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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

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How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

"How can we move about your city? What sort of public transportation is there in Landsberg am Lech?" (posted 01/05/2015)

Basically, our old town is very easy to reach on foot. They are all short distances are very Romanesque. There are city buses traveling in all areas of the city. We also have plenty of taxis. Men can also rent bicycles and explore the city by bike. With the train to get in just over an hour to Munich! Within 15 minutes you can all the important points (theater, cinema, shopping street, the main square, cafes, churches and more accessible. Yours sincerely, Hans-Jürgen schoolmaster
Answer provided by Hans-Jürgen Schulmeister on 01/06/2015
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On foot well, everything. There is also a bus that connects the entire downtown area.
Answer provided by Wolfgang Hauck on 01/06/2015
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"We would like to rent 4 bicycles from 29th Sept - 27th Oct. Are there any bicycle renting shops in Landsberg am Lech? Jeanette" (posted 09/06/2015)

Hi, there was a bike rental service at the station. Because admit it no longer! Possibly the Radgeschäfte give but I do not know that! Many greetings from Landsberg am Lech Hans-Jürgen Schulmeister
Answer provided by Hans-Jürgen Schulmeister on 09/20/2015
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"Is it possible to buy a city street map ahead of time, so I can plan our route before we arrive in Landsberg? Danke schon. " (posted 02/04/2016)

Yes, there are a lot of diffrent maps. You will find eg with Amazon a lot of printed maps, http://www.amazon.de/ADAC-Karte-Bayern/dp/3826412184 It is very easy tu use online maps https://www.google.de/search?q=straßenkarte+bayern&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj7pt2p2uLKAhUFv3IKHUYoB8YQsAQIHw&biw=782&bih=661 http://www.routenplaner24.de/n/landkarte/deutschland/bayern/2951839 travellling in Bavaria / Germany is very easy. A streets aree signed very well. Kind regards Wolfgang Hauck
Answer provided by Wolfgang Hauck on 02/06/2016
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"Is there a public bus from Munich and Landsberg am Lech? If so, kindly send me the link/give me details please. Also, is it possible to do Landsberg am Lech and Landshut as a day trip from Munich using public transport? Thanks" (posted 08/18/2016)

Yes, the are local trtains form Landsberg to Munich every hour between 6:00 am till 1:00 am bewteen Landsberg and Landhut is Munich. There is no bus - but near at "Geltendorf" So a Subay / Railway to Munich, every 20 Minutes at the working time. It is possible to visit on one day, it is about 100 km distance. Look at google maps to see details.
Answer provided by Wolfgang Hauck on 08/18/2016
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Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"What are must-sees in your town? What train do you suggest we take to go to Oktoberfest?" (posted 06/04/2014)

Hi, here is a link to the many points of interest of Landsberg am Lech. From the mother Tower, Old Town Hall of Saint Dominic Zimmermann on the beautiful tower! http://www.pht-airpicture.de/kdgal/nmeier/PANO/StadtpanoramaX/StadtpanoramaX.html By train directly from Landsberg drive from Munich and the Oktoberfest. The train goes every 30 minutes and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes! Regards Hans-Jürgen schoolmaster
Answer provided by Hans-Jürgen Schulmeister on 06/04/2014
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Historic City Hall, Asam's Church, ... There are look good city information in English at the tourist info in the old town hall and information: $ http://www.landsberg.de/web.nsf/gfx/SLL07-E_web.pdf/ file/SLL07-E_web.pdf Giuded Tour: http://www.landsberg.de/web.nsf/gfx/Guided Tour.pdf / $ file / Guided Tour.pdf to Oktoberfest: It's easy! There is a train to the railway Buy Ring Müncchen in the neighboring town, every 30 minutes. There, with the train directly to the Main Train Station and then take the S-Bahn to the Oktoberfest. Driving time about 1:30 h
Answer provided by Wolfgang Hauck on 06/04/2014
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Train to Oktoberfest: - Landsberg station with the Regional Express to Buy Ring (duration 5 min), in Kaufering change to the regional train to Munich main station (duration 35 minutes), from there take the U4 to the Theresienwiese (duration 5 min) Must sees: - Historical town hall with stucco facade of Dominic Zimmermann (1719) - Herkomersaal and banquet hall with paintings and frescoes - Mary's Well (Madonna of Joseph champion 1783) - Schmalzturm or "Beautiful Tower", eastern gate of the oldest city wall, reconstructed in the 15th century. - Former convent of the Ursulines with painted facade and rococo church - Nuns Tower - Lech Park with a Kneipp pool, water playground and game preserves, Teufelsküche Gorge - Lechwehr built in the 14th century. to derive the Millstream - Salzstadel built in 1754 on the site of a medieval predecessor building. The salt trade was for Landsberg of great economic importance. - Fronvest or witches tower corner tower of the oldest city wall - Former city mills - Lech censure (circa 1630) is one of the past three salt Städeln - built parish church as a pillar basilica in the 15th century - Inselbad outdoor pool in a unique location between Lech, mother Tower and Old Town - Färbertor - Bäckertor. St. John's Church designed by Dominic Zimmermann - by Matthew of Ensingen, Baroque interior; unique rococo altar - Shoe Museum collection of footwear from many countries and well-known personalities - Dyers, former municipal dyeing with a beautiful courtyard - Sandauer Gate, Northern Gate, renewed during the Thirty Years' War in forms of the Renaissance - City Theatre, Citizens Theatre from the late 19th century. - Columned hall used for exhibitions, the basement of the former Heilig-Geist-Spital in the late Middle Ages, renewed in 1630 - "Father Lech" (1952) - Mother Tower (1884) by Hubert von Herkomer built of tufa blocks as a studio. - Herkomer - Evangelical Church of Christ (1913) - Holy Trinity Cemetery, Old City Cemetery with interesting grave painting, Church of 1597 - New Town Museum, a former Jesuit High School (1692), featured collection Landsberger art and tadtgeschichte and painting between Lech and Ammersee - Holy Cross Church, Church of the former Jesuit College (1752/1754), frescoes of Christopher Thomas cheffler - colonnaded oldest part of the buildings of the former Jesuit College (after 1576) -. Bayertor gate of 1425 military and prestige building with a reconstructed architectural painting in elieffeld the coat of arms of the former Bavarian Dukes. Rewarding views - ngfernsprungturm, dr name refers to wartime atrocity of the Thirty Years' War. - Brunnenkircherl - witches quarter, back former tanners and dyers property with wooden gazebos to dry. As the "witches" were jokingly referred to painters, the early 20th century motifs found here. - Dachlturm the name comes from the "Dacheln", the jackdaws that nested here. - Sandau, the Church of St. Benedict goes to a convent of the 8th century. back. - High Cross Crucifixion, beautiful views - Powder Tower - city wall with remains of the kennel and the trench - Death March memorial commemorates the dead of the eleven sub-camp of Dachau concentration camps and the death march end of April 1945.
Answer provided by Günter Rücker on 06/04/2014
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Hello, in Landsberg (16km) is to see the old town, with a great old town wall and the Bayertor - to commit with visibility up to 100km. The Lech Lech with his steps. A small deer park, great pool with wave machine directly on the Lech island. In the resort fees as village the castle Cold Mountain. In 2km. the largest Bendiktiner monastery with museum, beer garden, a monastery village with about 20 houses. Our apartment is right between Ammersee and Landsberg am Lech. It is best to take the S-Bahn to the Oktoberfest. Journey time 35 mins apartment only 500m from S-Bahn station. Our apartment is for Oktoberfest time only free from: 27.09.-01.10.2014 Best Regards Christian Real
Answer provided by Christian Echter on 06/04/2014
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"Why should someone do a vacation in Landsberg am Lech? Can you possibly tell me 2-3 popular travel tips for Landsberg am Lech, which everyone visiting Landsberg am Lech should see? Also let me know 2-3 special insider travel tips for Landsberg am Lech that a typical tourist may not know about, but that you can highly recommend. Thanks!" (posted 09/02/2014)

Landsberg has a sore beautiful well-preserved old town with many churches. There is also a shoe museum and we can organize city tours. With Lechwehr and Bayertor LL is unique. It is not far in the mountains about 40 minutes and at the Ammersee about 20 minutes by car. Andechs is a mandatory visit with his good beer. more info and links can be found on our website holiday-landsberg.de Regards family schoolmaster
Answer provided by Hans-Jürgen Schulmeister on 09/02/2014
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There are many and varied attractions and beautiful places as a holiday resort. In addition, Landsberg is ideal from the Ammersee in the middle of the great cities of Munich and Augsburg and only 20 minutes. Swimming, hiking and Kuiltur are directly experienced and combinable. In bad weather, you can simply drive to the spa pool to Bad Wörishofen, 20 minutes. From the town of Landsberg is sufficient and informative material on the website of Landsberg. www.landsberg.de In English: http://www.landsberg.de/web.nsf/gfx/SLL07-E_web.pdf/$file/SLL07-E_web.pdf http://www.landsberg.de/web. nsf / gfx / Guided Tour.pdf / $ file / Guided Tour.pdf With kind regards Wolfgang Hauck goLandsberg
Answer provided by Wolfgang Hauck on 09/02/2014
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

"Is there any memorial or site to visit regarding the Displaced Persons Camp in Landsberg? My parents met and married there." (posted 08/25/2016)

HEllo, No yet, but there are one organiaztion Which are doing a lot of research. They will show you the place and informations about the historic place. I am working with them for historical projects together. Organiasation: "European Holcaust Memorial Foundation eV" Contact: Mr. Manfred Deiler website: https://www.wikiwand.com/de/Europäische_Holocaustgedenkstätte_in_Landsberg http://www.landsberger-zeitgeschichte.de/Gedenkstaette.htm If you visit Landsberg call them for a meeting! Kind regards Wolfgang Hauck
Answer provided by Wolfgang Hauck on 08/29/2016
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The place was the Saarburgkasserne Today it is a residential area in the city! At the Jewish Museum in Berlin on loan from the New Town Museum is issued. Here is a plaque made of artificial marble, to the sixth million dead Jews recalled in Hebrew that have been killed in the Nazi era. This panel was formed in 1946 attached to the input of the DP camps in Saarburg Kaserne. In 1951, she was rescued by a Landsberger citizens, landed first in the municipal building yard and later in the New Town Museum. Museum director Neunzert then borrowed from the stone at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. The Hebrew text of the panel is in the English translation: "Gate of stuff shank in memory of the six million martyrs and the countless victims of war and as a sign of appreciation to the millions of Jewish soldiers, side by side with the army of the Allied nations for fought victory. Best regards! Hans-Juergen Schulmeister
Answer provided by Hans-Jürgen Schulmeister on 08/29/2016
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What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

"Do you have routes for self-guided walking tours of Landsberg am Lech? How long does it take to cover the town on foot?" (posted 08/15/2016)

There is a marked route to the city tour, duration about 1 hour. In addition, there are also guided tours.
Answer provided by Günter Rücker on 08/17/2016
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http://www.landsberg.de/web.nsf/gfx/B683FD8A37E89B4EC12576AB0029949B/$file/Guided Tour.pdf Landsberg is a city of short distance in one to two hours you can walk very good routes. Then you have the main attractions detected. The link above shows the city tour! Many fun in LL! Hans-Jürgen schoolmaster Hochvogelstr. 13 Lansdsberg am Lech
Answer provided by Hans-Jürgen Schulmeister on 08/16/2016
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Yes, there are some trails and walking tours from 1 to 8 hours around Landsberg. Shape our apartement to the historic centry it is only 8 Minutes to walk.
Answer provided by Wolfgang Hauck on 08/16/2016
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Landsberg am Lech Overview

Landsberg am Lech is a town in southwest Bavaria, Germany, about 65 kilometers west of Munich (Munich vacation rentals | Munich travel guide) and 35 kilometers south of Augsburg (Augsburg vacation rentals | Augsburg travel guide). It is the capital of the district of Landsberg am Lech. The town is noted for its prison where Adolf Hitler was incarcerated in 1924.

During this incarceration Hitler wrote/dictated his book Mein Kampf together with Rudolf Hess. His cell, number 7, became part of the Nazi-cultus. A lot of followers came to visit the cell, during the Nazi-period in Germany. Landsberg am Lech was known as the town of the Hitler Jugend. It was also one of the largest Displaced Person (DP) camps for Jewish refugees after World War II, and the place of execution for more than 150 war criminals after 1945. It is the birthplace of the Nobel laureate Erwin Neher.

Things to See in Landsberg am Lech

Landsberg Displace persons camp- It began as a Nazi concentration camp. By October 1944, there were more than 5,000 prisoners in the camp. Comprised primarily of Jewish refugees from the Soviet Union and the Baltic states, it developed into one of the most influential DP camps in the Sh'erit ha-Pletah.

The 36 m high Bayertor from the year 1425 with a viewing platform

Schmalz tower with multicolored roof tiles (13th century)

Schlossberg with Castle and a beautiful view over the Old Town (downtown)


Landsbergerstrasse Salzstadel, a former salt warehouse (14-18 century)

Pöring Castle (16th century) of Karl Freiherr von Leoprechting with Schlosskirche, Landsberg-Pitzling

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More about the History of Landsberg am Lech

From 1762, Landsberg was first noted in written evidence of house numbering. The valid census was then established in 1790. Its current street name is No. 1 on the main square to No. 496a in Hofgraben.

Between 1945 and 1958 the Landsbergerstrasse served as a prison housing German war criminals while the city was under American occupation.

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Landsberg am Lech is a town in southwest Bavaria, Germany, about 65 kilometers west of Munich and 35 kilometers south of Augsburg. It is the capital of the district of Landsberg am Lech. The town is noted for its prison where Adolf Hitler was incarcerated in 1924.

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