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Niedernhausen Overview

Niedernhausen lies in the Rhein-Taunus Nature Park in the west of the Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide) Rhine Main Region north of Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden vacation rentals | Wiesbaden travel guide). The main centre of Niedernhausen (which alone is home to more than half the community’s inhabitants) and the outlying centre of Königshofen stretch along the slopes of a dale. The heart of the community is found in the bottom of the dale. The community is surrounded by mixed forest covering 60% of the municipal area.

Niedernhausen lies on the south flank of the Taunus low mountain range, a fold range that stretches from the Niederwald (“Lower Forest”) near Rüdesheim am Rhein (Rüdesheim am Rhein vacation rentals | Rüdesheim am Rhein travel guide) towards the northeast, on into the Wetterau near Bad Nauheim (Bad Nauheim vacation rentals | Bad Nauheim travel guide). This range is subdivided by two gaps, namely the Idstein (Idstein vacation rentals | Idstein travel guide) Basin and the Saalburg Basin, into three parts: the Rheingau-Taunus, the Hochtaunus (“High Taunus”) and the Wetterau-Taunus. The outliers of the Idstein Basin reach as far as Niedernhausen in the form of the Autal, putting the community right on the east-west dividing line between the Rheingau-Taunus and the Hochtaunus.

Things to See in Niedernhausen

The nationally known Rhein-Main-Theater, right on the Niedernhausen Autobahn interchange, is used for many international events. The house, with 1,566 seats shared between the stalls and two galleries, was built between 1993 and 1995 at a cost of €25,000,000 specially to present the first German-language production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Sunset Boulevard. The play ran from December 1995 to August 1998, with the leads being played by the well known musical stars Uwe Kröger und Helen Schneider, and later also the actress Daniela Ziegler. Nevertheless, the star-studded cast could not stave off insolvency. Today, changing events take place at the theatre. The halt on the Ländchesbahn (railway), built specially for the theatre, was opened in 1996 and after the theatre was for the time being closed in 1998, the halt, too, was closed.

Besides the Rhein-Main-Theater there is also a whole series of further event venues in Niedernhausen. Particularly worthy of note are the Zentrum Alte Kirche (ZAK) and the youth club I4. The Old Catholic Church on Wiesbadener Straße was threatening to fall into disrepair after the Catholic parish shifted their house of worship to the new church on Bahnhofstraße. In 1980, a private club took over the leasehold for 99 years, had the building put under monumental protection and renovated it on its own initiative. Today, the house offers an unusual and appealing setting for a great number of events from readings to concerts and theatrical productions to art exhibitions.

Youths first organized themselves in the late 1980s with the community’s encouragement and support. Their first home was in a room in the Autalhalle, before the community acquired a shabby building across from the Town Hall in 1992. The youths made out of their Wiesbadener Straße 2 – W2 for short – a thriving place with many of their own initiatives. In the end, when the building was at last going to be torn down, they got ready to move. The former butcher’s shop with adjoining slaughterhouse they converted as a volunteer project into a concert and event venue. Taking place at I4 (for Idsteiner Straße 4) today, besides the regular operations and several working groups are also rock concerts and parties.

Not only does The Autalhalle serve the Theißtalschule and local clubs as a sport hall, but also it offers, with its wheel-away grandstand, the adjoining caterer’s and its configuration, which allows flexibility, a space for regular fairs, exhibitions and sundry other events. The Free Democratic Party and the Greens, for instance, have held their Hesse party conferences here in past years. Likewise, the community council sits here. At one time, the hall was even used as the “festival tent” at the Niedernhausen Kerb.

The community’s landmark is the Theißtalbrücke (“Theiß Valley Bridge”), part of the A 3, which spans the narrow Theiß Valley on 16 arches stretching across 500 m with a maximum height of 46 m. Parallel to it in the 1990s arose another bridge that carries the Cologne-Frankfurt high-speed rail line, whose dimensions are roughly the same as the older bridge’s. The arch motif is used by the community’s administration and a few clubs as a symbol.

The Johanneskirche in Niederseelbach was from the Middle Ages the Seelbacher Grund’s religious and spiritual hub. It is the most valuable historic building in the greater community of Niedernhausen. When the church was built is unknown, although there must have been a forerunner building at the time when the parish was founded about 1220 by the Counts of Nassau (Nassau vacation rentals | Nassau travel guide). The church’s somewhat off-centre location in relation to the Niederseelbach village core is a clue that the church might have begun as a rural church (Feldkirche), as was customary in Carolingian times about 800.

The church St. Michael in Oberjosbach goes back to the founding of the parish of Oberjosbach in 1196. The church has, however, been destroyed several times, having been built anew in 1321, 1728 and most recently in 1949.

The church St. Martha in Engenhahn was built in 1890 and 1891 in the Gothic Revival style after the Catholic inhabitants split from the parish of Oberjosbach in 1888 and were assigned to the parish of Idstein (Idstein vacation rentals | Idstein travel guide).

The Rhein-Taunus Nature Park, much of which is wooded, lies within community limits and abuts residential areas in places. Of particular scenic charm is the ridge running between a line between Niederseelbach and Engenhahn and the local recreation and conservation area of the Theiß valley running parallel thereto. The highest elevation is the Hohe Kanzel at 592 m above sea level. From west to east, a dale runs through the municipal area, over whose slopes Niedernhausen’s residential neighbourhoods stretch. In Oberjosbach is found a 500-year-old oak. North of Niedernhausen, on the Eselskopf, are a few bizarre crag formations in the middle of the forest (Hohler Stein – “Hollow Stone”).

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More about the History of Niedernhausen

From the Early Middle Ages, the Niedernhausen municipal area was in the thick of the border disputes between two lordly houses, Nassau (Nassau vacation rentals | Nassau travel guide) and Eppstein. These came to a head in the 13th century with a feud, during which the new parish church at Oberjosbach was once again destroyed, only being built anew and reconsecrated in 1321. The feud was settled in the 1283 Sühnevertrag (“Atonement Treaty”), in which territorial sovereignty was newly ordered. Nevertheless, the rather fluid border between the two houses’ domains was not truly fixed until some time about 1500.

On 1 October 1971, the communities of Niedernhausen and Königshofen signed – despite an age-old aversion towards each other – a boundary adjustment agreement and merged into the community of Niedernhausen im Taunus, with Königshofen keeping its identity as an Ortsteil.

In the course of municipal reform in Hesse, the community of Niedernhausen i. Ts was eventually formed on 1 January 1977 out of the hitherto self-governing communities of Niedernhausen with the Ortsteil of Königshofen, Engenhahn, Niederseelbach, Oberseelbach and Oberjosbach. At the same time, the community became part of the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis, founded on the same date, whose seat is at Bad Schwalbach. Formerly, Niedernhausen had belonged to the Main-Taunus-Kreis.

Today, over half of the greater community’s population lives in Niedernhausen. The second biggest constituent community is Oberjosbach with 2,150 inhabitants; the smallest is Oberseelbach with 450. The centres of Oberjosbach, Oberseelbach, Niederseelbach and Engenhahn have therefore largely been able to keep their village character.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Niedernhausen im Taunus is a community in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt in Hesse, Germany, with almost 15,000 inhabitants.

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