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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

"This will be my first visit to Germany with my family and i enjoy eating and drinking as a local would My partner is a Vegetarian could you suggest some dishes from this area of Germany and also recommend beer or wine from this region Many Thanks Michael" (posted 01/01/2015)

Good day, special local dishes are vegetarian I am not aware, but most restaurants offer vegetarian dishes. Local beer in this region is brewed in Cologne Kölsch but also beer brewers A are in the region represented (Bitburger and Koblenz. Wine we also recommend locally grown wines such as red wine from the Ahr valley or Rhine wines from Leutendorf. Sincerely, Michael Pinger
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 01/01/2015
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There are in Sinzig (neighboring town of Remagen) a famous restaurant "Vieux". There you can experience and enjoy nature. Good local wines and food from wild herbs and more. www.vieux-sinzig.de or info@vieux-sinzig.com. At the Ahr there are very good wines. You can eat very well in Remagen-Rolandseck in "Bellevuechen". Greetings Charlotte cutting
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 01/01/2015
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Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

"How do I get a taxi from Remagen railway station" (posted 05/07/2014)

There are usually taxis in front of the station; if not, they can be requested by telephone. One number for that is 02642 - 7075 I hope I could help Best Charlotte Schneid
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 05/08/2014
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" How long is the train journey to Bonn and what is the cost" (posted 04/02/2016)

Approximately 20 minutes. Please see www.bahn.de for times. With kind regards Leonard Pinger
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 04/18/2016
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Hello to the United States, the train journey from Remagen to Bonn Hauptbahnhof takes 21 minutes and costs about 5 euros per person - but depends on discounts as group ticket, day pass or the like. Sincerely from the Rhineland Klaus Hesseler and Charlotte
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 04/04/2016
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Hello, You Need 13 minutes to get from Bonn Central Station to Remagen. The cost is 7, - € for no person. You should ask for group ticket in Bonn. Maybe it is much cheaper. Regards Ulrich
Answer provided by Ulrich Bécu on 04/02/2016
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It depends, fromWhere you start and the costs are realy higt, Certainly it's too expensive for you.
Answer provided by Johannes Fulgraff on 04/04/2016
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Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

"Would you please tell me times of early church services on Sunday, 18 Oct. Our excursion that day will be the Vulkan Express. I would like to go to worship before or if there is an evening service after the excursion. Blessings, DJL" (posted 10/13/2015)

Dear Rev. Lawton, We have two Catholic and one Lutheran churches in Remagen. Sunday mess in St. Peter & Paul (Catholic) is 11 am And then in Apollinaris church on the hill top at 10:30 am holy mess and 17 hours "Vesper" In the Lutheran "Church of Peace" at 9:30 am, but I have no full confirmation of this. I hope this information is helpful fir you. With kind regards Leonard Pinger
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 10/15/2015
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"Sir Would it be possible to list catholic churches only in Remagen and more importantly email addresses as we will be staying there from 24November until 1 December,and my wife wishes to attend mass Many many thanks Bob Wood" (posted 11/20/2015)

Dear Bob, The churches are St. Peter & Paul in the town and the Pilgrim Church on the Hill St. Apollinaris. Church Times: 1.Adventssonntag SA 28.11. St. Apollinaris 18.00 Vigil Mass SO 29.11. St. Apollinaris 10.30 Family Fair St.Peter u. Paul 11.00 h High Mass St. Apollinaris 19.00 h Holy Mass please contact me at reception. With kind regards Leonard
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 11/28/2015
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Hello, in Remagen, there is the "Apollinariskirche" mail: apollinariskloster@gmail.com. This is the most famous church and the "Peter and Paul" Church, mail: kath.pfarramt.remagen@t-online.de I hope I could help you Greetings from the Rhine Charlotte cutting mail: charlotte.schneid@t-online.de
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 11/28/2015
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Hello Mr. Bob Wood, hope this will help you: Kind regards Ulrich Bécu kath.pfarramt.remagen@t-online.de http://www.kath-kirchen-remagen.de/
Answer provided by Ulrich Bécu on 11/28/2015
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Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"Why should someone do a vacation in Remagen? Can you possibly tell me 2-3 popular travel tips for Remagen, which everyone visiting Remagen should see? Also let me know 2-3 special insider travel tips for Remagen that a typical tourist may not know about, but that you can highly recommend. Thanks!" (posted 09/03/2014)

Remagen is the neighboring town of the former capital Bonn. Attractions in Remagen are the "Appolinariskirche", the (destroyed during the war and title of the eponymous film) "Bridge at Remagen" the bridge piers are still standing and include a museum. The Arp Museum of Modern Art in Remagen-Rolandseck, as is the train station Rolandseck front of the Arp Museum. Boat trips on the Rhine towards Koblenz is an unforgettable experience. Remagen as a starting point for beautiful walks eg to Rolandsbogen on the Burgenweg and Drachenfels on the Rhine in King Winter and along the Ahr through the vineyards and much more. Greetings Charlotte cutting
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 09/03/2014
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Remagen is a city steeped in history, undbedingt View Bridge of Remagen, with only the bridgeheads are to be seen. Bridge Museum / Peace Museum with references to the role of the bridge in the closing stages of WW2. Remagen Rolandseck accommodates a highlight of the architecture (Meier) and art (Arp, Rau Foundation): Arpmuseum above the train station (also worth a visit with restaurant in a beautiful setting). Rhine promenade look in Remagen for strolling, dining and sunsets. Remagen as an art city has countless small interesting galleries and at 6.9 and 7.9 days for the open galleries.
Answer provided by Lena Saltzmann on 09/04/2014
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"Good evening, we are planning to visit Remagen next May, are there any good bird watching sites in the area please. Thank you Marti" (posted 10/07/2014)

Forest birds and there is plenty to Remagen and along the Ahr, but of designated birding sites I have not heard anything yet. Greeting Charlotte cutting
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 10/09/2014
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Exactly I do not understand what you mean. There are shooting hights in the forest, but synthesis are private. Our guests simply watch the birds As They explore the area. With kind regards Leonard Pinger
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 10/10/2014
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"We will be visiting Remagen September 27th. What must we see/do? Is there a local bistro near where the cruiseboats dock that the locals enjoy...NOT a touristy place? Could you send me a map to help us get around? marsha/dick senges 1231 wellington drive victor ny 14564 USA DANKE!!!!!" (posted 07/17/2015)

There are in the city Remagen a long Rhine promenade with a lot of food, which is frequented by tourists and locals. From there you can make nice boat trips. Greeting Charlotte cutting
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 07/17/2015
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Attractions: Peace Memorial Museum, Apollinaris Church Map: https://www.google.de/maps/place/Remagen+Bf/@50.577371,7.229769,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47bef087007972af:0x8ef570bd82667df4?hl=de Cruisboat: http://www.bps.de/ Sincerely Michael Pinger
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 07/17/2015
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"I am Gideon van der Mescht. I will be visiting Remagen on the 12 July 2016. The main aim of my visit is to come and see the remains of the Ludendorff Bridge. I am travelling from Frankfurt just for the day. What else is a must in Regmagen to see and visit?" (posted 06/08/2016)

Dear Mr. van der Mescht. worth seeing in Remagen is also Apollinariskirche with beautiful views of the Rhine valley, Strandprommenade and the famous Bahnhof Remagen-Rolandseck with the Arp Museum. Have fun in Remagen! Greetings Charlotte cutting
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 06/08/2016
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The Peace Museum (remains of Ludendorf Bridge) Chapel Black Madonna Apolinariskirche see also: http://www.stadt-remagen.de/Tourismus-_-Veranstaltungen/ Sincerely Michael Pinger
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 06/08/2016
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https://www.google.de/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=13&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjv_cHgvZjNAhVFCiwKHR-RAOYQtwIIbjAM&url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8KVJd_fjo4&usg=AFQjCNFPoUrZRn216Rlu8t5Q33zSgw9zZA The former "Ludendorff Bridge", in the background Remagen The Bridge at Remagen was built during the First World War at the urging of the German generals, to bring more troops and war material to the Western Front. The railway bridge was designed by the architect Karl Wiener from Mannheim . She was 325 meters long, its clear height above the normal water level of the Rhine was 14.80 m and the highest point of the arch was 29.25 m. the bridge carried two railway tracks and a pedestrian walkway. It was considered one of the most beautiful steel bridges . the Rhine http://www.bruecke-remagen.de In the towers on the Remagen side (front) is the PEACE MUSEUM bridge at Remagen (for permanent exhibition) opening times: March 7 to November 15 daily from 10 to 17:00 (May - October to 18 pm) and on request
Answer provided by Irmgard Ibrom on 06/08/2016
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"We'll be in Remagen in a couple of weeks. Are there any dinner cruises that are based in Remagen? Any recommendations? Thank you Eric" (posted 07/18/2016)

Hello dear travelers, please excuse that I answer so late, but I had once knowledgeable machen.Leider there is no dinner cruises from Remagen, but from Cologne, Bonn or Wesseling. Please look under KD.de or BPS.de the Internet nach.Viele greetings in the USA.Klaus Hesseler and Charlotte cutting
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 07/22/2016
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The following websites may be of interest. http://www.siebengebirgslinie-bonn.de/ http://www.weisse-flotte-rhein.de/Veranstaltungen_anzeigen.php?Monat=8&Art=S&PHPSESSID=570f5de0746f0ea2fbabdb4b4c4f84f8 But I would not suggest that to esssen on the ships. In my experience, the kitchen is not very good. An alternative could be the wine house in Bonn / Mehlem http://www.kuk-weinhaus.de/ here is very good Östereichische cuisine offered. The Wiener Schnitzel (veal) and also the Backhendel are excellent. The wine selection is very good and the service we were always very satisfied. Be sure to reserve in advance! The Weinkontor in Kripp I would recommend. http://www.wein-restaurant-diedenhofen.de/ I wish you a pleasant stay. Ulrich Bécu
Answer provided by Ulrich Bécu on 07/19/2016
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The Cologne-Düsseldorf, Bonn Passenger navigation and Siebengebirgsmuseum line invite you to explore the landscape of the Rhine and Moselle. Timetables can be purchased at the Tourist Information Remagen or at the landing at the local Rhine promenade. Timetable information http://www.bps.de/ Sincerely Irmgard Ibrom
Answer provided by Irmgard Ibrom on 07/19/2016
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

"Are there any vineyards near Remagen that you can visit. We are 3 elderly gents who will be in Remagen in May this year. Thank-you. Kevin." (posted 02/11/2015)

Yes, because Remagen is in the wine region Middle Rhine, which extends from King Winter and Lorch. For this purpose, then the Ahr Valley region, known for its Pinot Noir red wines. The Mosel valley with its tangy Rieslings can be visited on a day trip Koblenz. We organize from Easter once a week on a day trip including a visit to the oldest wine cooperative in the world in the Ahr Valley, champagne reception and 3 wine tasting. The flyer this can be found on our website www.pingerHotels.de and I'll send them to you. Sincerely, Leonard Pinger
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 02/12/2015
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Hi Kevin, There are many vineyards in the surrounding area, eg in the Ahr from Heppingen, Mayschoss, Ahrweiler.Mit a beautiful red wine trail. On the Rhine, north of Remagen Königswinter- Oberdollendorf and south of Remagen from people at the village Rhein.Und on the Moselle from Koblenz to Trier. Everything within 1 hour away by car. Regards Charlotte cutting
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 02/12/2015
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"How old is the church which now houses the Roman Museum in Remagen?" (posted 07/22/2015)

This is the Church of St. Peter and Paul and is certainly occupied from the year 1003. Many greetings from Remagen-Oberwinter
Answer provided by Charlotte Schneid on 07/23/2015
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The exact age I know nich. The church was built in 1905 converted into the Museum.
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 07/23/2015
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History of the building in the 19th century have been recovered in Remagen many finds from the Roman period. They were initially stored and shown in the museum council chamber. When in 1900 an excavation more artifacts unearthed, it was decided to rebuild a Gothic chapel from the 15th century to the museum. During the renovation work in 1903 large column bases were found just below the floor. They belonged to the entrance of the "Principia", the headquarters building of the Roman fort. They have been obtained with their foundations in situ and made available through a cellar. The west facade of the chapel has been adapted with four large windows the purposes of Museumsbaues. On 10 May 1905, the new "museum" opened. During WW2, the museum was severely damaged. Approximately 80% of the collection were lost. But there are still exciting objects that are worth a visit. In 1989 the museum was reopened with a new exhibit as a Roman Museum Remagen.
Answer provided by Ulrich Bécu on 07/23/2015
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"What is the name of the Church with all the skulls in Ramagen?" (posted 10/21/2015)

I think you mean the Pilgrim Church St. Apollinaris with the silver bust / head of holy Apollinaris. I do not know of any other Skulls. Leonard
Answer provided by Michael Pinger on 10/22/2015
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The Apollinariskirche is probably meant. http://www.apollinariskirche-remagen.de/
Answer provided by Ulrich Bécu on 10/22/2015
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What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

Popular Points of Interest in and near Remagen

  • Apollinariskirche, Remagen
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Apollinariskirche, Remagen

    The Apollinariskirche is a church on the site of a Roman temple on the Apollinarisberg, a hill above the German town of Remagen. That hill was known as the Martinsberg in the 5th and 6th centuries, presumably after a Frankish chapel there dedicated to Saint Martin, patorn of the Franks. In the 9th century this chapel was replaced by a Romanesque church.

    In 1110 the Benedictines of the Michaelsberg Abbey, on the initiative of the people of Remagen, set up a provost there. The relics of Saint Apollinaris of Ravenna probably arrived on the mountain at the end of the 14th century, since a pilgrimage to the Apollinarisberg is recorded in 1384. The sarcophagus is the main relic in the 14th century crypt of the church.

    A new Neo-Gothic church was built on the site from 1837 to 1852.

What is your insider travel tip for Remagen?

Travel Insider Tips for Remagen

Remagen Overview

Overlooking the west bank of the Rhine just north of the city centre is the Apollinariskirche. It has a great observation deck that is only open to parishioners on Sundays. Pedestrians reach the church via a dirt trail that passes a series of roadside monuments representing each of the fourteen Stations of the Cross. The church grounds contain an outdoor crypt and an abbey. Further down the river is one of the many castles along the River Rhine, perched even higher than the Apollinariskirche.

Things to See in Remagen

The Apollinariskirche was built 1839-1842 on the site of the medieval Martinskirche. The frescos on the inside of the neo-Gothic church were painted by members of the artists group called the "Nazarenes". Three cycles show the life of Jesus, the life of Mary, and the history of Saint Apollinaris, legendary Bishop of Ravenna. In the crypt is a silver bust of the saint, which is raised from the sarcophagus every year at the pilgrimage time at the end of July. From the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi on top of the church, there is a lovely view of Remagen and the romantic Rhine Valley.

The museum is housed in the towers of the famous bridge built between 1916 and 1918. It opened in 1980 and tells the story of the bridge and the prison camp, "Golden Mile."

The historic railway station at Rolandseck now houses a museum devoted to the work of Hans Arp. The 19th century railway station was transformed into a cultural venue for all the arts. Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann and Franz Liszt gave concerts there. The young poet Guillaume Apollinaire even fell in love there. The building was almost destroyed after World War II, but in 1964 the Bonn (Bonn vacation rentals | Bonn travel guide) art dealer Johannes Wasmuth brought it back to life. Musicians such as Martha Argerich, Stefan Askenase, and Yehudi Menuhin, artists such as Hans Arp, Oskar Kokoschka and Günther Uecker, and performers such as Marcel Marceau have all appeared there.

[ source: wikipedia ]

What is special about Remagen?

Remagen is “The town on the Rhein River,” with art, culture, und joie de vivre.

Where can you buy fresh bread or eat breakfast?

Bäckerei Müller GmbH
Marktstraße 79, Remagen

Bäckerei Etscheid
Quellenstr. 51, Remagen

Are there any local specialities that tourists have to try?

Roast goose

What are some good butchers?

Metzgerei Stefan Unger
Hauptstr. 71
53424 Remagen

Dahm Manfred
Mittelstr. 52
53424 Remagen

Fassbender Metzgerei
Marktstr. 48
53424 Remagen

Hindrischen Fleischgroßhandel GmbH & Co. KG
Im Klosterfeld 1
53424 Remagen

What are some good restaurants?

Bistros and restaurants can be found in the city itself, as well as nearby. For example, the pancake ship at the marina, Greek and Spanish restaurants, as well as 2 Bistros, and a gourmet restaurant called “Bellevuechen", located directly along the Rhein river.

German Restaurants:

Kirchstraße 4
53424 Remagen
Tel: 02642 9029269

Hauptstraße 58
53424 Remagen-Oberwinter
Tel: 02228 9128112

Am Yachthafen
53424 Remagen-Oberwinter
Tel: 02228 911191

Alte Straße 15
53424 Remagen
Tel: 02642 1542

International Restaurants:

Am Unkelstein 1
53424 Remagen-Oberwinter
Tel: 02228 9129333

Hauptstraße 1
53424 Remagen-Oberwinter
Tel: 02228 224

Ackermannsgasse 7
53424 Remagen
Tel: 02642 900611

La Piazzetta
Kirchstraße 6
53424 Remagen
Tel: 02642 994929

Activities, things to do nearby, day trips

There is a lot to see in Remagen. For example Remagen Town Hall, which was built in 1935 as a school and town hall. The Roman Museum, churches St. Peter and St. Paul, Appollinariskeller, an important monument, and the Caracciola Monument, a monument for three time Europamesiter Rudolf Caracciola.

Activities and day trips:

Remagen and Rolandsbogen

Distance: ca. 2 - 5 Km, by car a max. of 5 min., by train 2 - 3 max., on foot 30 – 45 min.

  • Apolinaris Church
  • Remagen bridge (destroyed during World War II) and Museum
  • Rolandsbogen, ruins from the middle ages with a restaurant and view of the Rhein and Sieben Mountain.
  • Arp-Museum Rolandseck Train Station
  • Art nouveau train station with a restaurant and a view of Nonnenwerth Island and Sieben Mountain.

Bonn (former capital of the GDR)

About 15 km away, 20 min. by car, 15 min. by train.

Along the Rhein by boat

  • Departure Point: Remagen
  • You will pass by vineyards, castles, fortresses and ruins

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

  • 30 min. by car
  • By train
  • Visit the casino or
  • enjoy a wellness day at the sauna, or go swimming


  • about 30 min. by car
  • or take the train in Fewo
  • Deutsches Eck (mouth of the Moselle to the Rhein)
  • Site-seeing tour
  • Ehrenbreitstein Fortress


  • 30 min. by car
  • Drachenfels with Drachburg and Nibelungenhalle
  • hiking
  • beautiful view of the Rhein


  • About an hour by car
  • or take the train in Fewo
  • Kölner Dom, Zoo, Museums, Kölsch-Tour (interesting for beer drinkers)


  • Petersberg, former guesthouse for the federal government for guests of state including:
  • the president of the United States and Queen Elizabeth
  • Today it’s a hotel with a restaurant
  • View of the Rhein


  • An hour and a half by car.
  • Visit old town, museums, Königsallee (Kö)
  • Expensive shopping mile to see and be seen.


  • About an hour by car
  • Drive threw the beautiful Eifel

Are there any sport options for the active traveler?

Those that like to hike will be feel right at home in Remagen

Are there any interesting historical sites (such as castles and museums) -nearby?

Roman Museum: By looking at exhibit pieces, visitors will learn about life and death in a Roman auxiliary castle.

Skulpturenufer Remagen: There are 8 pieces of art located on the left bank of the Rhein

Kunstraum Remagen Mitte: Herbert K. Hockey and other artists presents there art pieces.

Local Events / Cultural Highlights

Enjoy a relaxing day out with your host Leonard Pinger on the Ahr Valley Express push-n-pull Train. Discover the hidden beauty of Germany’s famous red wine growing area. Enjoy breath-taking views, visit historical places, find hidden wrinkles and sample the famous “Spätburgunder” (pinot noir) wine. A very special day out not to be missed. In the morning we visit the romantic village Altenahr with the 12th century castle ruin Are. At Mayschoß you will enjoy an hour ride with a horse drawn carriage through the “Mönchsberg” (mount of the monk) vineyard with breathtaking views overlooking the village and the 12th century castle ruine “Saffenburg”. Followed by a visit of the award winning Mayschosser Winzerverein - the oldest wine grower ́s co-operative in the world. After a welcome glass of sparkling wine and a tour of the wine cellar you sample three wines including the famous Riesling and Pinot Noir wines. In the afternoon we take you to the walled city Ahrweiler. A lovely place with cobled streets, shops, bars, cafés and frame work houses from the 17th century, surrounded by the 13th century medieval town wall.

More about the History of Remagen

The Roman Empire built a border fort at Rigomagus (or Ricomagus), west of the Rhine. This was about 12 miles north of the site of the first bridge ever built across the Rhine (at Neuwied). This bridge fought the river current by being built on timbers which were driven into the bed at a slant. Caesar's troops spent nearly three weeks on the east side of the river, then crossed back over, destroying the bridge to prevent its use by German raiders. A second bridge was likewise destroyed by the builders once they were through with it.

The fort was one of a series built by Drusus, commander of the Roman army along the Rhine. Other Roman construction survived the centuries, including a gateway and Remagen became a tourist destination, popular with history buffs.

Local legend says that a ship carrying various relics from Milan to Cologne was stopped in the river in 1164, unable to move despite the strong current, until it mysteriously edged in toward the shore. The remains of St Apollinaris were put ashore, and the ship was then able to sail onward. These remains were interred in a chapel which had been part of the Roman fort, which became the basis for a church which bore his name, and was rebuilt several times over the years.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Remagen is situated on the Upper Rhine Plains in Rhineland-Palatinate. Overlooking the west bank of the Rhine just north of the city center is the Apollinariskirche. It has a great observation deck that is only open to parishioners on Sundays. Pedestrians reach the church via a dirt trail that passes a series of roadside monuments representing each of the fourteen Stations of the Cross. The church grounds contain an outdoor crypt and an abbey.

Where to stay in Remagen?

Check out our selection of hand-selected and quality Remagen vacation rentals and holiday apartments.