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Popular Points of Interest in and near Remscheid

  • Müngsten Bridge
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    Müngsten Bridge

    Müngsten Bridge is the highest steel railroad bridge in Germany. The bridge is 107 metres (351 ft) high and spans the valley of the river Wupper, connecting the cities of Remscheid and Solingen. This stretch is part of the Wuppertal-Oberbarmen–Solingen railway. It is used exclusively by the Regionalbahn service Der Müngstener (RB 47).

    Originally the bridge was named Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke (Emperor Wilhelm Bridge) to honour Emperor Wilhelm I. After the end of the monarchy the bridge was renamed after the nearby settlement of Müngsten, which is close to the city limits of Solingen, Remscheid and Wuppertal. Today, the settlement no longer exists, so Müngsten is simply a landmark.

  • Eschbach Dam
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    Eschbach Dam

    The Eschbach Dam (German: Eschbachtalsperre) was the first dam to be built in Germany for drinking water supply. It is located in Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. With its opening in 1891, this pioneer work of hydraulic engineering was a milestone in the economic development of the city of Remscheid.

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Remscheid Overview

It is, after Wuppertal (Wuppertal vacation rentals | Wuppertal travel guide) and Solingen (Solingen vacation rentals | Solingen travel guide), the third largest municipality in Bergisches Land, being located on the northern edge of the region, on south side of the Ruhr area. The registered population was 113,935 in 2007.

Things to See in Remscheid

The Müngstener Brücke is a railroad bridge crossing a valley and connecting Remscheid with the neighbouring town of Solingen (Solingen vacation rentals | Solingen travel guide). It is 107 m above the ground, making it the highest railroad bridge in Germany. It was constructed in 1897 and originally named the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke after Wilhelm I (whose 100th birthday would have been in 1897).

The Eschbachtalsperre, the first dam built in Germany for the supply of drinking water is located here. It was built in 1891.

The old city of the borough Lennep consists of 116 houses from 1756.

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More about the History of Remscheid

Remscheid was founded in the 12th century, but remained a small village until the 19th century. Early spellings for the city included Remissgeid (1217), Rymscheyd (1351), Reymscheyd (1487) and Rembscheid (1639). The economic growth of the entire Rhine-Ruhr region led to an increase of the population of Remscheid. Mechanical engineering and toolmaking were the main industries practised within the town. This is carried on onto today with the Ha