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City Roth with historic marketplace and Castle Ratibor. Franconian Lakes (3 künstl.sehr beautifully landscaped reservoirs, directly at the Roth Rothsee, somewhat removed the largest = Brombachsee and last of Altmühlsee), very interesting story = serving the water supply of the arid northern Bavaria from the southern Danube region. Wonderful scale lakeshore, schönfür cyclists, on the Brombachsee the largest trimaran Europe for itinerary. Schwabach (from Roth about 10 km), Goldschläger city with real golden dormers on the town hall, Goldschläger Museum, demonstrations, etc., as a city much more beautiful than Roth. From Roth, it is also not far to the Altmühl, a very romantic river valley, especially in the area of ​​Eichstatt (monastery) to its confluence with the Danube in Regensburg, canoeing is possible everywhere good and cheap Franconian gastronomy. Am always happy to help. Regards J.Gleißberg
Answer provided by Joachim Gleißberg on 08/13/2016
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Roth bei Nürnberg Overview

Roth bei Nürnberg is a town in Bavaria, Germany, the capital of the district (Landkreis) Roth. It is located about 25 km south of Nuremberg (Nuremberg vacation rentals | Nuremberg travel guide). There's lots to do in the city and they often have festivals ranging from Turkish Night to floral competitions

Things to See in Roth bei Nürnberg

The main tourist attraction is the Schloss Ratibor, a castle built as a hunting lodge by the Margraves of Brandenburg - Ansbach (Ansbach vacation rentals | Ansbach travel guide) between 1535 and 1538. After years of neglect it was sold in 1792 to Johann Philipp Stieber. After being used for nearly a century as court of justice and factory it was refurbished as residence for the Stieber Family (created Freiherren von Stieber by Ludwig III. of Bavaria in 1917) between 1892 and 1916. Different styles were used to redecorate the castle variing from German Renaissance to Style-Louis XVI. Masterpiece in the central block of the four wing castle is the so called "Prunksaal" with a decoration in Neo-Venitian-Baroque. The painter Ferdinand Wagner the Younger was responsible for most of the paintings in the castle. In 1942, Freifrau Minna von Stieber offered the castle to the city of Roth as a present. Today a museum, a restaurant the municipal library and the offices and meeting rooms of the city council are occupying most parts of the castle.

The Protestant Church was built in the Late Gothic Style between 1511 and 1513. The older Romanesque Tower was incorporated into the building. In 1738, the church was redecorated by Johann David Steingruber in a severe Baroque Style typical for Protestant churches at that time. After the fire of 1878 a new Neo-Gothic tower was built in the middle axis of the church. Altar and other furnishings were also added during that time.

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More about the History of Roth bei Nürnberg

The town was first mentioned in documents in the year 1060, but settlements at its location date back much further. During the Middle Ages the town was given the right to grant asylum within the city walls. Later this tradition attracted Huguenot refugees who had to flee France because of religious persecution. They brought with them knowledge about the making of wires and founded an industry in Roth which exists until today. It plays host to a yearly Jazz & Blues festival and the Quelle Challenge Triathlon.

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Roth bei Nürnberg is a town in Bavaria, Germany, the capital of the district (Landkreis) Roth. It is located about 25 km south of Nuremberg.

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