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"Wondering if the 3 Konig festival is celebrated on Jan 6th every year or if the actual festival is held on the closest weekend date to the 6th?Thank you!" (posted 01/02/2015)

Hi, this event of Perpetual Adoration, held each year on 01/06. place in pot stone. By 16 clock is the last hour of prayer and by 17 clock is out of the church with all believers and the clubs as well as the visitors. We had on 31.12., Also every year at the same time the event in place Nankendorf, City Waischenfeld. There, more than 3,500 lights were burned. A report will be safe in the morning newspaper http://www.nordbayerischer-kurier.de/region/pegnitz Greetings Edmund Pirkelmann 1.Bgm. City Waischenfeld
Answer provided by Edmund Pirkelmann on 01/02/2015
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The Festival of Lights takes place every year on January 6 in pot stone. It is the largest festival of lights in the Franconian Switzerland. On January 3rd place in Obertrubach a light festival held
Answer provided by Roswitta und Siegmund Körber on 01/02/2015
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The candlelight procession to 3 king is held in Pottenstein always on January 06. Obertrubach always on January 03 and many other places do not have it. But definitely Pottenstein has always directly on January 06. Highly recommended. Regards Matthias Teichmann
Answer provided by Matthias Teichmann on 01/02/2015
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Pottenstein Overview

Pottenstein is a town in the district of Bayreuth (Bayreuth vacation rentals | Bayreuth travel guide), in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated 23 km southwest of Bayreuth, and 26 km east of Forchheim (Forchheim vacation rentals | Forchheim travel guide).

The city of Pottenstein, altitude 350 - 614 m ü.NN, with its nearly 1,500 inhabitants, is a nationally acclaimed climatic health-resort in Franconian Switzerland. It nestles at the joining point of the Püttlach, Weihersbach and Haselbrunn valleys surrounded by high cliffs and at the foot of the 1000 year old castle that has played an important role throughout the city's history. The scenic landscape and nature offer a wide spectrum along with one of a kind features such as the Devil's cave with its fascinating stalactite and stalagmite caverns.

Things to See in Pottenstein

Saint Elisabeth, widow of Ludwig IV, Landgrave of Thuringia, was held hostage within its walls from 1228 to 1229. Many buildings carry, with honor, her name even today. It is legend that, while being threatened, the eggs and lard in her carrying basket were transformed into beautiful roses—a local adaptation of the famous Miracle of the roses. Since 2004 you can follow a very nice hiking-route through the town, which is called "Elisabeth Route".

The market square, with its statue of Saint Elisabeth, the Catholic church, many stores, restaurants and hotels from the central area of the city. The guestrooms are mostly in the residential areas, found in the valleys leading out of the centre of town, and in and above the cliffs overlooking the city.

The health center with its message department /Medical Swim Therapy Department (approved by all health insurance companies), the Therapy Station for Respiratory Illnesses located in Devils Cave, the Kneipp facility, the Tourist Information Center, the park, Putt Putt Golf, Tennis courts, Schöngrund Lake with its row and pedalboat facility, the "summer bob slide roule". the "Felsenbad" (between the rocks), Golf - place, kangaroos and many more, are among the recreationalfacilities that are easily reached from all the residential areas. Approximately 450 kilometers of well marked paths offer excellent hiking possibilities.

Pottenstein Castle

Yearly resolution of the Eternal Adoration (The Festival of Lights)

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More about the History of Pottenstein

During World War II, a subcamp of Flossenburg concentration camp was located here.

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Pottenstein is a town in the district of Bayreuth, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated 23 km southwest of Bayreuth, and 26 km east of Forchheim.

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