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Niederhausen (Nahe) Overview

It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, whose seat is in the like-named town. Niederhausen is a state-recognized tourism community.

Things to See in Niederhausen (Nahe)

Evangelical parish church, Kirchgasse 9 – formerly Saint Mechtildis’s (St. Mechtildis), Romanesque nave, Late Gothic quire, tower altered in the 15th century (see also below)

Am Stausee – former railway station; about 1900, Late Gründerzeit sandstone-block building, partly slated timber framing, timber-frame goods shed

Hintergasse 11 – hook-shaped estate; Baroque building with half-hip roof, timber framing plastered, 18th century

Kirchgasse – warriors’ memorial 1914-1918, Muschelkalk cube with relief, 1920s

Kirchgasse 14 – Evangelical rectory; Late Classicist rectory, last fourth of the 19th century, quarrystone barn, stable door lintel marked 1549

At Raiffeisenstraße 3 – Late Gründerzeit plastered façade of the Niederthälerhof winery, about 1900

Winzerstraße 7 – Baroque timber-frame house, partly solid, about 1700

Former quicksilver mine “Schmittenstollen”, in the Niederhäuserwald (forest), southwest of the village – galleries, drifts and shafts, towards 1469-1939 (see also below)

Former State Winegrowing Domain (now Hermannsberg estate), on Kreisstraße 58, southwest of the village (monumental zone) – former Königlich-Preußische Weinbaudomäne Niederhausen-Schloßböckelheim (“Royal Prussian Winegrowing Domain”); 1902 and years following with winepress house in Art Nouveau with Historicist elements, marked 1910; director’s house, workers’ dwellings, staff house, substation tower, vineyards; broad visual impression of landscape

Inn “Hermannshöhle”, on Landesstraße 235, southwest of the village – former ferryman’s house, essentially Baroque three-winged complex; one-floor building with half-hip roof

Hydroelectric power station, on the Nahe, partly within Norheim’s limits – reservoir with dikes, weir with bridge and four towers, hydroelectric power station with machine hall and machinist’s house, 1930s/1950s (see also below)

Vineyard house – eight-sided plastered building, 19th century

Vineyard house – half-round tower with Gothic elements, quarrystone, late 19th century

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More about the History of Niederhausen (near Bad Kreuznach)

In 1238, Niederhausen had its first documentary mention. It is, however, certain that this place was already settled by Roman times (about AD 200), bearing witness to which are various archaeological finds. Niederhausen belonged as an Electoral Mainz fief to the Counts of Veldenz, and the first documentary mention renders its name Unters Husen. The last of the Counts of Veldenz, namely Friedrich III, died in 1444. His daughter Anna married King Ruprecht’s son Count Palatine Stephan. By uniting his own Palatine holdings with the now otherwise heirless County of Veldenz – his wife had inherited the county upon her father’s death in 1444, but not his comital title – and by redeeming the hitherto pledged County of Zweibrücken, Stephan founded a new County Palatine, as whose comital residence he chose the town of Zweibrücken: the County Palatine – later Duchy – of Palatinate-Zweibrücken. Beginning then, the village belonged to this state, and in 1768 it passed by partition to Electoral Palatinate. Niederhausen thus long belonged to states ruled by the House of Wittelsbach. In the time of the French Revolution, the village was absorbed, along with all the German lands on the Rhine’s left bank, into the French state. Niederhausen lay in the new Canton of Kreuznach, the Arrondissement of Simmern and the Department of Rhin-et-Moselle. Under the terms of the Congress of Vienna, on 28 May 1815, Niederhausen passed to the Kingdom of Prussia. Borderstones marking the former boundary between this state and the neighbouring Kingdom of Bavaria can still be seen along Niederhausen’s southern limit. In the years 1926-1928, the Wasserkraftwerke Niederhausen GmbH built a hydroelectric power station right near the village. The weir, made up of three spans, near the former railway station backs the water up so that it will flow along a 760 m-long channel to the power station. In the course of administrative restructuring in Rhineland-Palatinate, Niederhausen was grouped into the Verbandsgemeinde of Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg in 1969. From the Middle Ages right up to about 1880, there was much prospecting around Niederhausen in the volcanic rock for copper and even silver.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Niederhausen is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Bad Kreuznach district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

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