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Lindenfels Overview

The climatic spa, also known as the “Pearl of the Odenwald”, lies in the Odenwald in southern Hesse and is nestled in a mountain landscape with a great deal of woodland.

Things to See in Lindenfels

The traditional Burg- und Trachtenfest (“Castle and Costume Festival”) on the first weekend in August, with fireworks, parade and folk festival at the castle

The Mittelalterliche Spektakulum (“Mediaeval Spectacle”) in May, with knightly games

Brauchtumstage (“Custom Days”) in October, at which old Odenwald customs and arts and crafts are presented.

In the middle of town stand the Lindenfels castle ruins, which today serve as a popular outing destination. There is also a view into the distance over the Weschnitz valley.

The Bismarck-Warte – one of many Bismarck memorial towers – is found on the Litzelröder Höhe (heights), 452 m above sea level. It was built in 1906 and 1907 by the Verschönerungs- und Verkehrsverein (“Beautification and Transport Club”) and Odenwaldklub Lindenfels. The tower is 12.3 m tall and freely open to the public. In 1997 and 1998, the tower was thoroughly restored. Up a stairway inside, one can reach the visitable platform which affords an enjoyable view worthy of seeing of the valleys around Lindenfels.

Further sights worthy of seeing are the house Baur de Betaz, the inner and outer Fürther Tor (gate) and various timber-frame houses and Baroque buildings, which line the pedestrian precinct towards the castle (among these are the Town Hall and the Catholic church).

Near Lindenfels on the Krehberg is found a 122 m-tall transmission tower run by Deutsche Telekom AG for VHF and microwave relay. The said tower consists of a freestanding steel-lattice base upon which a guyed transmission mast is mounted.

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More about the History of Lindenfels

In 1123, Lindenfels had its first documentary mention as a holding of the Lorsch (Lorsch vacation rentals | Lorsch travel guide) Abbey. After that, the town belonged for nearly 600 years to Electoral Palatinate. In 1336, Emperor Ludwig IV granted Lindenfels town and market rights. In 1802, after Electoral Palatinate’s downfall, Lindenfels passed to the Grand Duchy of Hesse and was from 1821 to 1832 seat of the Landratsbezirk of Lindenfels. Later, from 1852 to 1874, it was the seat of the Lindenfels district.

The designation heilklimatischer Kurort (“climatic spa”) was granted Lindenfels in 1969.

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Lindenfels is a town in the Bergstraße district in Hesse, Germany.

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