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Mönchberg Overview

Located in the Lower Franconia in Bavaria, Germany, Mönchberg is a popular tourist destination. It is a state-recognized open-air resort. The old town wall is still preserved, and can be seen, for instance, at the music pavilion in the rosegarden. Furthermore, the community has many mediaeval buildings and timber-frame houses, as well as a big Baroque parish church.

Things to See in Mönchberg

Mönchberg lies in the Bavarian part of the Spessart (range), 13 km from the district seat of Miltenberg (Miltenberg vacation rentals | Miltenberg travel guide), 30 km from Aschaffenburg (Aschaffenburg vacation rentals | Aschaffenburg travel guide), 69 km from Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide) am Main and 76 km from Würzburg (Würzburg vacation rentals | Würzburg travel guide).

The market community’s main draw is the Spessartbad (swimming pool). Further leisure facilities on offer are tennis courts, a music pavilion and a Kneipp pool facility.

Because it has been recognized as an open-air resort (Luftkurort) and because of its location in the Spessart, Mönchberg is a popular destination for hikers and tourists. In and around Mönchberg, 90 km of hiking trails have been laid out.

Furthermore, there are many outing destinations nearby, such as the moated castle of Mespelbrunn (Mespelbrunn vacation rentals | Mespelbrunn travel guide), the district seat of Miltenberg, and the winemaking centre of Klingenberg.

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More about the History of Mönchberg

The community was originally a postal station on the way from Würzburg (Würzburg vacation rentals | Würzburg travel guide) by way of Wertheim (Wertheim vacation rentals | Wertheim travel guide) to Aschaffenburg (Aschaffenburg vacation rentals | Aschaffenburg travel guide). Its original name was Manno Gebur, meaning “Manno’s Building”, after the station’s first owner. In the Middle Ages, Mönchberg was granted town rights along with its own jurisdiction by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor. The settlement in the Spessart earned its livelihood through forestry and handicrafts. Because the town lay far off the trade routes and so far from the settled areas on the Main, however, Mönchberg could develop no further in the end and therefore had to give up its town rights, which today are granted strictly to communities with a population of 5,000 or more. Market rights, however, the community got to keep.

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Mönchberg is a market community in the Miltenberg district in the Lower Franconia in Bavaria, Germany. It is also a state-recognized open-air resort with many medieval buildings and timber frame houses and a big Baroque parish church.

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