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Holidays in Olpe - The Olpe Travel Guide

Olpe rathaus
[ source: Wikipedia]

Olpe Overview

Olpe lies in the Sauerland on the southern edge of the Ebbegebirge Nature Park. In the town’s north lies South Westphalia’s biggest reservoir, the Biggesee.

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Things to See in Olpe

Culture plays an important rôle in the district seat. The town cultural office's regular events, as well as those staged by clubs from various fields form the portrait of cultural work in Olpe. Concerts of all kinds, plays, musicals, cabaret acts, exhibitions and other events appear regularly in the programmes.

Stadthalle Olpe (“town hall”, but an event hall rather than the administration centre)

Marktplatz (marketplace)


Altes Lyzeum

Kreishaus Olpe (district administration centre)

Kreuzkapelle (chapel)

[ source: wikipedia ]

Popular Points of Interest in and near Olpe



[ source: Wikipedia ]

The Biggesee or Bigge Reservoir (German: Biggetalsperre) is a reservoir in Germany. It lies in the southern part of the Sauerland between Olpe and Attendorn.


Over the years, the lakes have become a tourist magnet. Apart from the possibilities for water sports (sailing, surfing, rowing, canoeing, fishing and diving), two passenger ships ply the lake at the moment. Previously there had been four - three on the main lake and a canal boat on the upper reservoir. There are two official diving areas, the Weuste and the Kraghammer Sattel, as well as a diving school in the camping area at “Sonderner Kopf”. Additionally, there numerous cycle and hiking routes round the lake and its environs. These are especially well-used during the summer. Many holidaymakers move their quarters around the different camping sites along the lake. The Bigge Dam belongs to The Industrial Heritage Trail, and indeed to the Theme Route 12: Ruhr - Past and Present.

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More about the History of Olpe

Olpe had its first documentary mention in 1220. In 1311 it was granted town rights on the Soest model by the Archbishop of Cologne, Count Heinrich II of Virneburg. In 1500, the Kreuzkapelle (“Cross Chapel”) was first mentioned. The first evidence of a shooting society followed in 1525.

In 1864, there was a telegraph station in Olpe. In 1875, the railway reached Olpe, running at first to Attendorn and Finnentrop. Then came an Olpe-Rothemühle line in 1880, and in 1903, another to Bergneustadt. In 1888, the town had its first electric light.

In 1908, the St.-Martinus-Kirche (church) burnt down almost utterly owing to, it is believed, arson. It was built anew in 1909, but this time in the Gothic Revival style.

On 28 March 1945, in the Second World War’s dying days, Olpe was heavily bombed. In 1965, the Bigge Reservoir (Biggetalsperre) was created through damming.

The Bundesautobahn 45 and the Bundesautobahn 4 were opened in 1971 and 1976 respectively.

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