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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

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Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

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"Is March too early for hiking in the area?" (posted 09/13/2015)

This is difficult to answer a flat rate. Each March is different. But usually, both are possible, both ski and hiking in the countryside. The 3 lakes region is snow-sure and in the village or at Zinnkopf it's green. Generally walks are always possible. Special winter hiking trails are in Ruhpolding available, which can be naturally used in the snow-free period. I hope I could you answer the question. Greetings from Ruhpolding Johann Fernsebner
Answer provided by Johann Fernsebner on 09/14/2015
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In March is on the mountains around Ruhpolding usually still snow. Hiking to the summit in March will therefore not be possible. However, there are a variety of flat trails that are accessible all year round. In addition, around Ruhpolding prepared many winter hiking in snow, so beautiful winter walks in the snow are possible. On the homepage of Ruhpolding there are also beautiful details in English for walking holidays in winter: http://www.ruhpolding.de/en/winter-hiking-holidays-bavaria-germany.html It is also further note that in March pastures are round largely not managed to Ruhpolding. Longer hikes should be well planned; it is recommended to take a "snack". I hope to have helped you, do not hesitate to contact me. Roswitha Nockelmann
Answer provided by Roswitha Nockelmann on 09/14/2015
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Hi, March is too early to wander. In the mountains still snow lies. The best is the time from the end of April.
Answer provided by Josef Hohlweger on 09/14/2015
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This question is not so easy to answer. In March snow may still be or may still snowing again. The days can be very nice but already since the March sun already gaining strength. In Ruhpolding (valley) or in the vicinity (eg Chiemsee, Reit im Winkl, Inzell), you can always migrate. Also a beautiful winter day in the snow can be wonderful. In the mountains it snows about to April. I hope I could help you with my answers a little. Greetings from Lake Chiemsee Christine Maier
Answer provided by Christine Maier on 09/14/2015
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

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Popular Points of Interest in and near Ruhpolding

  • Woodcutters Museum

    Woodcutters Museum

    The relationship between mankind and the forest is the focal point of the Ruhpolding Woodcutters Museum. Life-size scenes transport visitors into the very midst of the world in which the woodcutters once worked. The forest as a source of energy, as a material and a tool – and its use and usage through the course of history, are portrayed in display cases and on information boards in a way that is visually very appealing.

    A very special feature is the spaciously designed open-air section of the museum. A variety of forestry huts and woodcutters cabins, which would otherwise have fallen into total disrepair, were brought there. On display in the big transportation shed are the traditional Ziehschlitten sleds that were once used to carry heavy loads, as well as a variety of rope-and-pulley systems. Visitors to the grounds can also view a charcoal kiln and a saltwater extraction system.

    Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm.

    Admission: Adults 3.50 €, Children 1.50 €.

  • Barthlomäus Schmucker Heritage Museum

    Barthlomäus Schmucker Heritage Museum

    Located on two floors, the visitor will discover exhibits from many different areas of life: country furniture, folk costumes, jewelery, glass, porcelain, crockery and cutlery used in daily life, craftsmen’s tools, verre églomisé and votive pictures, monastery crafts, clocks, a collection of weapons and uniforms, as well as interesting rocks and fossils from around the area.

  • St. George's Parish Church

    St. George's Parish Church

    Construction of this hilltop church began in 1738, though it would not be consecrated by Bishop Franz Truchsess of Chiemsee until 1754. Gunezrhainer, the court’s master architect, kept the exterior façade simple. Yet everyone is certain to be touched by the harmony which radiates from the interior of this house of worship, by the monumental power of the high altar and by the artistic beauty of the carved saintly figures. The crowning glory of the shimmering golden Rococo interior of St. George is undoubtedly on the left side of the chancel, a feature unmatched anywhere else in Bavaria. The golden case of the right-hand side altar houses the church’s most significant sculpture, the Romanesque Madonna from the 12th century. Its creator and origins are unknown. Church Services: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 8:30 and 10:30am.

  • Ruhpolding Amusement Park

    Ruhpolding Amusement Park

    The Ruhpolding Amusement Park is located in the midst of one of the most beautiful natural settings imaginable. With its games and rides, the amusement park offers pure fun for the whole family. Thrilling dragon rides or more laid-back rides on the Bockerlbahn train, Dinosaur Mountain, the kids’ play area, bumper cars, the dragon ride and a Baby Land especially for our littlest guests. A ride on the Bavarian Bocklerbahn railway is a must for every visitor to the park. Slide Paradise: four slides, each 50 metres in length. Visitors can also pay a visit to the Ruhpolding Crystal Mine located in the park. After wandering through a labyrinth of mine galleries, punctuated by a variety of animated mining scenes, you can try your own luck as you search for treasure in the Crystal Waters. Many of the park’s attractions are roofed, making the park a rewarding attraction even in unsettled weather conditions.

    Hours: Open daily from mid-March to early November, 9:am - 6pm. Winter, open: mid-December - early Januar, daily from 10am - 7pm. Check website for exact dates.

    Admission: Adults 8.50 €, Children up to 13 years 7.50 €.

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Ruhpolding Overview

Ruhpolding is a small town in southeastern Bavaria in the Chiemgau region of the Alps. Famous as a sporting destination, Ruhpolding has three times played host to the Biathlon World Championships, and hiking, skiing, golfing, mountain-biking, shooting, and fly-fishing are popular with tourists and residents alike. No visitor to this area should miss the crystal clear water of the Königssee (King’s Lake), where no motor boats have been allowed since 1909!

Ruhpolding houses a famous biathlon track. It hosted the 1979, 1985 and 1996 Biathlon World Championships, and hosts a segment of the Biathlon World Cup each year.

The economy is based on tourism and sports. In the year 2007 the Mountainbike 24h Race World Championships took place in the Chiemgau Arena. Other sports which are possible for tourists and residents are golf, skiing, mountain biking, shooting, hiking, fly fishing and skiing.

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Things to See in Ruhpolding

Bells forge: exhibition in the original buildings.

Heimatmuseum, containing the collection from all areas of life in Ruhpolding.

Holzknechtmuseum Ruhpolding, including an open-air section with historic buildings and tools of woodcutters in the area of Ruhpolding.

Catholic parish church of St. George, a talbeherrschender construction from 1738 to 1757 with hochromanischer "Ruhpolding Madonna"

Wallfahrtskirche Maria Schnee

Filialkirche St. Valentin

More about the History of Ruhpolding

In 1193, it was officially mentioned as "Ruhpoldingen" for the first time. In 1895 the city made a connection to the railroad. Since 1948, Ruhpolding became a famous spa and tourist resort, especially for winter sports. The name "Ruhpolding" originates from the bajuvarian word "Rupoltingin" and means " the people of the strong famous one".

Ruhpolding is a small town in southeastern Bavaria in the Chiemgau region of the Alps. Famous as a sporting destination, Ruhpolding has been the three-time host to the Biathlon World Championships. Hiking, skiing, golfing, mountain-biking, shooting, and fly-fishing are popular with tourists and residents alike. No visitor to this area should miss the crystal clear water of the Königssee (King’s Lake), where no motor boats have been allowed since 1909! Be sure to also check out the Holzknechtmuseum Ruhpolding which includes an open-air section with historic buildings and tools associated with the region's woodcutting industry.

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