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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

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"I would like to take my boyfriend out to dinner in Sankt Wendel on 11 Feb, stay in a local hotel and spend Sunday exploring Sankt Wendel. I am looking for a romantic restaurant, maybe a wine cellar or whiskey bar etc for Saturday night. What is there to do on Sundays there? Sites we should see while there, and what night life is there?" (posted 01/23/2017)

Hello, I recommend the Hotel Luise to stay, dinner at "home Gudesberg" (window seat reservations because of the beautiful view) then an ice cream in "Brother John" or a wine in the "Manin" and a cocktail or whiskey in conservatory Luise .. :-) Have fun in our pretty little town !!! M. Green
Answer provided by Monika Grün on 01/24/2017
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Hello, Romantic Local Felsenmühle St. Wendel www.felsenmuehle.net possibly Alstadtbesichtigung, St. Wendel Cathedral, various Altstadt Local trip to Bostalsee about 30 Km
Answer provided by Ellen Biehl on 01/24/2017
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As an overnight hotel we would recommend: http://www.angels-dashotel.de/fruchtmarkt/index.html This hotel is located in the old town and the evening activities are within walking distance of the hotel. The nightlife of St. Wendel takes place exclusively here: https://www.google.de/search?q=nachtleben+sankt+wendel&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&ei=fE2HWJXKNKmo8wfe87HoAg And here some suggestions to spend Sunday in St. Wendel: https://www.urlaub.saarland/Media/Attraktionen/Stadtfuehrung-St.-Wendel I would be very happy if I use this information for a successful stay in St. Wendel could help.
Answer provided by Loni Wengerek on 01/24/2017
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

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Sankt Wendel Overview

St. Wendel is situated on the river Blies west of the Bosenberg hill at an elevation of 938 feet (286 m). Its highest elevation is the Bosenberg hill at 1591 feet (485 m); the lowest is where the river Blies exits St. Wendel heading for Ottweiler at 853 feet (260 m).

Things to See in Sankt Wendel

City museum St. Wendel in the Mia Münster (Münster vacation rentals | Münster travel guide) House - exhibits the works of an artist from St. Wendel named Mia Münster, plus various local artists

Missions- und völkerkundliches Museum of the Divine Word Missionaries

Heimatmuseum in the old town hall

Heimatmuseum in Dörrenbach (Dörrenbach vacation rentals | Dörrenbach travel guide). In this smallest village of St. Wendel Dörrenbach there is a museum documenting the everyday culture of the village and the way of living of former farming village residents.


Wendels chappel (1755)


Fruchtmarkt ("fruit market")

Mission building of Divine Word Missionaries

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More about the History of Sankt Wendel

The center of St. Wendel supposedly was the farm of a feudal lord from the Merovingian period (late 6th century) named Baso, so the city was originally named Basonevillare ("farm of Baso"). Baso's farm was situated on Bosenberg's western side between the river Todtbach and the river Bosenbach. This term would probably have developed into "Bosenweiler" were it not for the local admiration of Wendelin. (Compare the names Bosenweiler, Bosenberg and Bosenbach, in which Baso's name has survived.)

In the mid-7th century the Bishop of Verdun, Paulus, bought Basonvillare. He also inherited the settlement Tholey (without the monastery) from the French nobleman Adalgisil Grimo. As a result, the St. Wendel area belonged to Verdun for centuries.

Shortly before that the eremite Wendelin died near Basonvillare. He had been highly venerated by the people, and as a result, an intense pilgrimage developed during the next few centuries, which finally resulted in the renaming of the settlement Basonvillare to "St. Wendel" in the 12th century.

The government was economically successful, but it tried to control the jurisdiction, and the trust of the Lichtenbergers in their independent government disappeared. Creating a Landrat (senate for the district), the general public hoped to gain rights for self-rule, tax politics, etc., but Duke Ernst decided arbitrarily in too many cases. The general public became more and more dissatisfied, resulting in uprisings. During the liberal movements resulting from the Hambacher Fest in 1832, the uprisings escalated. The revolts were put down with the help of Prussian troops from Saarlouis. In 1834 the duke sold the land to the Kingdom of Prussia and St. Wendel became a chief town of the administrative district of Trier (Trier vacation rentals | Trier travel guide). The Prussian state stationed a garrison in St. Wendel.

Economically the St. Wendel area was poor until the middle of the 19th century, which is why so many people emigrated to America. Even today, there are towns in Brazil where the local German dialect of St. Wendel or even the surrounding villages is still spoken.

In the middle of the 19th century, the city of St. Wendel and the nearby villages Alsfassen and Breiten slowly grew together. Today's Bahnhofstrasse, which leads to Niederweiler (the area of today's train station), was built, as well as the Brühlstrasse and the Kelsweilerstrasse, which also lead to Breiten and Alsfassen. In 1859, St. Wendel, Breiten and Alsfassen were finally united into the new city of St. Wendel. Other urban building actions: street lights, a hospital, an evangelical church (1841).

St. Wendel nowadays has about 27,000 residents due to a district reform in 1974 in which several surrounding villages were united with the city area.

A French garrison stayed in St. Wendel from 1951 to July 1999. Their buildings are used by different companies today, and some have been removed. In their place, a golf course and a skating park have been built; a new public swimming pool is under construction.

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St. Wendel is a municipality in northeastern Saarland. It is situated on the river Blies 36 km northeast of Saarbrücken, the capital of Saarland, and is named after Saint Wendelin of Trier.

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