1579 the district grammar school, Which silently exists today named "Old country school" which established in the former Fransiscan monastery. Drawing of KorbachThe Thirty Years 'War, the plague and the great fire destroyed the prosperity of the town Which had so Suffered hard in the Seven Years' War. The 2,500 Inhabitants of Korbach were quietly cultivating country inside the area of ​​the town in the 19th century. The building of the railway (1893) and the construction of a rubber factory (1908) Brought a new lease of life to the town. When Waldeck what Annexed to Prussia in 1929 Korbach Became of important administration and traffic center with 7,000 Inhabitants. After the Second World War the town underwent Further revival and modernization. In a drive for administrative reform in 1970/71 it what united with 14 surrounding villages. Thanks to this regional reform Korbach Became the administrative center of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district in 1974. Today with some 24.384 Inhabitants Korbach center is the half way in between Marburg and Paderborn, and in between Kassel and Arnsberg. The former old Hanseatic town is enjoying ever-increasing popularity and is an appealing place for shopping, recreation and relaxation. The tour of the town is best under taken in the order of the sights and explanatory texts marked with numbers. The tourist information of the city Korbach offers weekly two city guidance on (meeting place is in each case the city hall free area): Thusday: 2:30 pm Saturday: 10:30 am Attractions in Korbach who want to experience Korbach true riches, which should consciously walk a little tour through the old town Korbacher making. Guarded by two massive towers of the Gothic hall churches exist in the well-preserved old town Korbacher much to experience and to enjoy. Medieval fortifications, stone warehouses, well-preserved half-timbered (German Framework Road) and the built already in 1377 City Hall are witnesses of tradition, power and wealth Hesse single Hanseatic city. Stay in one of the good restaurants or beer gardens and allow itself to a harmonious interplay of many eras. 1000 years of human history, exhibits the most significant gold deposit in Germany and a magnificent view through window of old, so the museum Korbach can be entertaining living history understandable. Architecturally one of the Wolfgang Bonhage MUSEUM KORBACH one of the most exciting chapters of the newer Hessian museum landscape. Modern elements of granite, glass and wood are delicately woven into existing Gothic stone and half-timbered houses and so leave a small city within a city occur. A visit to the Museum Korbach is a wonderful experience not only for lovers of architecture, even "little" explorers are invited by the light-flooded halls and dark vault to preserve expeditions in the near or distant past. Who is looking west discover the Korbacher mountain quickly with the picturesque village at the foot Goldhausen. Follow the trail of the gold-seekers on the gold trail Eisenberg or experience the work of the miners from a different perspective - namely equipped with jacket, helmet and rubber boots, underground. Who does not want to deep into the mountain, but would rather be high, can gain far into Upland inside the 24-meter-high Georg-Viktor-tower a magnificent view over Korbach away and up. Another witness of bygone Korbacher story is Korbacher column, one of the most outstanding fossil sites of vertebrates from the Permian. The Procynosuchus, about a dachshund large, mammal-like vertebrates, is the oldest residents Korbach and also the most important find of Korbacher column. Let qualified guides take you into a period about 250 million years ago, when Korbach still lay near the equator. "Celebrate" The Korbacher can is known about the borders of our region to far. Already in June it starts with the Kilian market, followed celebrate omitted from the historic and cultural festival in June / July, in which thousands of visitors within the double city wall ring. In September, the autumn market opens its "gates" before comes up in October of Medieval fair with performers and fresh market beer. Theater, Korbach concerts and open-air stage with their performances, a cultural delight for young and old. Let yourself be enchanted. Go once again stroll - because in the Hanseatic city Korbach one is personally advised by the boss. The Korbacher retail is not only known in our region for its good service and individual counseling. A spacious pedestrian zone with attractive boutiques, department stores and outdoor cafes perfect for relaxing and untroubled shopping pleasure. Visit the Hanseatic city Korbach, the romantic half-timbered center between Sauerland and Lake Eder. In Korbach tradition and modernity merge into an interesting mix. Far away from mass tourism you will find in Korbach everything that can be an unforgettable experience your holiday. The intact mountain landscape is a guarantee for rest and relaxation. Let it all hang out when you wander through the rich flora and fauna of the natural park Diemelsee or relax active while skiing in the winter or when jumping into one of the nearby lakes in the summer. The nearby National Park basement Edersee invites further discoveries.
Answer provided by Gisela Biedermann on 05/18/2014
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

"Is it possible to rent a bicycle in Korbach, and take it to Waldeck for a few days, then return it to Korbach?" (posted 12/22/2016)

Yes, is possible in korbach.
Answer provided by Kirsten Westmeier on 01/02/2017
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Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

What is your insider travel tip for Korbach?

Podcast: A Germany Vacation in Korbach with Live Like a German

Listen to our special Live Like a German podcast (in German). This podcast is titled "A Germany Vacation in Korbach with Live Like a German." Episode 5: Today we have Kirsten Meier West as our guest. Kirsten lives in Korbach in Waldeck-Frankenberg in northern Hesse. She is renting out a nice vacation apartment now for about 4-5 years. The apartment is located on the edge of the hamlet Goldhausen (320 inhabitants). Goldhausen is located in the district of Korbach (22,000 inhabitants). Goldhausen has an elevation of 560 meters high, therefore you have nice panoramic views into the Sauerland and the Lake Edersee. Recently, this apartment is now available on Live Like a German and can be booked online directly. Today we have compiled a few questions about holidays in Korbach and the broader North Hesse region. We are presenting travel insider tips you won't find in regular Germany travel guides. Maybe we'll start simply by asking why anyone would ever vacation there for and what is special about Korbach ...

Kirsten Westmeier

In this podcast we're interviewing our Live Like a German property owner Kirsten Westmeier:
Hi, my name is Kirsten Westmeier. I am 47 years old and working as a nurse. My husband and I are renting out our vacation rental and are happy to provide travel tips to our guests to make sure they have a great time in Germany!

LLAG: Hello, this is Reiner Kraft of Live Like a German. Holidays in Germany, the Live Like a German way. This is our episode #5. Today’s guest is Ms. Kirsten Westmeier. Kirsten lives in Korbach, in the Waldeck-Frankenberg area of North Hessia. For 4-5 years already, as a side job, she has been offering a nice vacation apartment for rent. The apartment is located at the edge of the Goldhausen district of Korbach, an area with 320 inhabitants. Korbach has a total number of inhabitants somewhat above 22000, is at 560 m of altitude, offering a great panoramic view into the Sauerland and to the Edersee lake. Since recently, the apartment is also available for booking via Live Like a German, online, in all convenience. So, we have put together a few questions on vacations in Korbach and Northern Hessia in general. They are all about interesting travel insider tips which you won’t find in your average tourist guide. After all, that’s what this podcast is all about. Let’s start here: Why should people go visit Korbach for their vacation, what are its special selling points?

KW: Hello, yes, I am Kirsten Westmeier. I live, as you just heard, in Goldhausen. Goldhausen, uniquely in Germany, is a gold digger’s site with a mine that is open to visitors. It is at 560 m of altitude, making for a beautiful view. On the highest point, one finds a lookout-tower which the visitor can climb. There are also the ruins of an old castle. The show mine is only open to visitors on the weekends. Korbach is an old Hanseatic city with wooden timber-frame houses, with a great museum in the old town where one can learn more about both the gold from Goldhausen and the old timber-frame houses and the old times in general.

LLAG: Sounds interesting, especially for anyone with an interest in history. Those people will find great ways of connecting such things.

KW: Yes, and it is… it really belongs together.

LLAG: So, for someone staying at your vacation apartment… How far is it to Korbach?

KW: Goldhausen to Korbach is some 7 km distance… One can drive, take a bus or taxi, walk or rent an e-bike. We have one of the later for rent.

LLAG: So, that e-bike is offered as one of your services? Guests staying with you can rent that?

KW: Yes. Now, this year. We’ll have to see how we continue with that, but this year, yes.

LLAG: Okay. So, somebody staying there, those 7 km… there is a bus line, too, so it’s easy to get there…

KW: Absolutely, that’s an easy trip. At least about hourly, one can go to and fro.

LLAG: Okay. How about in the area, if someone wants to get fresh bread rolls in the morning, for example. Does he also have to go to Korbach for that?

KW: No, in Goldhausen… Let’s explain it like that: If you want that, you can get fresh bread rolls delivered to your door, for a fee. Such a delivery can be arranged with the Gute Laune- (Good Mood-)Service from Korbach, by telephone.

LLAG: Oh, that’s good. So, they come and bring the bread rolls in the morning, and there they are… How about a butcher’s or just, in general, a supermarket? Those are probably only in Korbach, right?

KW: Well, yes. For those, one does need to go to Korbach. The shopping there’s good; it’s what I also do. Everything, for both German and international cuisine. I’ll gladly give my guests advice on that. For eating out, there is the Eisenberghütte in Goldhausen itself or, close by, another city district between Korbach and Goldhausen, Lengefeld, with a place offering very good and very big Schnitzel. Korbach also has good German cuisine. Many other international specialties are also very nice. Again, our folder of information has lots of advice on where to eat well, for example.

LLAG: So, you have put together something of a tourist guide in the shape of a small folder in the apartment…

KW: Absolutely right. Without that, our guests could hardly inform themselves about the places they’ll want to go to.

LLAG: And you are of course also available for questions, can give advice?

KW: Of course.

LLAG: Super, Of course that’s good. So, there are some restaurants to choose from; you recommend the next town where there are excellent Schnitzel. Then…

KW: May I add something?

LLAG: Of course, please do…

KW: We also have great opportunities for hiking, in Goldhausen and around the Eisenberg, the highest point – the one with the lookout tower on top. Other trails are also easy to reach… It’s also just a short distance from the apartment to Willingen. The ski jump world cup takes place here. It’s a good starting point for hikes, the great views – and Baroque castle Bad Ahausen und Castle Waldeck on the Auer lacke are here.

LLAG: How far away is that? The castle, for example?

KW: Baroque castle Ahausen: some 25 km.

LLAG: So, also not too wide, a nice short drive.

KW: Yes, and Waldeck Castle on the Edersee lake about 30, 38 km.

LLAG: Is the Edersee also in this…

KW: It’s right close by. Waldeck is right at the reservoir lake, the Edersee.

LLAG: That’s interesting, of course, to have a look at all that.

KW: Right.

LLAG: So, from what I’ve heard, it seems there’s also a fair bit of winter sports activities on offer?

KW: That would be in Willingen and Winterberg. Willingen is 20 minutes by car and has skiing slopes where skiing is possible also when there’s no snowfall, and also night skiing is offered. Willingen also offers many other things, such as visits to a brewery or cheese-maker’s. There are lots of things to do, here around Korbach. They can’t all be listed all that quickly.

LLAG: It’s interesting, considering that one would think of the Alps – Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland – when thinking about skiing, but having such opportunities in Northern Hessia… Interesting. So, are there lots of people when there’s snow?

KW: It does fill up when people from the Ruhr area and the Netherlands come as well, but it’s still excellent skiing.

LLAG: But I guess then it’s better during weekdays than weekends?

KW: Yes, definitely. Weekdays are quieter.

LLAG: Back from winter to summer. You mentioned good hiking – starting in Goldhausen?

KW: There are nice trails in Goldhausen; many different ones… There’s the national park Kellerwald-Edersee close by, the Urwaldsteig trail, the Kellerwaldsteig. All hiking trails with lots to discover.

LLAG: Are there trail maps?

KW: Yes, trail maps are provided.

LLAG: Okay.

KW: Lots of natural beauty await. Primeval forests with steep slopes and gorges and rare plants. The national park Kellerwald-Edersee for example provides lots of beautiful hiking experiences.

LLAG: Okay, well, that sounds great. So, for the active traveler looking for more sports opportunities, for example golfing… What else is possible?

KW: Golfing for fun is possible in Korbach; otherwise at the Tistersee (?) in Bad Ahausen or in Waldeck.

LLAG: For someone coming with a family, looking for a family vacation, with small children. Any interesting things for them to do?

KW: For children, who’ll probably want to experience something, there’s the LaLeLu Children’s Adventure Land in Korbach, with slides, trampolines, lots of such things for children up to 12 years of age to move and have fun. It’s an indoors adventure park for children, highly recommended.

LLAG: Great. That’s in Korbach?

KW: Yes, in Korbach. In beautiful weather, there are also Willingen or Niederwerde, at the Edersee, there are those slides…

LLAG: Water slides?

KW: No, dry ones, down tracks.

LLAG: Ah, okay. Also a kind of adventure park?

KW: Yes, also an adventure park. Gigantic playgrounds. Close by is also a corn maze, open from July until September. It’s a kind of labyrinth.

LLAG: And so, in summer, how about pools or quarry ponds…

KW: For pools… there is the open-air pools in Korbach. The indoors pool is currently closed for renovation. I can also recommend the Centerpark in Niederbach (?). It has a wave pool. Aurobella-Bad [spa/pools] in Bad Ahausen and Lagun-Bad in Willingen are also very nice. Easy to reach from here if one wants to go swimming, when the weather is not all that good.

LLAG: Wow, all to be found. Great, so many possibilities. Of course, it all comes down to what the traveler wants, but I think there should be something for everyone.

KW: And then, there are many nice festivals in the surrounding area. What I want to mention in particular is the Kulturfest [culture festival] in the old town of Korbach, which is held every year on the last weekend of June. It is very nice, lasts from Thursday for four days, has a live band, lots of wine stalls, many groups showing off their skills, music bands, teen bands,… Also a nice event is the Alphorn fair in Willingen. This year, it will take place on August 26. It’s a great way to hear Alphorn-playing musicians and offers a lot, especially with the great view from up on the Etelsberg (?) mountain where it takes place.

LLAG: Super. So, that will be… it’s coming up end of August.

KW: Yes, on the 26th.

LLAG: Are there also local fairs in Korbach or Goldhausen in the fall, with things happening and to do on some weekend?

KW: On the weekends, there are different festivals. The villages also sometimes hold their own. In Goldhausen, it takes place on the 24th of August. It developed out of village life, for fun, and of course everyone’s welcome. In September, a few town districts further, there are wine festivals, and there are also fairs like the big one in Bad Ahausen at the beginning of August. Or St. Kilian’s market in Korbach in June, on the first weekend of June and on a September weekend.

LLAG: Okay, so, many festivals. We’ll make sure we put a list of them into the comments; that will make it easiest to get the overview and not get lost in all the different dates.

KW: Right. One can also have a look into the calendar of events for Korbach. Our guests will always have the chance to look in there and get informed.

LLAG: Super. Now, to sum up, let’s get back to… How about local specialties? What sorts of food or dishes would you recommend to the visitor?

KW: I’d definitely suggest, if one doesn’t want to travel far, the Eisenberghütte, open Wednesday to Sunday. They often have barbecue evenings where the guest can get barbecue, have a nice beer, and enjoy the view into the Sauerland. Three kilometers away, in Längenfeld, also a part of Korbach, there is a place offering great Schnitzel and Rumpsteak, delicious fare. Good German food at good prices. Korbach also has good German cooking, but also others: Italian – Pizza, of course; a good Spanish place, Greek, Chinese.

LLAG: All to be found. But still, how about things which can be found pretty much only in Korbach, in Northern Hesse – is there anything like that?

KW: Just now, I can’t really come up with anything. The Schnitzel can be found most places…

LLAG: Something homemade, something local for the visitor to North Hesse to try…?

KW: Schlachtplatte [a platter of various cold meat cuts] is something nice to get…

LLAG: Yes, that could definitely be interesting. Where would one get those, in Korbach or…?

KW: Yes, also in Korbach. Or there are good places for that in Willingen, too.

LLAG: Okay.

KW: Willingen also has delicious… well, one can just set out and see what one finds on the go, it’s a great way to discover more.

LLAG: Okay. To finish, back to the apartment. As we said at the beginning, you offer a vacation apartment in Goldhausen, at the edge of the settlement. Could you tell us a bit more about the apartment, what it’s like, so that the listener could get an impression of it…?

KW: So, the apartment is 50 square meter, was awarded four stars, is available year-round, offers a great view into the Sauerland, is furnished in modern and comfortable ways, has a new sofa – it’s all pretty new – a nice dining corner with a small kitchen, satellite TV with DVD player is provided, bathroom, bedroom. Separate entrance, lawn with garden furniture, which is very nice. Our guests always enjoy the view from the living room when the weather is nice, with a great chance for watching the sunsets.

LLAG: The apartment is for up to four people, or how many?

KW: Up to four, then one would have to put in a guest bed or use the sleeper sofa in the living room as a bed. I could also offer a second apartment that my father has on offer.

LLAG: Great, so it would be perfect for a regular family.

KW: It’s best for two, it works for three or four people.

LLAG: Well then, with smaller children, that should work out nicely.

KW: Then, I might also point out my father’s apartment, which has two bedrooms.

LLAG: And that apartment is right across the street, or otherwise close by?

KW: It’s right the next house.

LLAG: Perfect. So, that’s all good, super.

KW: It is situated a bit differently, doesn’t give quite the view of the sunset, but it’s also on the edge of town, from about 1930 and very well maintained.

LLAG: Is internet access available?

KW: In our apartment, yes; it would be possible in my father’s.

LLAG: Okay. That’s always important with so many travelers nowadays going on vacation with their laptops and looking to check email…

KW: Yes, absolutely.

LLAG: Sounds good… enticing. As you said at the beginning, you also put together a little folder of ideas for your guests, which I’m sure is a veritable treasure trove, and you yourself are there for individual advice…

KW: Of course, that’s another possibility. There are trail maps and city maps of Korbach, for the guests to use and put back so others can also profit from them.

LLAG: Right, right.

KW: Also, about the apartment: we offer a safe for keeping money and valuables. And, it is a non-smoking apartment.

LLAG: Okay.

KW: Then, I also offer the e-bike for rent. This year, for one bike; one could get another one in Korbach. It might change next year, because the demand for that is always different. Maybe we’ll not offer that next year; it’s not decided yet.

LLAG: Okay. In general, if someone wants to rent a bike, a normal one…

KW: We could also offer that, but only with helmet and the biker would have to sign something taking over legal responsibility in case of accidents – but that should be a matter of course.

LLAG: By the way, for arrival: What’s the closest airport?

KW: The next airport would be the one in Paderborn, one hour away. Coming from the USA, it’s probably Frankfurt, which is two hours away.

LLAG: Okay, two. And…

KW: Let me also give some advice there: When coming from Frankfurt, through Marburg… there are many sections with speed limits of 30 or 50 km/h, and there are lots of controls there. So, better stick to the speed limit.

LLAG: Okay, right. Some advice on how to best get to the apartment would be good, helpful. Any other advice we should still mention? I think we have talked about the main things.

KW: Let’s see I don’t forget anything. In Kassel, the documenta is currently taking place. That’s one hour from here. Fritzla (?) also has a beautiful old town; it’s also not far.

LLAG: Mmm, yes. Kassel, of course, as a larger city… what one can do there is interesting.

KW: Frankenberg has a nice old town. Timber-framed, as it was done in times past.

LLAG: Okay. Well, I think we have drawn together a nice collection of ideas. When we list that all in the notes for this show, it will be quite a bit, and something for everyone’s interest. We hope that we can send some guests your way, to Korbach, Goldhausen – and then they can try it all out live and on location. Frau Westmeier, thank you for all the information.

KW: It was a pleasure.

LLAG: … and bye!

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Travel Insider Tips for Korbach

Korbach Overview

Korbach lies at the northeast edge of the Rhenish Slate Mountains (here known as the Waldeck'sches Upland, the second word being a German proper name, not the English word "upland"). Neighbouring towns and communities are, clockwise from the northwest, Willingen, Diemelsee, Twistetal, Waldeck, Vöhl, Lichtenfels (likewise all in Waldeck-Frankenberg) and Medebach (Hochsauerlandkreis in North Rhine-Westphalia).

Things to See in Korbach

Kilianskirche (1450) and Nikolaikirche (1460)

Old State School (Alte Landesschule) (1579)

A mediaeval pillory

Well preserved town wall and a lovingly restored Old Town

Several mediaeval stone buildings (warehouses)

The bronze Night Watchman ("Nachtwächter") in the pedestrian precinct

The Gold Trail (Goldspur), going by interesting goldmining sites and explaining the history of gold at the Eisenberg.

Nieder-Ense Church, built between 1130 and 1140, with Baroque altar by Josias Wolrad Brützel about 1700.

Visitors' Mine, located at Germany's most important goldmining site, illustrating a goldminer's situation in the Middle Ages and his everyday work.

Georg-Viktor-Turm (tower), 24 m high, affords a panoramic view into the Upland as far as the Ederbergland, and of Eisenberg castle ruins.

[ source: wikipedia ]

More about the History of Korbach

During the Seven Year's War the town was the site of the Battle of Korbach on 10 July 1760 between the French under the command of St. Germain and the Hanoverian, British and Hessian allies under Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, the Hereditary Prince.

It was only towards the end of the 18th century that a modest prosperity was restored to Korbach. The town first achieved a new economic boom late in the 19th century. Contributing to this in no small measure was the new railway to Kassel that opened in 1893. Moreover, the industrialist Louis Peter established a rubber and tire factory in Korbach. The town was mostly spared any great damage in further wars, particularly the two world wars. After the Second World War, the population rose sharply as those driven out of formerly German territories to the east flooded into town.

The rubber factory continues to dominate the development of the city. It is one of the production sites of Continental AG, one of the major companies in its sector.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Korbach is the district seat of Waldeck-Frankenberg in northern Hesse, Germany. It is over a thousand years old and a former Hanseatic town. It is located on the German Framework Road.

Where to stay in Korbach?

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