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Idyllic Location A well-maintained network of hiking trails leads to many nearby destinations: historic mills, the church in Kreischa, or destinations a bit farther away, e.g. the fairy tale meadow with lovingly made wooden figures in Reinhardtsgrimma. The mountain of Kreischa, the Wilisch, is easily scaled on a hike, too. Or, when the weather is nice, experience the views from the Babisnauer Pappel into the distance, reaching into the ‘Saxonian Switzerland’. The Town Hall and its Park Today’s town hall used to be a lord’s manor and stands on the foundations of an early German water castle. Thanks to that, its origins can be traced back to a knight’s estate from around 1200. Together with the lord’s manor, it formed the core of the settlements of Ober- (Upper-) and Nieder- (Lower-) Kreischa… and its story has gone on until the present day. Proximity to State Capital Dresden Kreischa is located just before the gates to Baroque city Dresden. In the richly forested lower mountains of the Erzgebirge, rich in plants and animals, it’s the place to find calm and quiet without giving up on the advantages of a city of culture. By car or bus, it’s only 20 minutes through the beautiful Lockwitz valley to Dresden.
Answer provided by Heiner Ridder on 05/15/2014
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\einem der lieblichsten Orte um Dresden, über all schöner Busch, muntere Quellen - und auch Forellen. [to one of the most alluring places around Dresden, beautiful brush everywhere, burbling founts – and also trouts.] (Robert Schumann 1849) Dear (potential) guests, your decisions to pick Kreischa as destination of choice is (or would be) a good one. You are in the midst – in the midst of greenery, between well-kept gardens, fruit orchards, meadows, fields and forests, but also in the midst of the region’s sights: only 15 km from the center of Dresden, just 6 km from the connection to the Park+Ride facility, if you do not want to drive into town, only 30 minutes of driving from the unique mountain landscape of the Saxon Switzerland and the wonderful hiking and sports region of the Eastern Erzgebirge or only some 40 minutes of driving from historic Meissen and the Elb country with the beautiful Elbe biek path. There is also a lot that is worth seeing even closer to Kreischa, e.g.: Wilisch, Quorener Kipse or Babisnauer Pappel, great vantage points from which to view the Elbe valley, Elb sand stone mountains or Erzgebirge, a well-signposted regional network of hiking trails with connections to trails spanning various regions, and more. For patients of our spa clinic Bavaria and their visitors, the quiet, the landscape’s beauty and the fresh clean air are welcome additions to the treatment offers and the sights of the region. So – Welcome! The restaurants and rentals in our community, the owners of which will gladly give you advice on your excursions and sightseeing trips, are waiting for you. Come and see for yourself! btw: Kreischa is easy to reach by public transport, too. Info from VVO and DVB http://www.Kreischa.de
Answer provided by Heinz Wassermann on 05/16/2014
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Kreischa is a spa town immediately southwest of Dresden at the foot of the Erzgebirge. It’s not a spectacular city, but offers many hiking opportunities through peaceful countryside. The distance to our ‘carriage house’ (Remise) No. 6 is 13km. Nestled in the romantic Lockwitztal and surrounded by the hills of the eastern Erzgebirge and the richly wooded forests lies Kreischa. Guests of the town will find peace and tranquility, without sacrificing the advantages of being just 15 kilometers north from the cultural metropolis of Dresden. But numerous other attractions are within easy reach of Kreischa, too. For active recreation and for nature lovers a 96 km long course and hiking trails for walkers and hikers await. The extensive parks with their valuable stands of trees and many botanical treasures can make any trip to Kreischa quite an experience. The center with the Gänseliesl Fountain and the water games invites guests and residents to stay and enjoy. Visitors will find accommodation and dining options in all price ranges. Every year, many patients recover in the clinic Bavaria, given various treatments for medical and vocational rehabilitation up to the latest medical standards. The clinic in Kreischa is one of the largest rehabilitation centers in Germany. I wish all guests and patients a relaxing stay in our community and the home lovers and hikers always a beautiful view of our home! Your Mayor Frank Schöning
Answer provided by Dorothea Roggan on 05/16/2014
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Kreischa is a municipality in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district, Saxony, Germany. It directly borders the Saxon capital Dresden and consists of 14 districts.

Things to See in Kreischa

Landeshauptstadt Dresden with Frauenkirche, Semperoper, Hofkirche, Neumarkt and Schloss

Bistum Meißen with Albrechtsburg, Dom and Porzellanmanufaktur


Säschsische Schwiez

Sächsisches Elbland

Schlösser in Mortizburg, Pillnitz, Großsedlitz

Schlösser and Burgen im Müglitz- and Seidewitztal Schloss Weesenstein, Schloss Lauenstein and Schloss Kuckuckstein











Wilsch 476 meters

Babisnauer Pappel

Robert Schumann

Rathaus and Park



Kirche zu Kreischa

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Kreischa is a municipality in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district, Saxony, Germany. It directly borders the Saxon capital Dresden and consists of 14 districts.

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