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Norderney is a beautiful island, but the neighbouring islands Baltrum and Juist are car-free and probably even nicer. You can reach them by ferry or by plane from the small airfield in Norddeich (Norden). There are also combo-tickets ferry and plane for about 60€. Usually you go there by boat and return by plane which is a pretty 5 minutes flight. One of the highlights is a guided trip into the mud flats that you should not miss. The mud flats are a unique biotope and part of the national park. You should also not miss to walk into the most eastern part of Norderney (or the other islands) which are virtually untouched.
Answer provided by Uli Kozok on 07/02/2014
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Norderney Overview

The island is 14 km long and about 2.5 km wide, having a total area of about 26.3 square kilometres (10.2 sq mi) and is therefore Germany's tenth largest island. Norderney's population amounts to about 6,200 people. In 1946 Norderney gained municipal status and belongs to the Aurich "Kreis" (county). On the northern side of the island lies a 14 km long sandy beach.

The neighbouring island to the east is Baltrum, which lies about 800m (half a mile) away. To the west is the island of Juist, about 3 km away.

Things to See in Norderney

Das Kap

Königlich-Preußischen Wasser- and Schiffahrtsverwaltung

Große Norderneyer Leuchtturm

Heimatmuseum Norderneyer Fischerhaus

Internationale Filmfest Emden-Norderney

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More about the History of Norderney

Of the seven East Frisian islands, Norderney is the youngest. The island has only existed in its present form since the middle of the 16th century, being the eastern remnant of the larger island Buise. The larger island of Buise was split into two parts during the Grote Mandrenke flood of 1362, the eastern half at first being called Ostrende. What was left of Buise shrunk in size over the years and finally disappeared into the North Sea during the St. Peter's Flood of 1651. Ostrende, on the other hand, grew in size, and is noted in a 1550 census as "Norder neys Oog" (Northern New Island), and having a church and 18 houses. The inhabitants at this time worked principally as fishermen. In the second half of the 18th century the sea trade industry grew in importance. Next to fishing, tourism became important to the island economy. In 1797, Norderney became the first German resort on the North Sea.

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Norderney is one of the seven populated East Frisian Islands off the North Sea coast of Germany. It is also a municipality in the district of Aurich in Lower Saxony.

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