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Mengerskirchen Overview

Mengerskirchen is a community in Limburg-Weilburg district in Hesse, Germany. Mengerskirchen’s Ortsteile are, Dillhausen, Mengerskirchen, Probbach, Waldernbach and Winkels. The community administration’s seat is the market centre of Mengerskirchen.

Mengerskirchen borders in the north on the community of Greifenstein (Greifenstein vacation rentals | Greifenstein travel guide) (Lahn-Dill-Kreis), in the east on the community of Löhnberg (Löhnberg vacation rentals | Löhnberg travel guide), in the south on the communities of Merenberg (Merenberg vacation rentals | Merenberg travel guide) and Waldbrunn (Waldbrunn vacation rentals | Waldbrunn travel guide) (all three in Limburg-Weilburg), and in the west on the communities of Neunkirchen, Elsoff and Oberrod (all three in the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate).

Things to See in Mengerskirchen

Burg Mengerskirchen (castle)

Acidic mineral springs in Dillhausen and Probbach

Maienburg (Eigenberg) castle ruins near Winkels

Winkels church built in 1880

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More about the History of Mengerskirchen

Near Mengerskirchen ran the hill fort wall Rentmauer, affording the community dwellers at that time some protection. There is proof that the community had its own priest and that it also served as the centre of the Calenberg tithing area in 1313, in which year it is believed building work began on Mengerskirchen Castle. Together with the courts of Beilstein (Beilstein vacation rentals | Beilstein travel guide), Haimau (today Löhnberg) and Nenderoth, a tithing court was kept on the Kalenbergskopf, a high ridge between Arborn, Mengerskirchen and Nenderoth. In 1481 Friedrich III conferred the privilege for a yearly fair to be held on 14 September near Mengerskirchen.

At the crossroads where the two old trade roads, the Hohe Straße (“High Road”) from Herborn (Herborn vacation rentals | Herborn travel guide) to Limburg, and the Rheinstraße from Cologne (Cologne vacation rentals | Cologne travel guide) to Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide), meet, an important customs place was built. Its territory comprised Almenrod, Arborn, Cödlingen, Dillhausen, Helmenrod, Nenderoth, Nieder- and Oberprobbach (today simply Probbach), Obershausen, Odersberg and Winkels, thereby making Mengerskirchen bigger than the actual Residence of Beilstein. The castle in Mengerskirchen housed the Amt of Mengerskirchen with many interruptions until 1816. The last Amtmann retired in this year and the Amt was united with the Amt of Weilburg (Weilburg vacation rentals | Weilburg travel guide).

In 1867, Prussia created through a new ordering of the Duchy of Nassau (Nassau vacation rentals |