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Rheinhausen Overview

Rheinhausen consists of the neighbourhoods: Rumeln-Kaldenhausen, Hochemmerich (including Asterlagen), Bergheim (Bergheim vacation rentals | Bergheim travel guide) (including Trompet-Oestrum), Friemersheim, and the central part: Rheinhausen-Mitte, which has a population of 8955.

Things to See in Rheinhausen

Evangelische Christuskirche Hochemmerich

Evangelische Dorfkirche Friemersheim

Katholische Kirche St. Peter


Brücke der Solidarität


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More about the History of Rheinhausen

In the surroundings of Rheinhausen, there are traces of settlements dating back to the Roman period. Remains of a guardhouse on the Roman boundary, the Limes, have been found during sewerage works. Later, the Irish bishop Lutger is said to have done missionary work in this region.

Until administrative reorganisation in 1975 Rheinhausen had been an independent city. It had received city rights in 1934, but the original city charter has been lost because of fire during World War II. On May 8, 1945 the ADSEC Engineer Group A, led by Col. Swenholt commanding officer of the 332nd Engineer General Service Regiment, constructed a railroad bridge across the River Rhine between Duisburg and Rheinhausen. The bridge was 2,815 feet (0.86 kM) in length, and took six days, fifteen hours and twenty minutes to construct, a record time. The Bridge was named "Victory Bridge". Rheinhausen had long been an industrial city, with coal mines and steelworks. The large steel company Krupp owned a plant in the city. It was closed in 1986.

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Rheinhausen is a district of the city of Duisburg in Germany, with a population of 79,566 (December 31, 2004) and an area of 38.68 km². It lies on the left bank of the river Rhine.

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