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Ottersweier Overview

Ottersweier is in the Upper Rhine Valley between the Black Forest and Rhine, 3 km south of Bühl (Bühl vacation rentals | Bühl travel guide) (Baden).

Things to See in Ottersweier

Community structure

The community consists of the districts Ottersweier capital Ottersweier and Unzhurst district. The two districts are also residential areas for the purposes of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Municipal Code.

For the district capital Ottersweier includes the villages and Ottersweier Hatzenweier, the hamlet Münchhof, rolling fields and hamlets, the prongs clay court, Eckgraben, imprisonment and hard, the places Aspichhof, stroke, and the house Hundseck Stiti. To Unzhurst district includes the villages of Unzhurst, backwater and cell and the hamlet of Broad Hurst. In the area of the district capital Ottersweier lie the deserted villages of Lower Mayrhofen, Rod, Sedenhofen, Wolfenweiler and Wolfsbühl. In the area of the district Unzhurst is the deserted village Elle prince.

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More about the History of Ottersweier

1774 moved the Countess Dowager Maria Viktoria Pauline von Arenberg resident of Baden-Baden after Ottersweier to the former residence of the House of Jesuits a convent school of the Augustinian choir women set up. In the convent school taught young girls the skills they as future mothers and teachers needed.

Ottersweier long belonged to the district Bühl (Bühl vacation rentals | Bühl travel guide) and came to its dissolution in 1973 the district Rastatt (Rastatt vacation rentals | Rastatt travel guide).


The county of Baden-Baden Mark had in the 16th Century at the then applicable law lord, seven times changed the religious denomination. In 1622 the strictly Catholic Wilhelm Markgraf von Baden took over the government, in turn, exercised his right and his inheritance back to the Catholic Church back, led the eighth time - Ottersweier has since dominated Catholic. There are also a nation and a free church evangelical community (Arche Ottersweier) in the city.


The municipality comprises the district faces of the formerly independent communities Ottersweier (with the tines of stroke, adhesive, hard, rolling fields and Oberhatzenweier) Hatzenweier (Unterhatzenweier) Unzhurst (with the rod community wide Hurst), upstream and cell. 1936 has been attached without a council resolution or by referendum dictates of the then Gauleiter Hatzenweier to Ottersweier. The same happened to the communities upstream and Zell (Zell vacation rentals | Zell travel guide), they went on in the community Unzhurst. In the wake of municipal reform in 1971/72 Unzhurst decided to inclusion in the community Ottersweier, at 1 January 1972 was carried out.

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Ottersweier is a municipality in Baden-Württemberg and belongs to the district of Rastatt.

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