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Request during your holiday: Why would you make in Ruppichteroth holiday? Describe something that you do not know from stories like this. Our reply: Dear guest, knights and legends have a great importance in the history surrounding the Rhine. And they also play in the history of our resort Ruppichteroth-Schönberg Bröltal in a supporting role. One story from the 12th century led to the fell knight Dietrich von Bruell at a crusade in captivity. Dietrich vowed a church on the site to build, where he his home - the Bröltal - see again. After seven years of captivity, he supervised the saga resulted in a field of his homeland - the Bröltal - in freedom. When he saw the beautiful green forest hill, he shouted: "Oh, you beautiful mountain" - today's Ruppichteroth-Schönberg. Whether the legend is true, is like many legends in the faith of the listener and reader. But the word inspire the imagination and the beautiful, forested landscapes around our comfortable holiday residence, the Rosenhaus, are real. Is there a better place as a starting point for your travels and things around the Rhine with its many legends, castles and palaces? He is only 35 to 40 km above the highway from Bonn and Cologne is an ideal, central base for your variety of activities around the Rhine, the Wupper, the Müngstener Bridge and the Wuppertal monorail. And after your travels and crusades, by car or eg by ship on the Rhine to Boppard to the vineyards or the Seven Mountains (this, we could also tell you a legend) returns you to the beautiful area of ​​Ruppichteroth-Schönberg - the beautiful mountain - with its many forests and our comfortable apartments back - for recreation, relaxation and as another starting point for their various trips and explorations around the Rhine, Wupper, knights and legends. We assist you in all your travels with words and deeds. Your family Mrs Hoff
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Should you have even the slightest interest in tiles or bathrooms, Ms. Harth is the perfect person to contact. www.fliesen-harth.de/ Marie Luise Harth GmbH • Fliesen & Bäder • Burgstraße 26a • 53809 Ruppichteroth • Tel.: 02295 - 62 92 • Fax: 02295 - 23 43 • info@fliesen-harth.de We ourselves asked her advice a few years ago and are still fully satisfied. Visit her at Burgstraße 26a, it’s more than an insider’s piece of advice.
Answer provided by Dorothea Fischer on 05/16/2014
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Like many of the communities here, Ruppichteroth is a merger of several formerly independent village communities. Thus, many local events in the course of the year are celebrated, e.g. fairs, carnival, Classic Car Event. Furthermore, Ruppichteroth is promoted in its attractiveness as a good hiking area by the tourist association "Bergisch high 4", and there is many a gastronomic highlight, so that there is something to offer for every guest. The homepage of the municipality, and its further links offers, very good information.
Answer provided by Maria Wettstädt on 05/17/2014
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Ruppichteroth Overview

In 1969, the old municipality of Winterscheid became part of Ruppichteroth. Since then the municipality consists of three districts: Ruppichteroth, Schönenberg, and Winterscheid.

Things to See in Ruppichterorth

Burgruine Herrenbröl

Burg Herrnstein


Sonstige Denkmäler

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More about the History of Ruppichteroth

Ruppichteroth was first mentioned in 843.

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Ruppichteroth is a municipality in the Rhein-Sieg district, in the southern part of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located approx. 30 kilometers east of Bonn.

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