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"I lived on the American base next to Münchweiler during the 1970's and I remember there was a statue of a kneeling German soldier in the middle of the town. I always wondered what the inscription on it was. I've looked for it on the internet but never found a picture of it." (posted 07/20/2014)

http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kriegerdenkmale_in_der_Südwestpfalz. Have fun while studying.
Answer provided by Alfons Kissel on 07/21/2014
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Hello, unfortunately I could not figure out the answer your question. Munchweiler is a little away from us. The place Münchweiler an der Rodalb has a homepage. I have forwarded your question there. Maybe you'll get a response. Many greetings from the Falkenmühle, Ute Helbling
Answer provided by Ute Helbling on 07/29/2014
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Hi, I found a photo of the kneeling soldier. I will send it to you in a few minutes via email as an attachment. I hope I could help out whoever was interested. All the best, Annette Matheis, Lamaisonannette Vinningen apartment
Answer provided by Annette Matheis on 07/21/2014
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Münchweiler an der Rodalb Overview

Because of its poor soil fertility, the area has never been able to rely on agriculture to fuel its economy. After the construction of the railway line between Zweibruecken-Landau in the late 1800s, the area's financial hardship lessened. Still to this day, the area is still trying to develop itself as a city.

Things to See in Münchweiler an der Rodalb

Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Georg


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More about the History of Münchweiler an der Rodalb

The first mention of münchweiler an der Rodalben was in 1179. The village was founded my monks and relied on its religion as its focal point.

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Münchweiler an der Rodalb is a municipality in Südwestpfalz district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, western Germany.

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