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Oy-Mittelberg Overview

Oy-Mittelberg is situated in the Allgäu region in the foothills of the Allgäu Alps. The municipality consists of the villages of Burgkranzegg, Faistenoy, Haslach, Kressen, Maria-Rain, Mittelberg, Oberschwarzenberg, Oberzollhaus, Oy, Petersthal and Riedis. In addition to that there are several small hamlets.

Things to See in Oy-Mittelberg

Wallfahrtskirche Hl. Kreuz

Pfarrkirche St. Michael

Pfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul

Pfarrkirche Maria Immaculata, Schwarzenberg.

Other churches

  • St.-Magnus-Kapelle, Haag
  • Weihnachtskapelle, Bachtel
  • Pfarrkapelle St. Anna, Oy
  • Wendelinskapelle, Faistenoy
  • St.-Martins-Kapelle, Guggemoos
  • St.-Wolfgang-Kapelle, Haslach
  • St.-Magnus-Kapelle, Oberzollhaus/li>
  • Kapelle, Riedis
  • Dreifaltigkeitskapelle, Stich

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More about the History of Oy-Mittelberg

Oy-Mittelberg was first documented in 800 AD (originally Mittelberg). From 1980, the "Oy" was attached.

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Oy-Mittelberg is a municipality in the rural district Oberallgäu in Bavaria/Germany.

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