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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

"Are there any Protestant churches in Lahr? Evangelical ones or any that are more \contemporary\? Would they be accepting towards foreigners in their churches?" (posted 06/17/2014)

In Lahr and the surrounding area, there are many Protestant churches. We allow anyone to attend church or to be part of the worship. Greetings from Rust Protestant churches in Lahr. Collegiate church with cemetery grounds Collegiate Church Evangelical Deanery Dean Rainer Becker Dole Platz 7 77933 Lahr Tel: 07821/22054 Fax: 07821/989 230 buero@ev-dekanat-lahr.de www.ev-dekanat-lahr.de or for the districts Kuhbach and Reichenbach: Evangelical Rectory Seelbach Rev. Anke Doleschal Friedhofweg 1 77960 Seelbach Tel: 07823/96550 Fax: 07823/96552 pfarramt-kirche@seelbach.de www.kirche- seelbach.de
Answer provided by Alwin Diebold on 06/17/2014
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Hello, in the attached link you will find all the Protestant churches in Lahr. The extent to which these are modern in their perceptions, I cannot tell you. During the worship, anyone can join. http://www.lahr.de/startseite/stadt_stadtteile/behoerden_kirchen_kliniken_aerzte/kirchen/evangelische_kirchen.1972.1,2,27068,18,1972.htm
Answer provided by Peter Molinaro on 06/17/2014
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Yes, there are Protestant churches in Lahr. The level of tolerance in these congregations is very large
Answer provided by Elmar Männle on 06/17/2014
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Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

"Are there any special events taking place from April 18th to May 7th in Lahr and surrounding area?" (posted 04/08/2015)

not necessarily. You can mount but likes to go to the Web page www.lahr.de because there are specific information. We are in the rust europapark. www.europapark.de greeting petra
Answer provided by Alwin Diebold on 04/10/2015
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Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"Will be in the area in May/June with daughters and families, children aged 11, 5, 2. Things to see and do for day trips? Dining?" (posted 02/28/2015)

Hello, Please find my summary to Lahr and around below ... Please check out "Black Forest home Uhlsberg" my 2 storey apartment on 115 sqm, with 3 bedrooms ... Recently Rewarded with 4 stars from the German tourism authority .. Lahr : -Terrace bath and swimming pool outside -Mountain of SCHUTTER LINDEBERG AND BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN HIGH -castle of Geroldseck -stadtpark Lahr woth playground, flower park and animal zoo -old part of the city wall and the rest of the city castle STORK TOWER -small traditional beer brewery withEvent restaurant and bar and lake and animal farm Called the hotel restaurant DAMM MUEHLE -wander pathes and biking pathes around the city - dining suggestions: -Greek restaurant DIONYSUS at the STADTPARK LAHR -Steak DUBROVNIK House in Mahlberg -Steak schnitzel and other local foods at LANDGASTHOF SUN in Langenwinkel -local food at the restaurant CITIZENS TAVERN in Kippenheim -4 star hotel and restaurant with Michelin star ADLER in Seelbach (high level and expensive) - Village description: old traditional village of SULZ - award winning nature bath in the vllage - water- wander-paths for families for walking and swimming free of charge - deer farm - walking, jogging and biking pathes - tennis, hockey and football court - adventure playground for kids - bakery, butchery, pharmacy, supermarket, fast food shop, - thai massage and spa, - 2 banks 'savings bank and Volksbank' - restaurants 'Damm mill' with own beer brewery Animal farm and lake - Restaurant 'Angel', traditional regional foods - busstation to the city of "Lahr" only 5 min - Private Beer brewery Dammenbräu with Event Restaurant and Bar -Casino and "Sky Lounge" - Visiting targets Around our area: -World famous huge fun park 'Europa Park Rust' in Rust - 15 min (Better than Disney World ...) special happenings in all seasons -'Taubergiessen 'Nature park and boat tours - 15 min -Schwarzwald / Black Forest -0 min -Altrhein / river floodplains' Rhine' - 10 min -Old traditional village of 'Ettenheim' city of Rohan - 10 mi - traditional old Cafe and bakery in 'Lahr' 'Sweets Loechle' - 5 min -Adventure in the bath. Black Forest 'Titisee-Neustadt' - 60min -Triberger waterfalls - 45 min -Open air museum 'Vogtsbauernhoefe Gutach' -60min -wineregion and WineFestival 'Kaiserstuhl' - 40min -university city of 'Freiburg' - 30min France - 15 min - ' Elsass / Alsace river Rhine, monkey forest / monkey forest - castle 'high Koenig castle' - Strasbourg European parliament 30min -Strassbourg Weekly Markets and Cathedral - Colmar - 45 min -millionaers city 'Baden-Baden' (Caracalla Therme special bath) - 40 min -Country of suitzerland / Switzerland -40 min -old traditional city of 'Gengenbach' -25 min --- worlds biggest advent calendar time at the mayors house -Wine manufacturers with wine tastings and exhibitions - small private beer brewery in the village -old castle / ruin of 'High Geroldseck' Wanderer pathes -Nordic Walking pathes -Bath swimming pools inside and outside / sauna -Village of 'Seelbach' 15 min -Golf course in 'Reichenbach' 10 min -City garden park with animals and playground -animal farm 'Mundenhof' Close to Freiburg -45 min - Chrysanthema flower festival in October -famous mountain called "Feldberg" - 60 min -old museum for wood technincs in 'Wolfach' -25min -'Mahlberg 'tobacco museum Green greetings from the Black Forest close to Europa Park Rust Black Forest home Uhlsberg Andreas Metzger Uhlsbergstrasse 46 Lahr-Sulz, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany 77933 Email: * Iwilldomyjob@hotmail.com Mobile: +49 15730068366 (* So by Whatsapp) House: +49 78215447248 ----- ------
Answer provided by Andreas Metzger on 03/01/2015
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Hello. From Lahr you can find many interesting excursions unternehmen.Ganz near (15 km) is the Europa Park one or even the largest amusement park Europas.Im Kinzig (20 km), there is a fantastic Bauernmuseeum (Vogtsbauernhöfe) Over the Rhine to the French page in Alsace, there are many interesting things to see! Have Fun. RM
Answer provided by Roland Männle on 03/01/2015
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

What is your insider travel tip for Lahr?

Travel Insider Tips for Lahr

Lahr Overview

Lahr is located on the western edge of the Black Forest where the Schutter Valley merges into the Upper Rhine River Plains from the east. The Schutter enters the city from the southeast and runs in northwesterly direction first through the boroughs of Reichenbach and Kuhbach, then through Lahr (proper) where the Altstadt (historic center of town) is situated on the right bank of the river. It then traverses the borough of Dinglingen where it bends north until it finally leaves the city after running through the borough of Hugsweier. A canal for emergency relief in times of flooding branches off from the Schutter not far from Dinglingen.

The city of Lahr is made up of Lahr (proper) and the formerly independent communities Burgheim (merged into Lahr in 1899) and Dinglingen (merged in 1933). Burgheim and Dinglingen have merged with Lahr also in a geographic sense. During the last major district reform in Baden-Württemberg in the 1970s Hugsweier, Kippenheimweiler, Kughbach, Langenwinkel, Mietersheim, Reichenbach and Sulz joined Lahr as new boroughs. Several of the boroughs include additional, geographically distinct settlements or neighborhoods that either have a long history of their own or were created as new developments but with areal boundaries that have not been officially defined. Most of these settlements have only small populations and some have since merged with their borough also geographically.

Things to See in Lahr

The Storchenturm (crane tower) is the logo of Lahr. The tower is a remnant of the former castle of the Geroldsecks and remains together with parts of the old city wall.

City park with museum in the Jamm villa and the foundry in the borough of Reichenbach. The new city hall, which was originally constructed as the home for and entrepreneur, features a facade by Friedrich Weinbrenner.

The main church for the city is the Lutheran Stiftskirche, formerly Church of Our Dear Lady, which is a late-gothic basilica with three naves and a tower that was built in 1874. Much older is the St. Peters church in Burgheim, which is one of the oldest churches on the right side of the Rhine. Between 1877 and 1880 a second Protestant church was built, featuring a dome and built in the style of the Italian Renaissance. The Friedenskirche was built in 1956 and the first Catholic church, St. Peter and Paul, was built in 1846 in neo-Roman style and features two towers. The second Catholic church St. Marien was built between 1954 and 1956 and expanded in 1967.

In the boroughs are the Petrus Church in Burgheim (featuring a Roman Choir church with gothic murals), the Martins Church in Dinglingen (built in 1784), Melanchton Church in Dinglingen (built 1979), former St. Margarethen Church in Hugsweier (built between 1755 and 1790), St. Martins Church in Hugsweier (built in 1966), Kippenheimweiler Church (built in 1902, Chapel of Our Dear Lady in Kuhbach (built in the 14th and 15th centuries), St Mary Ascenscion Church in Kuhbach (built in 1956), Mietersheim Chapel (built in the 16th and 17th centuries, Reichenbach Church (built between 1846 and 1848 in neo-Roman style), St. Peter and Paul Church in Sulz (built in 1864 in neo-Roman style) and St. John's Church in Sulz (built in 1960).

The Chrysanthema is a three-week long floral exhibition that takes place annually in the fall. It is visited by thousands from all over Germany and neighboring countries and features a tremendously decorated Altstadt (historic center of town).

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More about the History of Lahr

Lahr developed around the Storchenturm ("stork tower") owned by the House of Geroldseck around 1220 and received a city charter around 1278. The charter was renewed in 1377 and served as the foundation for municipal independence through the end of the Old Empire. The significant tax privileges enjoyed by Lahr allowed the city to quickly grow into a center of trade during the eighteenth century. The city and surrounding land with the same name remained property of the Geroldsecks until 1426. Their successor was the House of Moers-Saarwerden, which gave half the land to Baden as collateral for loans and in 1497 legal ownership was transferred. The other half was transferred to the House of Nassau-Saarbrücken in 1522. Both Baden and the House of Nassau-Saarbrücken implemented the Reformation in the areas under their control and ruled the city jointly until the Baden half also became property of the Nassaus in 1629.

Between 1898 and 1919 and again between 1936 and 1945, the city was home to a garrison. After World War II, Lahr became one of the bases for the French until France left the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1966. After that, from 1967 through 1994, the Canadian NATO forces (CFB Lahr) maintained their European headquarters in Lahr. Following the closing out of the "old" Brigade Area in North-Rhine Westphalia centred around Iserlohn, Hemer, Deilinghofen as well as Werl and Soest (1970-1971)the Land Forces and their families were transferred to the Lahr area to join the existing Air Force contingent. After the Canadian Forces left in 1994, a small Canadian contingent of former civilian employees remained in Lahr (approximately 200).

[ source: wikipedia ]

Lahr is a city in western Baden-Württemberg, Germany, approximately 38 km north of Freiburg in Breisgau and 100 km south of Karlsruhe. It is the second largest city in Ortenau (district) after Offenburg, and serves as an intermediate economic center to the cities and towns of Ettenheim, Friesenheim, Kappel-Grafenhausen, Kippenheim, Mahlberg, Meißenheim, Ringsheim, Rust, Schuttertal, Schwanau and Seelbach.

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