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"Are there bus links to Fulda from Lauterbach?" (posted 06/04/2015)

Unfortunately not, only by train and Sammeltax. Here is an Exemplary compound: Station / Stop Date Time Duration Chg. Products Normal Price Fulda Sa, 06:06:15 from 14:47 4:02 3 ICE, IRE, AST 79.00 EUR (item price) Lauterbach (Schwarzwald) Post Sat, 06:06:15 at 18:49 Fulda Sa, from 15 06:06:15 : 47 4:02 2 ICE, RE, AST 79.00 EUR (item price) Lauterbach (Schwarzwald) Post Sat, 06:06:15 at 19:49 Fulda Sa, 06:06:15 from 16:47 4:02 3 ICE, IRE, AST 79.00 EUR (item price) Lauterbach (Schwarzwald) Post Sat, 06:06:15 at 20:49
Answer provided by Tim Dickmann on 06/06/2015
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Lauterbach

  • Hainigturm
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    The Hainigturm is a tower and tourist attraction in the Vogelsbergkeis, (Hesse, Germany). It is located between Lauterbach and Angersbach. The tower, which now consists of stones, used to be made completely out of wood. However the wood got rotten so the tower had to be rebuilt in 1907.

    In 2007 the Lauterbach celebrated the 100th anniversary of the tower.

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Lauterbach Overview

Lauterbach is a town in the Vogelsbergkreis district of the federal state of Hesse in central Germany.

In 1972, several villages incorporated into the town of Lauterbach: Allmenrod, Frischborn, Heblos, Maar, Reuters, Rimlos, Rudlos, Sickendorf, Wallenrod and Wernges.

Things to See in Lauterbach

The 'Ankerturm' is the only remaining tower of the city wall. It used to be an observation tower. Temporarily it was also used as a prison.

Lauterbacher beer is the oldest beer of Hesse. The brand has existed since 1527.

The stepping stones were used as a shortcut to get to the local water fountain.

The Hainigturm is a tower between Lauterbach and Angersbach. This tourist attraction was built in 1907.

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More about the History of Lauterbach

Lauterbach was founded between 400 and 800 AD. In 812 the town was mentioned for the first time in a document of the church in Schlitz. In the Middle Ages, Lauterbach belonged to the cloister in Fulda. Then in the 12th century Lauterbach became a fief of the count Ziegenhein from the cloister in Fulda. In 1266 Lauterbach received municipal rights. In the same year Lauterbach started to build the castle (Burg) and the city wall.

Over the following centuries, ownership rights of Lauterbach changed often and were complicated. Lauterbach became Lutheran following the Reformation. With a pact in 1684, Lauterbach came under the control of the Riedesel zu Eisenbach (Riedesel). Up to 1806, the Riedesels had a small but independent territory. Following the Napoleonic Wars and Congress of Vienna, Lauterbach belonged to the grand duchy of Hesse. In 1852 Lauterbach became the seat of the new founded district (Kreis) of Lauterbach. In 1972 local governments were re-organized, and the new, larger district Vogelsberg was founded of which Lauterbach remains the seat of government.

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Lauterbach is a town in the Vogelsbergkreis district of the federal state of Hesse in central Germany.

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