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"Hi. I am a student from South Africa that will be staying in Rottenburg for a month in October. Can you please advise me on some interesting things to do while I am here . Thanks" (posted 09/05/2014)

1.10. After-work bike ride in and around Rottenburg 18.30 clock every Wednesday 5.10. Jazz Matinee 10.30 clock and city festival Golden October 12:10. Migration "between forest and vines on the Ortenauer Wine Trail" 8-18 clock day hike "lorch-rogue blade" 8.30 -19.30 clock 18:10. Short Film Festival with Preisveleihung 18.30 clock Volleyball Bundesliga 18.30 clock 19.10. Trade Show and Energietag 10 -18 Clock Stamic Quartet 20 clock 26.10. Organ concert at the Dome 17 Clock One can wander much, Weybridge, on the Schwäb. Alb and the Black Forest and cycling in the Neckar valley Actually, I should know what interests does the young man.
Answer provided by Paula Kienzle on 09/07/2014
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You shoulderstand take the train and visit Tuebingen, 15 minutes by train. You can therefore hike in the nearby forest of Swabian Jura (Jura Swebian). Stuttgart is one hour by train. Rottenburg Itself is a nice small town, situated at the river Neckar. Enjoy! Ulrike Hennemann
Answer provided by Ulrike Hennemann on 09/06/2014
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Rottenburg am Neckar Overview

Rottenburg am Neckar (until July 10, 1964 only Rottenburg) is a medium-sized town in the administrative district (Landkreis) of Tübingen (Tübingen vacation rentals | Tübingen travel guide) in Baden-Württemberg. It rests about 50 km southwest of the provincial capital Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide) and about 12 km southwest of the district town Tübingen.

Rottenburg is the second largest city of the district after Tübingen and makes up a secondary center for the surrounding community. Since May 1, 1972, Rottenburg am Neckar is a district town (Große Kreisstadt). Rottenburg agreed to an administrative collectivity with the municipalities of Hirrlingen (Hirrlingen vacation rentals | Hirrlingen travel guide), Neustetten and Starzach (Starzach vacation rentals | Starzach travel guide). Rottenburg is the seat of a Catholic bishop, being the official centre of the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. Rottenburg is divided into a city core and seventeen (suburban) districts.

Things to See in Rottenburg am Neckar

Dom St. Martin has been the city's cathedral since 1821. Its tower, dating from 1486, is its most prominent feature.

The Four Evangelists (15th century) on the choir ceiling of Stiftskirche St. Moriz.

Spanning various architectural periods, the Stiftskirche St. Moriz incorporates a Gothic core with elements from an earlier church and a later Baroque hall church. The Gothic feel is what persists, from 14th and 15th centuries frescoes on the pillars to the 15th-century painting of the Four Evangelists on the ceiling in the choir. In the north aisle stands an ornamented column depicting various princes, donated in 1470 by Archduchess Mechthild, the wife of Ludwig I and mother of Eberhard the Bearded. A copy also stands in the city's Marktplatz.

There are two museums in town, the Sülchgau Museum, specializing in pre- and early history and Roman influences on the area, and the diocesan museum, focusing on ecclesiastical art, painting, and sculpture.

In nearby Weggental is the pilgrimage church of Wallfahrtskirche St. Maria, rebuilt in 1682-1695 in Baroque style, but containing a medieval pietà and a very fine rendition of the Virgin swooning during the deposition of Christ from the cross.

A more modern landmark is the Eckenweiler Water Tower. Built of reinforced concrete in the 1970s, its unusual design is notable.

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More about the History of Rottenburg am Neckar

Rottenburg was originally founded as a Roman town, Sumelocenna, probably around the year 98, and was one of the most important Roman towns in the southwest of Germany. It had a line of walls built to defend it from the attacks of the Alamanni, who nevertheless destroyed it in 259-260. The name Rottenburg is thought to derive from a Germanic root that is also present in the English word 'rotten', in an older meaning of 'destroyed'. According to this hypothesis, the town would have received its name when, in the early Middle Ages, Alemannic people founded their settlement in the vicinity of the ruins of Roman Sumelocenna. An alternative etymology of Rottenburg as red borough is also considered possible, however. Rottenburg became the seat of a Catholic bishop as late as 1821-28, when, after the secularization and the Napoleonic wars, a reorganisation of Catholic life in south west Germany had become necessary. It was then decided not to choose the more important nearby places of Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide) or Tübingen (Tübingen vacation rentals | Tübingen travel guide) as a diocesan town, as these were firmly protestant.

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Rottenburg am Neckar (until July 10, 1964 only Rottenburg) is a medium-sized town in the administrative district (Landkreis) of Tübingen in Baden-Württemberg. It rests about 50 km southwest of the provincial capital Stuttgart and about 12 km southwest of the district town Tübingen.

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