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Mühlheim am Main Overview

Mühlheim am Main is a town of roughly 26,600 on the Main's left bank in the Offenbach district in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt (Darmstadt vacation rentals | Darmstadt travel guide) in Hesse, Germany.

Mühlheim is one of 13 towns and communities in the Offenbach district. It lies in the Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide) Rhine Main Region south of the Main between Offenbach am Main (Offenbach am Main vacation rentals | Offenbach am Main travel guide) and Hanau (Hanau vacation rentals | Hanau travel guide) in the historic Maingau region. The Bieber empties into the Rodau within town limits, and the Rodau then empties into the Main.

Mühlheim borders in the north, along the Main, on the town of Maintal (Maintal vacation rentals | Maintal travel guide), in the east on the town of Hanau (both in Main-Kinzig-Kreis), in the south on the town of Obertshausen (Offenbach district) and in the west on the district-free city of Offenbach.

Mühlheim's Stadtteile are Mühlheim, Dietesheim and Lämmerspiel. The main centre itself also has an Old Town and an inner town, as well as residential neighbourhoods named Markwald and Rote Warte.

Things to See


The travesti theater Gerda's kleine Weltbühne (Gerda's Little World Stage) has for more than 30 years been a constant in Mühlheim's cultural life, and been known far beyond Mühlheim and very popular. Its shows are often fully booked months ahead of time.

In the "SCHANZ" cultural hall, the converted former apprentice's workshop of the firm Stahl-Schanz, the Kulturfabrik EigenArt e.V. (a club) has been staging theatrical, cabaret and musical events weekly since 1998.


Mühlheim has its own town museum. Moreover, there are also private collections, among them Mühlheim entrepreneur Hans-Günter Zach's Rolls-Royce Museum, visits to which are on request, upon payment of a donation for social purposes.


Mühlheim's watertower, an historic basalt structure near the Mühlheim railway station, is a widely visible landmark of the town, and is still in use.

Natural Monuments

The conservation area Dietesheimer Steinbrüche ("Dietesheim Quarries") represents a natural backdrop that is unique in the Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide) Rhine Main Region. It is the former basalt quarries in the outlying centre of Dietesheim, which, after basalt mining was given up, was renaturalized and opened to the public. Particularly impressive are the basalt cliffs at the Vogelsberger See (lake).


Besides various sport fields for ball sports, there are both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool in the outlying centre of Lämmerspiel. On the Main, there are rowing sports. Furthermore it is possible to engage in shooting sports at the Schützengemeinschaft Mühlheim-Dietesheim under Deutscher Schützenbund rules, as well as, in some departments, under Bund deutscher Sportschützen or Deutschen Schießsport Union rules. Further clubs in Dietesheim, Mühlheim and Lämmerspiel have tennis, table tennis and football.

Regular Events

The Fasching (Shrovetide) parades through the centres of Dietesheim and Mühlheim on Shrove Monday (Rosenmontag) and the one through Lämmerspiel on Shrove Tuesday draw a great number of visitors each year from the whole region.

In late July, the cultural club Artificial Family e. V. stages a popular music festival in the former quarries, the Steinbruchfestival ("Quarry Festival"). Also widely popular and well attended in the region is the kermis (Kerb) in the outlying centre of Dietesheim, held each year on the weekend after 15 August. In the main centre of Mühlheim, the Old Town Festival (Altstadtfest) and the Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) are very popular, too.

Every June the Schützengemeinschaft Mühlheim-Dietesheim (sport shooting club) stages its company and club cup tournament. Eligible to enter are all Mühlheim clubs (about 150) and businesses.

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More about the History of Mühlheim am Main

Emperor Louis the Pious donated in 815 Untermühlheim together with Obermühlheim (today called Seligenstadt), which were then in the Frankish Maingau to Einhard. The name Mühlheim goes back to the ten mills (Mühlen in German) which in earlier times stood on the banks of the brooks Rodau and Bieber. Today, though, only one mill has been preserved, the Brückenmühle. This can be visited each year on Whit Monday (German Mill Day).

For a long time in the Middle Ages Mühlheim was Mother Church to the surrounding places of Bürgel, Offenbach, Bieber, Heusenstamm, Dietesheim and Lämmerspiel. The spiritual court for the affiliated communities belonging to the Mother Church sat in this time in Mühlheim. From the 14th century, the Lords of Hagenhausen-Eppstein exercised lordly rights (Hoheitsrechte) in Mühlheim. From the Middle Ages until 1819, Mühlheim and the once self-administering communities of Dietesheim and Lämmerspiel belonged to the Biebermark (a communally owned cadastral area), and the outlying woodlands belonged to the Wildbann Dreieich (Dreieich vacation rentals | Dreieich travel guide), a royal hunting forest. Within current town limits once lay a place called Meielsheim.

In 1435, Mühlheim, as was so with many places in the area, was sold along with the Amt of Steinheim by the Lords of Eppstein to the Electorate of Mainz (Mainz vacation rentals | Mainz travel guide). After the Archbishopric of Mainz was secularized, Mühlheim became Hessian. In 1819, after the Biebermark was partitioned, Mühlheim got what is today called the Markwald (forest). In 1873, the Frankfurt-Hanau railway by way of Mühlheim was brought into service. Ever since 1939, when in the framework of National Socialist administrative reform the rural community of Mühlheim and the village of Dietesheim were forcibly merged to become the town of Mühlheim am Main, Mühlheim has had town rights. In 1977, in the framework of municipal reform, Lämmerspiel was amalgamated with the town.

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Mühlheim am Main is a town of roughly 26,600 on the Main's left bank in the Offenbach district in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt in Hesse, Germany.

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