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  • Arnsberg Forest Nature Park
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    Arnsberg Forest Nature Park

    The Arnsberg Forest Nature Park (German: Naturpark Arnsberger Wald) is a nature park in the districts of Hochsauerlandkreis and Soest within the administrictive region of Arnsberg in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The park has an area of 482 km² and its wooded hills are up to 581.5 m above sea level high.

    The nature park, which consists of the Arnsberg Forest in the west and the Warstein Forest in the east, is important for the regional economy both in terms of forestry and tourism. The two forests form a densely-wooded part of the Süderbergland within the Rhine Massif.

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Möhnesee Overview

Möhnesee The community is located in the district of Soest (Soest vacation rentals | Soest travel guide), south of Soest on the northwest edge of the Natural Park Arnsberger forest. The community extends around the Möhnesee. Most villages are located on the northern and southern slope of the hair strand. Neighboring municipalities are the city of Soest in the north, Bad Sassendorf (Bad Sassendorf vacation rentals | Bad Sassendorf travel guide) in the northeast, the city Warstein in the southeast, the City Arnsberg in the south and Ense in the West.

Things to See in Möhnesee

The Drueggelter Kapelle can be found at Möhnesee-Drüggelte. It is consecrated to the Holy Cross.

Mohne Dam

St Pancras parish church in Körbecke: Nearly 300 years old church, whose ornate interior of Belecke Heinrich Stütting was carved.

Drüggelter Chapel in Delecke: inspired by the tomb church in Jerusalem was built in Chapel

Bismarck tower

High Kick, Arnsberger survey in the forest on foot from Körbecke according to Neuhaus, a large ant hill

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More about the History of Möhnesee

The community was founded on July 1, 1969 but most districts were already a thousand years old. In the center of the community, Körbecke was devastated by bombers in World War II, 1945, and the largest stone bridge in Europe over the lake on the southern edge Körbecke was then built. The Mohne Dam was built in 1913 and approximately every ten years, the dam is completely emptied for maintenance work.

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Möhnesee is a municipality in the district of Soest, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The Möhnesee municipality is situated around the Möhne Reservoir (hence the name), approx. 10 km south of Soest.

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