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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

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Good restaurants for dinner?

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What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

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Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

"I would like information regarding shopping. In particular is there a wool shop, a child's clothing store and a toy store. Thank you very much:) Joy" (posted 07/28/2014)

Almost all of these purchases can be made in Frey Centrum Marktredwitz. Address: FREY Mode Erlebnis Kaufhaus at Market 34-38, 95615 Marktredwitz / There is free parking in the parking garage! Wool and woolen goods are in the little shop of "Müller Lore", Ludwig-Thoma-Str. 31 Marktredwitz, Tel 09231 879 955 Good luck! Helmut Höcht www.fewoimgruenen.de,
Answer provided by Helmut Höcht on 07/28/2014
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Yes, there is everything. It is not large, but there is one in the Leopold street! Greetings to USA, Manni
Answer provided by Manfred Söllner on 07/28/2014
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Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

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Popular Points of Interest in and near Marktredwitz

  • Steinwald
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    The Steinwald is a mountain range up to 946 m above sea level in southern Germany and, at the same time, a nature park (Steinwald Nature Park) founded in 1970 with an area of 246 square kilometres (95 sq mi) in the province of Upper Palatinate, in North Bavaria.

    The Steinwald lies south of the Upper Franconian county town of Marktredwitz and north of Erbendorf in the district of Tirschenreuth. The Steinwald is separated from the Fichtelgebirge to the northwest by the Waldershof trough (Waldershofer Senke) and from the Upper Palatine Forest to the southeast by the Waldnaab-Wondreb-trough.

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Marktredwitz Overview

Marktredwitz is a charming town near the “Fichtelgebirge” and the Steinwald Nature Preserve, an area of northeastern Bavaria bordering on Saxony and the Czech Republic. Explore the town with its 850-year old history, or use it as a startin g-point for nearby hiking, rock-climbing, and skiing excursions. Beer enthusiasts note: from late July to early August nearby Kulmbach (Kulmbach vacation rentals | Kulmbach travel guide) features Germany's largest festival devoted strictly to beer!

Marktredwitz is situated 22 km west of Cheb, 50 km east of Bayreuth (Bayreuth vacation rentals | Bayreuth travel guide) and 50 km south of Hof/Saale.

The town celebrated the Horticultural Show 2006 in cooperation with Cheb.

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Things to See in Marktredwitz

Egerland-Kulturhaus in Fikentscherstraße

Neuen Rathaus


The town celebrated the Horticultural Show 2006 in cooperation with Cheb.


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More about the History of Marktredwitz

Marktredwitz was first mentioned in 1140 when a local noble family joined the family Redwitz. Redwitz came into the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1816 in an exchange with Austria. As part of the territorial reform Marktredwitz lost its status as a free city circle and was back in the county Wunsiedel (Wunsiedel vacation rentals | Wunsiedel travel guide) in 1972.

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Located in Bavaria close to the Czech border, Markredwitz has a lovely Altstadt area, dominated by the town hall and St. Bartholomew's Church, which was built on the ruins of the town's old castle. Besides the scenic city center, the town also offers an interesting Schnapps Museum that is worth a stop. In addition to its historical beauty, Marktredwitz is a great location for outdoors enthusiasts because of the town's proximity to the Fichtelgebirge hills. During the winter, skiing opportunities attract large numbers of tourists to this area. If you find yourself in Marktredwitz during the warmer times of year, you may want to take advantage of the hiking trail that begins at the historic Gerber House. This trail is the longest premium hiking trail in Germany, and it covers a course of 400 miles to the city of Passau and back. Markredwitz also stands at the intersection of two long-distance bicycle trails: the "Donau-Naab-Saale" and "Main-Eger-Elbe" trails. If you are looking for a day trip opportunity, consider traveling 30 miles east to Bayreuth, the location of Richard Wagner's famed opera house. Also nearby is Selb, an important porcelain production area. The Porzellanikon houses exhibits that interpret the history of the porcelain industry in this region. The Fichtelgebirgsmuseum in Wunsiedel with its array of mineralogical exhibits is also worth a visit.

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