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Recklinghausen Overview

Recklinghausen is the northernmost city in the Ruhr-Area and the capital of the Recklinghausen district.

It borders the more rural Münsterland and is characterized by large fields and farms in the north and industry in the south. Recklinghausen is the 60th-largest city in Germany and the 22nd-largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Things to See in Recklinghausen

Recklinghausen is home to a museum of icons, which includes more than 1,000 Orthodox works from Russia, Greece and the Balkan countries, as well as early Coptic Christian art from Egypt. The icon museum - the largest outside the Orthodox world - was founded in 1956 and reopened after renovation in February 2006 for its 50th anniversary.

Recklinghausen hosts the annual Ruhrfestspiele, a cultural festival with an international reputation. Every year there is a cultural programme with many national and international theatrical productions starting on 1 May. In 2008 the programme included the play Speed the Plow starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Goldblum as one of the major productions. The main theatrical stage is the Ruhrfestspielhaus but other theatres in and around Recklinghausen participate.

In front of the Ruhrfestpielhaus, whose refurbishment in 2001 won the German Architecture Award, there is "Die Liegende Nr 5" a famous sculpture by Henry Moore. At the Lohtor in front of a memorial for the victims of World War 1, there is a large sculpture made of more than 30,000 bricks by Per Kirkeby.

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More about the History of Recklinghausen

First mentioned in 1017 as Ricoldinchuson, in 1150 the city was the center of the surrounding Vest Recklinghausen. In 1236, the city of Recklinghausen received town privileges. Between 1514 and 1706 more than 100 witchcraft trials were carried out. The trial activity reached a climax twice: In the time period of 1580/81 and in that of 1588/89 which also marked the end of the Seneschal wars, a feud over the religious affiliation of the Archdiocese of Cologne (Cologne vacation rentals | Cologne travel guide). The last person to be convicted of witchcraft was Anna Spickermann; after spending 16 months in prison, she was sentenced to death by sword and burned afterward.

Circa 1600, the administration of the Vest Recklinghausen was divided into two parts, with the eastern part administered by Recklinghausen. The town of Recklinghausen including the parish of Recklinghausen and the parishes Ahsen, Datteln (Datteln vacation rentals | Datteln travel guide), Flaesheim, Hamm-Bossendorf, Henrichenburg, Herten (Herten vacation rentals | Herten travel guide), Horneburg (Horneburg vacation rentals | Horneburg travel guide), Oer, Suderwich, Waltrop and Westerholt. Circa 1815, the Vest was made a Bürgermeisterei, with the town becoming the seat. In 1819, Herten joined the Recklinghausen Bürgermeisterei, and Erkenschwick followed in 1821.

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Recklinghausen is the northernmost city in the Ruhr-Area and the capital of the Recklinghausen district.

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