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Oberstenfeld Overview

Oberstenfeld is located in the upper Bottwar river valley. It lays in the northeast of the district of Ludwigsburg. In the north it borders to the Löwensteiner Berge hills, in the west there are the hills Forstberg and Wunnenstein covered by vineyards.

Things to See in Oberstenfeld

Located on top of a hill, amidst idyllic vineyards, the town is guarded by the Lichtenberg castle.

The Romanesque Peterskirche (Peter's church) is situated on a hill, about one kilometer north of downtown Oberstenfeld. Built in the mid 11th century, it is a relict of a lost precursor commune. The choir was arched over and the church's inside was painted with frescos in the 13th century. Some of those frescos are still present today. The church was nearly forgotten and unused for a long time. However, it is used for protestant and occasionally also for roman catholic services since it was restored between 1973 and 1976.

The Cyriakuskirche (Cyriakus' church), located in Gronau, is second eldest church of the municipality. It's choirtower was is a relict of the Gothic first building phase in the 13th and 14th century. It was rebuilt and extended in 1599.

The collegiate church (German: "Stiftskirche") St. Johannes der Täufer (St. John the Baptist), located downtown Oberstenfeld, is one of the state's most important Romanesque churches. The nave was built about 1220, the choirtower about 1230 CE. It is open to the public May to October on Sundays between 11 and 13 o'clock. Guided tours are available for value.

Nearby is the Dorfkirche (community church), which was built in the 9th century as Galluskapelle (Gallus' chapel). It became the prayer room of the market town community in contradiction to the collegiate church which was reserved for the canonesses. After heavy damage in 1693 it was newly built in 1738. The porch in the north is decorated with the coat of arms of the municipality, which can also be found on the weather vane.

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More about the History of Oberstenfeld

Oberstenfeld originated in the seventh or eight century, and belonged to the Lichtenberg castle residing above the town.

The Oberstenfeld nunnery was founded in 1016 CE, its patronage was taken over in 1357 CE when the count of Lichtenberg sold the town to the dukes of Württemberg. In 1540 CE it adopted the reformation but remained a part of the Imperial Knights until 1803 CE when it was taken in by the duchy of Württemberg.

The community Prevorst as well as the Lichtenberg castle were taken over by the dukes of Württemberg from the count of Lichtenberg in 1357 CE, (A few years before in (1350 CE) they had acquired Gronau from the Margraves of Baden, and from this time Prevorst belonged to Gronau).

The three villages were conjointly assigned to the de:Oberamt Marbach since 1810 CE. In 1938 CE Oberstenfeld was alloted to the Ludwigsburg district while Gronau and Prevorst became a part of the Heilbronn district. On January 1, 1972 Gronau and Prevorst changed the district and were assigned to Oberstenfeld.

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Oberstenfeld is a town in the district of Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg in Germany. It is located about 40 km north of Stuttgart.

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