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  • Homburg Castle/Museum of Oberbergisches Kreis
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    Homburg Castle/Museum of Oberbergisches Kreis

    Homburg Castle is an old hill castle in Nümbrecht, first mentioned in the records in 1276. From 1635 on, Count Ernst von Sayn-Wittgenstein altered the castle to its present-day appearance. One hundred years later the line of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg took over its management; the structure then fell into disrepair. Not until 1904 was its decline halted and, in 1926, a museum, founded by Hermann Conrad, took over the premises. Today it is the Museum of Oberbergisches Kreis.

    In 1999 during an excavation, a stone keep of about 12.5 metres diameter was uncovered. Experts estimate that it dates to the 11th century. A consequence of this was that the history of the castle had to be reassessed to that time.

    There is also a nature trail that starts at the castle and runs through Homburg Bröl and Huppichteroth, past the historic Holstein Mill and the Dicke Steine back to Homburg Castle. Nine information stations have been set up along the route which describe the natural environment around Homburg Castle and the Bröl meadow to walkers. The route is about 2.8 km and takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

    Hours: yearlong Monday - Friday 9am - 5:30pm. April - October also open Saturdays 9am - 1pm and Sundays 2pm - 5pm.

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Nümbrecht Overview

Nümbrecht is located about 40 km east of Cologne (Cologne vacation rentals | Cologne travel guide).

Things to See in Nümbrecht

Since 1983 the Nümbrechter art association exists. Various exhibitions take place in the house of the art in Nümbrecht. The sculptures are a present of the art association of Nümbrecht to the municipality of Nümbrecht to the embellishment of the health resort.

In 1983 "The boy with putting" called "Helmut". This sculpture was created by Prof. Dr. Paschke from Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf vacation rentals | Düsseldorf travel guide). She stands on the pond place.

In 1996 The sculpture "The transitoriness" stands since 1996 on the churchyard of the Ev church. It was provided by the Mühlheimer sculptor Georg Weber.

In 2003 "of The cornerstones', altar cross in the Ev church. Stone, bronze, gold leaf of Kassiel collier, Berlin (Berlin vacation rentals | Berlin travel guide) [donated from limbs of the Ev church municipality]

In 2005 "a dream' The piece of art of the sculptor living in field Breun Rose Gilissen-Vanmarcke was initiated on Saturday 4th of June, 2005. The sculpture stands on the small place in old Poststrasse.

13 May 2006 sculpture "nature - recollections of a tree' from sculptor Michael Schwarze in Marktstrasse before the historically significant house Mehlau built in 1746 of the chamberlain's Johann Georg milk bag in Nümbrecht.

19 April 2008 "strength II" this sculpture was created by the artist Peter Rübsam, she stands before the new-formed city hall square.

28 September 2009 metal Sculpture of Rose Gilissen. These Sculptur is a loan to the art association Nümbrecht. She stands in the health resort park of Nümbrecht below the column well.

The 30-metre high watchtower at the "Lindchen" in Nümbrecht has 154 steps; the top of the tower is 341 m above sea level. From the top, one can see the Rhine, the Siebengebirge mountain range and even as far as the Rothaargebirge mountain range.

This iron ore mining tunnel known as the Amiger tunnel is approximately 200 to 300 years old. The Amiger tunnel is situated in a forest area called "In the Goldkaule", below the "Alfred Lang" hut and the watchtower. The tunnel is approximately 20 meters long. However, according to local legends, the tunnel goes as far as the village Ödinghausen. Today the entry to the tunnel is shut off by a grating and only the bats know where the tunnel leads...

The "ecovillage" Benroth is about five kilometers from Nümbrecht. The conversion of Benroth into an "ecological village of the future" required a few smaller and larger measures, such as the installation of a moist biotope and drystone-wallings. The one-hour tour "ecomile" through the village allows an insight into the projects.

Near Nümbrecht, small quartzite monadnocks from the Devonian era (approximately 360 million years ago) were exposed by erosion of softer sedimentary rock. Crinoids ("sea lily") and brachiopod fossils have been discovered here (so they are neither erratic blocks from the ice age nor meteorites, as was formerly believed).

Two ponds below the nearby village of Spreitgen are known as Hexenweiher ("witches' ponds"). It is not known whether the name derives from actual witchcraft trials by dunking during the Middle Ages. (In these trials the witches were thrown into a pond with their hands cuffed and their feet tied together. If they went under and drowned, they were considered to be innocent. If they survived they were proven to be a witch and often burnt.) Castle Homburg (Homburg vacation rentals | Homburg travel guide) is a historic site of witchcraft trials. In a trial on 14 September 1631, for example, six women were accused of being witches. Because they confessed, they were given mercy and beheaded instead of being burnt alive.

The 1000-year-old church next to the castle in Nümbrecht is one of the most interesting sacral buildings of the area: the tower was built in Romanesque style, the romanesque part of the interior features massive medieval pillars and reinforcing arches. The ribbed structure of the apses is typical of Gothic style. Flat vaults were added at the end of the 17th century. The top construction of the tower and the altar reflects Baroque architecture.

The church "Bunte Kerke" in Marienberghausen features medieval wall paintings. The building was changed and reconstructed several times and thus lost its original appearance of a typical fortified church. The west tower is all that is left from the original 12th century building. The late Gothic paintings in the interior are preserved however. The paintings had been painted over during the Protestant Reformation period and they surfaced when the organ was renovated in 1910. Only a couple of gothic wall paintings in the area are preserved to this day.

The column well fountain in the health resort park was created by sculptor Michael Schwarze. It was built for the horticultural show (Landesgartenschau) held in Nürmbrecht in 1974. The figures of the well symbolize the age-old will of humans to free themselves from obligations of life. The female figures are the symbols of beauty and fertility, the fists express force and assertiveness. The hand is an indication of understanding and work. The male leg stands for progress and conquest.

Light festival in the health resort park, always on the 2nd week-end in July

Christmassy work art market, the last week-end before the 1st Advent

Health resort concerts in the health resort hall or Rhine victory clinic, Sunday 15.00 o'clock

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More about the History of Nümbrecht

1131 the place the first time was mentioned documentary namely in the " papal possession confirmation for the inhabitant of Bonn (Bonn vacation rentals | Bonn travel guide) Saint Cassiusstift " (Documentary first namings of Oberbergischer places by Klaus Pampus).

1968 The administration of both municipalities Nümbrecht and Marienberghausen are joined.

2003 as the first local authority district in North Rhine-Westphalia Nümbrecht with the environmental roof brand Viabono (brand name for environment-friendly tourism) was distinguished. In addition, Nümbrecht was classed as a remedial-climatic health resort of the Premium Class.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Nümbrecht is a municipality in the Oberbergischer Kreis, in Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany. It is a health resort, known for its good climate.

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