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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

"Hello, I am trying to decide between the Ortenau Wine Festival and Bad Durkhiem Wurstmarkt festival. It appears they are both large festivals. The Ortenau festival would be on my travel route but I would have to go out of my way to Wurstmarkt. Do you recommend the Ortenau festival?" (posted 06/17/2015)

Yes a clear recommendation for the Offenburg Wine Festival !!
Answer provided by Peter Molinaro on 06/18/2015
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Hello, First off, it comes down to whether you prefer more sausage or wine .... As a wine lover, I can only recommend the Ortenauer Wine Festivla, that's really great, with wines from about 100 Wingütern from across the Ortenaukreis, also Try to be the country .... The sausage festival is much smaller, certainly interesting, but very specifically. Greeting A. Metzger --The has not yet received any single reservation about LLAG, and has registered more than 1 year, and the world does not understand, because to come in from many other portals Bichungen ....
Answer provided by Andreas Metzger on 06/18/2015
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The Bad Wurstmarkt is a big folk festival with many rides. It also takes 10 days. If you want a similar mood like at the Oktoberfest this is preferable. The Ortenauer Wine Festival takes place in Offenburg town center, rather than in the market place between the houses. If you want to experience more intimacy and Badisches of life is this hard to choose. The focus here is clearly on wine culture.
Answer provided by Rosmarie Schwenk on 06/18/2015
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Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"I am a wine student visiting from Australia. Can you recommend somewhere to try local wines by the glass (especially Pinot Noir) either in Offenburg or Gengenbach? " (posted 09/06/2015)

Hello! There are east of Offenburg (about 3 km) to place Durbach known for its excellent Weine.Dort you könnwn tasting samples at the winery or at various private wineries! Greetings Roland Männle
Answer provided by Roland Männle on 09/07/2015
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Pinot Noir is grown everywhere in Lahr, you can try local wines Directly in each winery, per Example city of Lahr, Schutter Lindenberg Pinot Noir is grown in Lahr everywhere, wine tastings are possible in all wineries, such as the city of Lahr, Schutter Lindenberg
Answer provided by Andreas Metzger on 09/11/2015
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The Oberkircher Winzer eG in Oberkirch is regularly awarded for its wines and scored already awarded several gold medals. For more information about Directions and address under www.oberkircher-winzer.de tasting hours are: Mon. 9.00 - 17.30 clock Sat 9.00 - 13.00 Clock
Answer provided by Rosmarie Schwenk on 09/07/2015
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

"Hello, A friend and I will be spending the Easter weekend in Offenburg. We were wondering if there are recommended day hikes into the black forest. We will be spending 4 days in the region and we plan on doing 2 hikes (weather permitting). Alternately, it would be great if some hiking resources (website) are pointed out Thanks a lot, Niran." (posted 03/24/2015)

Please check my summary of 3 cities around Offenburg Lahr Gengenbach Schuttertal ... has a open air city park for families, with flowers, animal ENCLOSERS, playground, barefeet walking parcours, -there's a view point, follow the signs "observation tower" in the city ​​... -in Gengenbach there are 4 different museum -New: You could book a segway tour through Gengenbach -Indoor climbing hall in gengenbach -outdoorclimbing park around Gengenbach, in Biberach and Nordrach --------- Tourism information center Gengenbach, call for more ideas ... Tourist office just in the winery, 77723 Gengenbach 07803-930143 ------------------ Schuttertal: The Schuttertal itself is very small and has hardly any tourist destinations it lent itself more as a base for exploring the area, and I would recommend the location as a starting point rather 77933 Lahr and my accommodation in Sulz called Black Forest home Uhlsberg. -Ringsrum Is the Black Forest and many mountains with many destinations -you can walk, Nordic walking or mountain biking Guided tours Schuttertal: -There are guided tours in Schuttertal - There are segway tours through Schuttetal -A little highlight would be the Achatweg where you hiking semi-precious stones In and can be found walking ---------------- Hello, Please find my summary to Lahr and around below ... Please check out "Black Forest home Uhlsberg" my 2 storey apartment on 115 sqm , with 3 bedrooms ... Recently Rewarded with 4 stars from the German tourism authority .. Lahr: -Terrace bath and swimming pool outside -Mountain of SCHUTTER LINDEBERG AND BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN HIGH -castle of Geroldseck -stadtpark Lahr woth playground, flower park and animal zoo -old part of the city wall and the rest of the city castle STORK TOWER -small traditional beer brewery withEvent restaurant and bar and lake and animal farm Called the hotel restaurant DAMM MUEHLE -wander pathes and biking pathes around the city - dining suggestions: -Greek restaurant DIONYSUS at the STADTPARK LAHR -Steak House DUBROVNIK in Mahlberg -Steak schnitzel and other local foods at LANDGASTHOF SUN in Langenwinkel -local food at the restaurant CITIZENS TAVERN in Kippenheim -4 star hotel and restaurant with Michelin star ADLER in Seelbach (high level and expensive) - - Village description: old traditional village of SULZ - award winning nature bath in the vllage - water-wander-paths for walking and swimming for families free of charge - deer farm - walking, jogging and biking pathes - tennis, hockey and football court - adventure playground for kids - bakery, butchery, pharmacy, supermarket, fast food shop, - thai massage and spa, - 2 banks 'savings bank and Volksbank' - restaurants 'Damm mill' with own beer brewery Animal farm and lake - Restaurant 'Angel' , traditional regional foods - busstation to the city of "Lahr" only 5 min - Private Beer brewery Dammenbräu with Event Restaurant and Bar -Casino and "Sky Lounge" - Visiting targets Around our area: -World famous huge fun park 'Europa Park Rust' in Rust - 15 min (Better than Disney World ...) special happenings in all seasons -'Taubergiessen 'Nature park and boat tours - 15 min -Schwarzwald / Black Forest -0 min -Altrhein / river floodplains' Rhein '- 10 min -Old traditional village of' Ettenheim 'city of Rohan - 10 mi -traditional old Cafe and bakery in' Lahr '' Sweets Loechle '- 5 min -Adventure in the bath. Black Forest 'Titisee-Neustadt' - 60min -Triberger waterfalls - 45 min -Open air museum 'Vogtsbauernhoefe Gutach' -60min -wineregion and WineFestival 'Kaiserstuhl' - 40min -university city of 'Freiburg' - 30min France - 15 min - ' Elsass / Alsace river Rhine, monkey forest / monkey forest - castle 'high Koenig castle' - Strasbourg European parliament 30min -Strassbourg Weekly Markets and Cathedral - Colmar - 45 min -millionaers city 'Baden-Baden' (Caracalla Therme special bath) - 40 min -Country of suitzerland / Switzerland -40 min -old traditional city of 'Gengenbach' -25 min --- worlds biggest advent calendar time at the mayors house -Wine manufacturers with wine tastings and exhibitions - small private beer brewery in the village -old castle / ruin of 'High Geroldseck' Wanderer pathes -Nordic Walking pathes -Bath swimming pools inside and outside / sauna -Village of 'Seelbach' 15 min -Golf course in 'Reichenbach' 10 min -City garden park with animals and playground -animal farm 'Mundenhof' Close to Freiburg -45 min - Chrysanthema flower festival in October -famous mountain called "Feldberg" - 60 min -old museum for wood technincs in 'Wolfach' -25min -'Mahlberg 'tobacco museum Green greetings from the Black Forest close to Europa Park Rust Black Forest home Uhlsberg Andreas Metzger Uhlsbergstrasse 46 Lahr-Sulz, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany 77933 Email: * Iwilldomyjob@hotmail.com Mobile: +49 15730068366 (* So by Whatsapp) House: +49 78215447248
Answer provided by Andreas Metzger on 03/25/2015
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Individual tour suggestions and information material for city information in the Community Office Fish Market 2 77652 Offenburg Email: info@offenburg.de Here are three suggestions for day hikes: 1. On the Ortenauer wine path from Offenburg to Gengenbach Walking time about 5 - 6 hours (one way) First you go from the Town Hall on the main road to the south, turn right at the junction to the grave avenue left into plants (Rose Garden) along the old city wall to the long road. There you will see in front of a particularly beautiful trees a boulder with a medallion portrait of the composer Carl Isenmann. He was best known for the composition of Ludwig Auerbach's "Black Forest 0, o Heimat". Then cross the railway line and walk about 700 yards on the Ortenberger road to the junction for Fessenbach, turn left and continue for half a mile about 200 meters before the first houses of Fessenbach the footpath up the "High Horn". Here you turn right from the road and walk through the meadow and Fessenbacher Rebgelände through a defile slightly uphill about 500 m to the "Baden Wine Route", cross the bridge and accessible via the "Senator Burda road" past the " Monastery "the" Weingut Dr. Burda ". There you go then right through the vines to the winery "St. Andrew" to continue beyond 1 Baden wine trail to castle Ortenberg. 150 m in front of the castle Ortenberg the road branches off left through the vineyard; further up the quarry after Ohlsbach. Through the vineyards district hose Buechen, giant forest road to reach trail n. 5 (The municipality has Ohlsbach their trails with numbers marked), Rear Leh, Bühlwegstraße the center of Ohlsbach (mini golf / Office). Through the village center leads the way on the Weißbachstraße to Waldcafé, past the recreation area for trail no. 1 above the cemetery the path turns right towards Reichenbach "Holzer corner" to the schoolhouse. There the valley road must be crossed. The trail continues on the sports center, "Sanktis Klaus", Wassertretstelle "Vogelsang," Noll road at the Scholl siblings school over by the Obertorturm in the historic old town of Gengenbach. Gengenbach go by train or bus back to Offenburg. Way mark: Blue grape in red diamond on a white background. The Ortenauer Wine Trail is also available online on the website of the "wine paradise Ortenau eV" All seven stages are shown in detail and can be downloaded directly from this site, the GPS data are included in Google Earth. 2. By the Offenburg city forest hiking about 4 hours (round trip) The Town Hall go west on Market Square and grain road to the "Vinzentiusgarten" to the right along the old rampart walk through the smock alley to the "Mount of Olives". This Nischenbau in the form of a Gothic chapel was built in 1524. From left to right we see the disciples Peter, John and James, behind the praying Savior. Against the backdrop of a city contemporary shown near the Reaver. The Mount of Olives is considered Offenburg's most valuable monument. The crucifix in the church square next to the Mount of Olives recalled that there was the old cemetery. The crucifix was probably created in 1521 by Andreas von Urach. Today's sculpture is a copy of Peter Valentin the Elder. Use the "Max-Wenk step" down they get into the kennels, right along the playground over and by the end of the garden, then left through the waterway, past the slaughterhouse and the power station to the Freiburg road. This cross, climb the Kinzig dam to the right and go through the "Kinzig bridge" to the Heinrich-Hertz road. Here you turn right, go up to the MaxPlanck Street and this until the end. Cross the highway, continue on the footpath to Wilhelm Röntgen road, cross the bridge and walk to the intersection Wichernstraße / Marlener road. At the beginning of the forest on the road Marlener you enter the forest, hiking in the "Spitalhof" (forest house) over, turn right at the dog cemetery and then go up to the edge of the forest straight ahead. The trail leads along the forest edge to the broad road, then turn left on this road about 150 meters, then turn right onto the overgrown forest road along this until just before the motorway. Here you walk left down to the main road, the former "tone holes" pass to the left to the next cross walk, turn right to Marlener road and the motorway bridge, then about 300 meters after the bridge, turn right into the forest, the broad road the following. After about 600 meters, turn left and walk to the hut with beehives, turn right (not the Marlener street in front), on the forest path to the wide gravel road. Then turn left and cross the highway (L after 98 Goldscheuer) the forest park. The wide forest path you walk straight until it turns left. There you will walk straight onto the unpaved forest road along the trench. Then follow a small ditch to the right and soon the fortified forest road on the edge. There, the "Rheinaue access path" (blue St. Andrew's Cross) runs. This sign, you follow to the left and enter the "deep cellar" past under the motorway bridge to Wichernhaus. This cross and go back to the beginning of the forest. From there the trail back to the city center leads. You can also take a bus from the stop "Marlener road" when buying land (which you can also drive from the city center), drive back to the city center. 3. To Brandeckturm III Offenburg, Rammersweier, cell Weiersbach, Brandeck Station Offenburg on heath knee saddle 480 m above sea level. M. to Brandeck Tower, 690 m above sea level. M. and train station Offenburg returned 20.5 km away. Train Station - Church of the Resurrection - Lindenhöhe - Pflenzinger - Town Hall Rammersweier - St. Urban Chapel - Schoenstatt Chapel - Wolfsgrube - Heidenknieweg - Heather knee saddle - On Zeller Fountain - ash head saddle - Brandeck Tower - Fritscheneck - Möhrets Eck - Böcklinstein - Bottom Böcklinsstein - Hähnlesbergweg - Wetterfähnle - Schulmuseum cell Weiersbach - Pflenzinger - Lindenhöhe - Church of the Resurrection - Station.
Answer provided by Rosmarie Schwenk on 03/24/2015
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Offenburg Overview

Offenburg is located near the Rhine between Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe vacation rentals | Karlsruhe travel guide) and Freiburg. The French city of Strasbourg lies directly west across the Rhine. Offenburg lies at the mouth of the Kinzig river valley. The Kinzig flows out of the Black Forest and meets the Rhine near Kehl.

Things to See in Offenburg

The Salmen Inn

The Capuchin Monastery

The Ritterhaus, a 1784 manor-house that has been converted into the city archives and museum

The Jewish Bath (Mikwe): a bathhouse belonging to the city's historical Jewish community; it was held to be medieval, but recent research suggests it may be from the 16th or 17th century

The former Royal Palace (Königshof) built by Michael Ludwig Rohrer, now the Police station

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More about the History of Offenburg

The city is first mentioned in historical documents dating from 1148. By 1240 Offenburg had already been declared a Free Imperial City. The city was nearly totally destroyed in the Nine Years War. In 1803 Offenburg lost its status as a Free City and fell under the rulership of the Grand Duchy of Baden.

During the outbreak of the Revolutions of 1848, the "Offenburger Program" which contained thirteen demands "in the name of the people of Baden" was announced at the Salmen Inn on 12 September 1847. This was the first democratic demand in Germany. Along with the Karlsbad Resolves, the Offenburger Program demanded basic and human rights as well as freedom of the press and a progressive income tax structure. On 19 March 1848 the demands were confirmed by the 20,000 member Offenburg Peoples' Assembly.

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Offenburg is a city located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. With about 60,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city and the capital of the Ortenaukreis.

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