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Travel Insider Tips for Mühlhausen

Mühlhausen Overview

Mühlhausen is a walled medieval city which has preserved its past through two world wars and 44 years under the former German Democratic Republic. There are 11 Gothic Churches, especially the Divi Blasii, where Johann Sebastian Bach was organist. The City Rathaus, including the Imperial Archive.

Things to See in Mühlhausen

In Muelhausen you can visit the Imperial Archive, walk the City Walls, relax at the Schwanenteich boating lake (15 minutes on foot from old town centre), swim at the Thermen indoor pool (with thermal baths and waterslide) and visit the museums.

Best way to get around is on foot - most sights are within the old city wall. For a city tour, from the Blobach - carpark outside the Frauentor (the main gate) - you can take a fun ride with the Mühlhausen "Tram", which runs (except in Winter) once an hour, on the hour.

Mühlhausen is a great place to get good deals. Along side well known German chains you will find many family run shops and businesses offering unusual products. The highstreet, the Steinweg, and the Linsenstrasse are the best places to start, but make sure to walk around the old town and hunt for deals.

At the Puschkinhaus you can sit inside or outside in the beautiful garden. This is a wonderful place to bring children to enjoy its large playground, stream and waterwheels. The food is excellent and the service informal and friendly. The cost is not expensive either.

Best cafes are in the Linsenstrasse or the Neue Strasse, where there are delightful tea-houses. If you like cafes Vienna style the best is the longstanding Cafe Schikore in the Erfurter Strasse just off the Untermarkt. You can sit here for hours undisturbed and they have plenty of the latest magazines and newspapers.

Mühlhausen also has some very good ice-cream cafes: the San Marco on the Steinweg, the Al Mulino in the Johannisstrasse just outside the Outer Frauentor gate, and one near the Schwanenteich Lake. This is also a favorite place to walk just on the edge of town.

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More about the History of Mühlhausen

Mühlhausen is one of the oldest towns in Thuringia. It said to have been fortified in 925, and is first documented in 967 as an Ottonian village. Its early importance is shown by the grant of privileges made to it by the German King Henry the Fowler (876–936), and by the Imperial Diet held here in 1135. Its period of glory was the 13th through the 15th century.

During the Reformation, Mühlhausen became one of the chief seats of the Anabaptists. The radical reformer Thomas Müntzer preached in the Church of Saint Mary in 1525, and was captured in the vicinity and executed in the town.

Johann Sebastian Bach was an organist in the Church of Saint Blaise from 1707-1708.

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A city in the federal state of Thuringia, Germany. It is the capital of the Unstrut-Hainich district, and lies along the river Unstrut.

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