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Reipoltskirchen Overview

Reipoltskirchen lies in the Odenbach valley in the north of the North Palatine Uplands at an elevation of some 200 m above sea level on a slight broadening of the valley floor. The mountains on either side of the valley climb rather steeply upwards, reaching more than 300 m above sea level on the right (east) bank and more than 400 m above sea level on the left (west) bank (Steinkopf 403.3 m, Platte 361 m, Galgenkopf 303 m). While the Ingweilerhof lies in the dale, along with the main centre, Ausbacherhof and Karlshof are to be found on the heights that stretch out between the Odenbach valley and Lauter valley to the west. The municipal area measures 652 ha, of which roughly 7 ha is settled and 250 ha is wooded.

Things to See in Reipoltskirchen

Castle, Mühlstraße/Kegelbahnstraße (monumental zone) – former lowland castle of the Lords of Bolanden, possibly founded in 1181, first mentioned in 1276; Romanesque keep, upper floor about 1500, ringwall mainly modern renovations, vaulted cellar at Amtshaus, 16th century, well; four architectural fragments in the retaining wall, in the east a wall and a moat; one of the Palatinate’s best preserved lowland castles

Catholic church, Hauptstraße 11 – sandstone-block building, Rundbogenstil, 1879/1880; sandstone epitaph, early 17th century; in the churchyard a Crucifix, cast-iron corpus 19th century (see also below)

Hauptstraße 8 – former Alte Schule (“Old School”), plastered building, Rundbogenstil, 1838, architect possibly Johann Schmeisser, Kusel; characterizes village’s appearance

Hauptstraße 10 – rectory, one-floor plastered building with knee wall, 1885, architect Spithaler; whole complex of buildings with church and Old Schoolhouse

Hirtenstraße 12/13 – former Neue Schule (“New School”), plain stone-block building, 1907, architect Regional Master Builder Kleinhans

On Landesstraße 382 not far from the north entrance to the village – hourstone; sandstone pillar, 19th century

Ingweilerhof, Ingweilerhof 2 – four-sided complex; Baroque building with hipped roof, marked 1730, with older part; in the chapel two tomb slabs, 17th and 18th centuries

Villa rustica, southeast of the village near the Ingweilerhof – wall traces of a small Roman country estate, 1st to 3rd century

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More about the History of Reipoltskirchen

Reipoltskirchen was settled quite early on. The latest archaeological find was unearthed one kilometre south of Reipoltskirchen, an old Roman house, that is to say, a villa rustica, believed to have been built between about AD 100 and 200, with its associated stabling and lodging for servants. This villa may have arisen from a foregoing Celtic settlement. In the 6th and 7th centuries, at the time when the Franks, a Germanic tribe, were taking over the land, a Frankish settlement arose in the Odenbach valley roughly where the Nußbach (formerly the Hahnenbach) empties into the Odenbach. It was called Hundheim am Steg.

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Reipoltskirchen is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Kusel district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Wolfstein, whose seat is in the like-named town.

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