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Langenzenn Overview

It belongs to the district of Fürth (Fürth vacation rentals | Fürth travel guide) near Nürnberg and lies in the Rangau. Neighbouring Towns Wilhermsdorf (6,3 km) Großhabersdorf Cadolzburg (Cadolzburg vacation rentals | Cadolzburg travel guide) (7,36 km) Veitsbronn (6,29 km) Puschendorf (4,41 km) Emskirchen (8,19 km) Hagenbüchach (4,41 km)

Things to See in Langenzenn

Langenzenn has a theater where the Klosterhofspiele Langenzenn are performed every summer. Another ensemble with more tradition is the Hans-Sachs-Spielgruppe. Both act in the courtyard of the medieval monastery, which was built in 1409. The gothic evangelian church exists since 1369. Langenzenn still has remains of the city wall. In 2005 and 2006 the Prinzregentenplatz, the medieval market place of the town was remodeled.

Since a lot of years the Klosterhofspiele are a part of Langenzenn culture. The chairman is Roland Schönfelder. They staged for example Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (2001) and Le Malade imaginaire (1990) by Molière, Twelfth Night (1989), The Merry Wives of Windsor (2004), and The Taming of the Shrew (2002) by Shakespeare, and Lysistrata (2003) by Aristophanes.

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More about the History of Langenzenn

First possible historic mention in 903 by king Ludwig IV as "Zenna". It is not proven, that "Zenna" means Langenzenn here or the abandoned village "Zennhausen" near Neuhof an der Zenn.

The first evident mention is in 954 when King Otto I. held an important meeting with the German nobles in Langenzenn to reunite them.

Langenzenn got the rights and privileges of a town in 1360. Around that time the Halsgericht moved from Cadolzburg (Cadolzburg vacation rentals | Cadolzburg travel guide) to Langenzenn. Thus, the town got the full jurisdiction. The last execution was carried out in 1763. 1361 it got the right to produce money by king Karl IV.

A big fire in 1720 destroyed the town hall. A new town hall was built, which exists this very day.

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Langenzenn is a municipality in the district of Fürth, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated 15 km west of Fürth. The town lies on the river Zenn and has a population of 10.518 people (31. December 2007).

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