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"I was a child refugee in Redwitz during years 1944-1945. Am eighty one years old now. Am planning to visit Redwitz this coming summer. I remember there as a large Schloss (Castle) in Redwitz. Can you tell me about Redwitz as it is now, also would like to buy some literature about Redwitz, in English or German and where may I buy this. Thank you. " (posted 11/27/2016)

Hello and good day, yes, the castle in Redwitz still exists, although it now appears determined you no longer so great :). It is also still partially visible, as is the Protestant church in part. Even the anhaengende farm is still in operation. to find literature about Redwitz is not easy. I like to try to ask you something together. I'm assuming that relating thereto literature can only be found here in the area. A short video and some photos can be found on the website www.redwitz.de. on our own website www.vollumen.de see German under "current" also videos about the environment that has been determined also changed a lot over the years. I am happy to assist you and wuensche you a great time and a wonderful stay here in Germany. Btw. I speak fluently english, so no need for translation. I lived 10 years in Australia. the history of my family is nearly the same like yours. They came in 1944 from Poland (Silesia / Glogau / Wroclaw) to Redwitz And They still living here. As I wrote, if you need a hand to find some literature of Redwitz, do not hesitate, please, contact me again with your contact-details. Best wishes Kind regards Petra Ackermann
Answer provided by Petra Ackermann on 11/28/2016
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Hello, to answer your request I have some left for you, maybe it helps. Things are really big for a little child but not for at aldult person. So do not be disappointed if this castle is not as large as you think. At first at articel of a Franconian historian: http://www.bezirk-oberfranken.de/fileadmin/6_Kultur/publikationen/mitarbeiter/datei/2000Adel.pdf and thus synthesis other left: https://de.wikipedia.org/ wiki / Schloss_Redwitz https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redwitz_(Adelsgeschlecht,_Redwitz_an_der_Rodach) http://www.infranken.de/regional/lichtenfels/Neue-Eigentuemer-wollen-Schloss-Redwitz-retten;art220,989053 and there are a lot of other castles near by, some are really large: http://www.ortsdienst.de/bayern/lichtenfels/redwitz-an-der-rodach/burg-und-schloss/ So maybe this will find your interest. I wish you a pleasant stay in Germany. Yours sincerly Vera Angermüller www.veras-ferienwohnung.de
Answer provided by Vera Angermüller on 11/29/2016
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Travel Insider Tips for Redwitz an der Rodach

Travel Tips for Redwitz

Redwitz is located in the heart of Upper Franconia and, within 30 km around it, you’ll find all your heart desires. In the middle, ringed by tourist towns, the duchy Coburg, the Wagner city of Bayreuth, Bamberg with its world cultural heritage and the cathedral, and the Lucas Cranach city of Kronach, all easy to reach. Banz monastery and Vierzehnheiligen Basilika (cathedral of the fourteen saints) should also be on any Upper Franconia itinerary. We also recommend the drive along the Beer and Castle Road, which includes the neighboring towns Kronach and Kulmbach, as well as the Porcelain Road with its many interesting stops regarding the making of this white gold, on to a visit of the world-renowned production of the company Goebel in Rödenthal.

From Redwitz, you can go on longer or shorter hikes in the region… for example, on the Rennsteinweg going along the former East German border, or the Jakobsweg to Bamberg. Or go explore the secrets of the Frankenwald and Fichtelgebirge…

Upper Franconia also has its charms when the days are less nice. The Obermaintherme spa in Bad Staffelstein can be reached in 15 minutes, for a day of rest and relaxation, or Kulmbach with its castle and the Tin Figure Museum with the tin figure exchange which draws thousands of visitors annually. Lots of fun can also be had on a tour through the old, haunted passageways of Veste Rosenberg fortress in Kronach or Veste Coburg. Duchy Coburg is connected with almost all of the large noble families in Europe, whether those of Monaco, Sweden, or even the British monarchy.

Culturally, too, Coburg with its Festspielhaus and Kronach with its Faust festival in August have their charm. Friends of classical music should not leave without paying the Bamberg Symphony or Bayreuth, famous for its connections with Richard Wagner and various museums as well as the Margravian Opera House, a visit. Trips to Weimar – Goethe and Schiller, as well as Franz Liszt – are also well worth a day’s trip. We will gladly help you in your planning, just right for your interests.

Things to See in Redwitz an der Rodach

Evangelisch-Lutherische Pfarrkirche St. Aegidius

Schloss Redwitz

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More Ideas for Excursions and Tours around Redwitz:

This is an ideal place for setting out on many an adventure, whether alone or with family. In the heart of Upper Franconia, our central location offers something for everyone.

Hikers and bikers will find ideal paths through the Upper Main valley, past Banz castle and the Vierzehnheiligen (Fourteen Saints) pilgrim’s cathedral (www.vierzehnheiligen.de) to Bamberg with its world cultural heritage (www.bamberg.de), the famous cathedral and the good ‘smoked beer,’ the “Schlaenkerla” of Bamberg. The old imperial and episcopal city Bamberg is considered one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. Its “thousand-year-old work of art,” the old town, was inducted into the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1993. Locals and tourists alike value the high quality of life, and the wonderful landscape of river and nature is a treasure for leisure activities of all kinds.

Towards the East, the hiking trails of the Rennsteig in the Thuringian Slate Mountains or the Franconian Forest beckon along the former border area between East and West Germany.

Redwitz is also located along the Beer and Castle Road leading past some of the most beautiful castles in all of Germany. Within 30 km, there is the Plassenburg castle in Kulmbach with its museum of tin figures, the castle Feste Rosenberg in Kronach, the magnificent old town of Bamberg with its cathedral, and of course one of the largest and most beautiful castles, Veste Coburg, which belongs to the house of Sachsen (Saxony)-Gotha, related to the Swedish royal family, among others (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veste_Coburg). There are also a number of private breweries, both large and small, close by, reachable very well even just traveling by bike. More information at: http://www.bierundburgenstrasse.de

Friends of high-quality and extraordinary porcelain will also be excited. Located right on the Porcelain Road, e.g. the museum and factory store of the world-renowned producer Goebel in Rödental is just 30 minutes away. Find out more at www.porzellanstrasse.de

Traveling 1-2 hours, an excursion e.g. to Wagner’s city, Bayreuth (http://www.bayreuth.de/english/welcome_to_bayreuth_357.html ) with its former Margravian Opera House (http://www.bayreuth.de/sehenswuerdigkeiten/markgraefliches_opernhaus_778.html), the Eremitage and, of course, the Festspielhaus, is highly recommended. The Margravian Opera House is also included in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage (since the decision from June 30, 2012 at the annual convention in St. Petersburg). The opera house, built under Margrave Wilhelmine thus joins such places as Jesus’ birthplace, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China.

Nuremberg, home of the painter Albrecht Dürer, its famous castle and, of course, the Nuremberg Christkindelsmarkt (Christmas market) or the university town Leipzig with a great old town and various museums and galleries are also inviting places for a visit.

Those seeking a cultural experience are in luck, too: Not only are there many museums, large and small, but it’s just a quick trip to Bamberg for an evening concert with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra or to Leipzig or Nuremberg and their operas. We will gladly assist our guests individually in creating a program that is to their liking and in getting the tickets.

In summer, the raft tour over 5 km on the Wilde Rodach is a popular experience with young and old, either from Wallenfels (see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB29Gb0mUmM) or, if looking for the relaxed and comfortable version, at Lichtenfels. From May to October, up to 144 guests board the 36-ton Main raft setting out a few times a day from the center of the well-known weaver’s city Lichtenfels and taking its 2.5 hours through ‘God’s garden’ (Gottesgarten) towards Banz monastery.

Looking for some relaxation? The Obermaintherme (Upper Main spa; www.obermaintherme.de) in Bad Staffelstein is just 15 minutes by car away and sure to satisfy. It offers comfortably warm sea-like water with a high mineral content and Bavaria’s warmest and strongest thermal waters.

For families with children, there are not just the above offers and the rural environment, but the youngins can also have fun in Wildpark (wild animal park) Tambach, Schloss Thurn castle or the various swimming facilities, whether in town or farther away.

More about the History of Redwitz an der Rodach

In 1 April 1972 Redwitz was combined with Neuses am Main.

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Redwitz an der Rodach is a municipality in the district of Lichtenfels in Bavaria in Germany.

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